June 1 ’44 Thurs 6:PM

Hello honey –

Well, I’m sitting in Dr. Winterer’s office writing this on my lap. I’m early for my appointment so thought I’d write to you. I guess you read in the papers by now there is a strike of all streetcars & buses here. They went out at 12 o’clock last night & haven’t settled it yet. Geo R. took Dot & I down this morning & Vic picked us up this evening in George’s car. Boy, you should have seen it downtown! It was really a mess! Every car was loaded! I don’t know much about it because I haven’t seen the papers yet but just to think about it makes me mad! From the way Huber talked he made plenty of money, though. I’ll send you some clippings soon. I guess now would be a good time for the soldiers to strike in Italy — now that they are so near Rome!!!! I wonder if the Gov’t. would give them more money??? Well, I don’t even want to talk about it — I get so mad, but I hope they get it settled sometime tonite. I don’t want to ask Geo. to take us to work again tomorrow. But if it’s not settled, it’s easy to get a ride — everyone picks people up. It’s getting home that is a problem.

My first day at work was pretty “messy” because of the strike. Some of the kids didn’t come in & we had all we could handle. We were so busy, I didn’t get to find out about my back pay but will tomorrow. Our office is air-conditioned you know, & it’s plenty hot when you get outside.

Honey, I just read your last letter over & you said that USO in S.L. had a nice place to dance but you know me & dancing. You said it as if you would go to dances if you thought you could dance!!! Would you go to dances & dance with girls? It might be selfish of me to not want you to but I love you so much & I can’t stand being away from you. I haven’t been home yet (Vic brought me to Grand & Meremac) but I hope I have a letter from you when I get home!

I love you so much, honey, I could never tell you how much!

Please take good care of yourself & pray real hard this is over soon.

I’ll write again tomorrow but will be thinking of you every minute. Write & tell me what you do every day & nite. Be good & God be with you always, All my love, Jean

It’s about 7:00 PM now & I just came out of Dr. W. office. I’m sitting on the porch. Boy! That’s the first time I ever had Dr. W. really hurt me! The Novacain didn’t take or something & man, it hurt plenty. He had to grind my tooth down so he can put my “pivot” tooth in.

Well, honey, guess I’ll have to walk home so I’ll get going. I love you. Your, Jean

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May 31, 1944 Wed. 7:00 P.M. (From Frank)

My darling —

Received 3 sweet letters today. I sure was glad but I guess I won’t get any tomorrow. How come you sent one air mail honey? If it wasn’t for your letters, I would go over the hill. I miss you so much honey. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Why did I ever take you home?

Robke has been trying to get a leave for the past few weeks. Now they are telling him that the Commander has gone some where to see if we can’t stay here longer. He should be back Fri. & if we stay Robke will get a leave. I don’t know if I should pray to stay or leave here. If we stay here I want you to come back. If we leave I don’t know where we will go, it might be closer to St. Louis or further away. I know if we stay here I won’t be able to stand it without you honey. Would you like to come back? You know what that means, you would lose your good job & work in some dump. I’ll let you know if I find out anything honey.

Jean, I wish you wouldn’t work so hard. But I know how you are, everything has to be just so. It sounds more like your self tho. It makes me so glad when I hear you plan about our home. Someday we will have a nice one. Mom told me in her last letter she was glad we like her house and after the war she would help us get a nice house. But I would rather get it by ourselves.

Boy! I sure am having a hard time answering your 3 letters. I wish I could write like you sweetheart. Why did you marry me? I can’t do anything you like. No dancing, drinking, writing, smoking, or having fun. Just an old sleepy head.

It is still pretty cool here but don’t send my pea coat until I tell you. We have to use 2 blankets at night.

Tomorrow, Thurs, June 1. I’m supposed to get a special liberty to go to Ogden to see if I can get my radio fixed. Say a prayer they fix it. Just a little while ago I heard we are going to have to wear our whites June 1, tomorrow, and I don’t even know if mine fit.

You said Kenny Rossfeld is on his way to the west coast. Do you know where?

I am glad to hear Helen has you over to eat. Tell her I said thanks a million and I’ll pay her back some day. Tell Bobby, Terry, Geo & Helen hello. I think of them every day and wish I could write more but by the time I write you it is too late to write anybody else.

About the shades, ask Mom where you can get some and maybe she will get them for you.

Thanks for the clippings, honey. I sure like that. If it isn’t too much trouble send me the Sunday brown sheet. Boy! I sure would like some brownies honey. But you won’t have time to make them. So don’t worry if you don’t.

Well Jean tomorrow you will be going to work. And meet a lot of people. Please be good, I love you so much. Thanks so much for the kisses. I wish you could really kiss me. I love you so much honey and will always be

Your Frank.

P.S. I hope we are still gong to be Mom & Pop & pray every day honey. God be with you always.

I hope you can read this letter. I’m sorry I can’t write better. Tell everybody hello.

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May 31 ’44 Wed. 10:45 AM

Darling —

The postman just came by & I got your card & letter you wrote Sat. & Sun. from Salt Lake. I know it’s lonesome for you in Ogden, honey, but why do you go up to SL City so often? I hope you’re not with Smith — you’re bound to see him there even if you don’t go with him. And I know how Neilson is about dancing. Do you go with him to dances?The other nite you sure stayed in S.L. pretty late, considering you have to get up early!!!! Did you find a girl up there? Frank, I don’t want to sound mean or bawl you out but honey, it’s tough enough being without you, without thinking of you even talking to another girl! I know how guys are when they are lonesome! Look how much Neilson loves his wife & remember how he talked about that WAVE & wanted to dance with her? He wasn’t kidding either! He wasn’t going to do anything wrong, I know, but that’s how things get started! Please don’t think I”m mad at you or don’t trust you but I know how some of those girls are. How do you think I feel, living in the house you & I were always together in? I even have to iron some of your clothes today & everywhere I look, I see something to remind of you!

I hope you got to see Uncle Prokasky’s brother Sunday. Wish I could have gone with you!

I forgot to tell you, the scotch tape came & thanks so much. I sewed the blind that was broken so I could clean it. Now if I can just get the tape one. That will be a job!

Geo. just came back from fishing but didn’t catch anything. The river was backing up, he said. I’m going to watch T.J. & Bobby for them tonite. I told Helen I would every Wed.

Honey, everything looks so nice, even the basement. I cleaned it & the back walk yesterday. I’m going to iron when I finish this.

Well, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I hope it’s what we’ve always prayed for! I’m going to the Dr. if I don’t start in the next week. I guess I’ll go to Riordan, don’t you think? Wish “Doc” was here, tho. If I am, I’m going to donate something to St. Joseph’s church in Ogden cause that’s where it happened. Guess all that mountain air & sunshine did some good — I hope! We really have something to plan for now, don’t we honey? I just hope & pray it is!

So be sweet & good & I’ll do the same. Take good care of yourself, honey, & remember I love you & am thinking & praying for you every day. God be with you, always. — Write often.

All my love & kisses,


Everyone is fine & said hello.

P.S. Honey, I”m glad the weather is nice there. It’s been grand here too. It’s nice & cool today & the sun is shining. Wish you were here. I miss you & need you so much! I love you, Frank, just as much & a million times more than when we were first married! Your, Jean.

Mom just came by Helen’s, guess I’ll go over & see her a few minutes before I start ironing.

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May 30 ’44 Tues. 6PM

Hello Darling!

I just this minute finished my cleaning. The house looks swell but I think the dirt is all on me! Ha. So tomorrow I’m going to do my ironing & then wash my hair, etc. so I look decent when I go to work on Thursday. Honey, I hate to even start working if there is the slightest chance of me coming to you again. But, I don’t care — I want to be with you more than anything in the world!

Today is Decoration Day. Did you have to work? Helen just said at noon — this is the day we all used to go to the river for the first time. Gee, we were lucky then, weren’t we, honey? I’m praying we can have good times like that again, soon! But, it would be enough for me if I could just be with you again & live like we used to! Honey, everytime I hear that song “I love you” — I think of that Sunday afternoon we listened to it on the radion. I said to you the next number they played would be my song to you & it was “I love you.” So everytime they play it — just remember I do love you, honey, more than ever!

Helen went out to Mom’s about 2 hrs. ago. George is going to pick them up when he closes at 7. Mr. Roeder & Ed Menze were playing horse-shoes for a while today but there isn’t anybody around to play so they didn’t play long.

Guess I’ll take a bath & walk over to Dot’s & eat. It’s so lonesome without you, Frank. I’d give a million dollars if you were here with me now! I keep hoping we can be together soon!

Helen wrote Dot, Jack is on his way. Eileen hasn’t heard from him for a week. Say a prayer he makes it across ok, will you, honey?

George wrote Helen (your sister) a long letter & said he had Mel & Catherine on board his ship for a meal. The officers could have their wives or anyone they wanted. It was a little party, I guess. M. & C. really enjoyed it & George said it paid them back for having him for dinner. Maybe he wrote & told you all this?

Honey, your letters are so sweet. Write me everyday if you can. It makes me feel much better to know you are thinking of me, even if we can’t be together. I hope you are getting my letters everyday. I sent my letter I wrote last nite Air Mail cause I had to wait & mail it this morning. I want you to get a letter everyday.

Well, honey, keep praying & our “dream” might come true. I still haven’t! I can’t remember if I was the week before we left Ogden. You know, I quit the Bakery that Friday & we left Tuesday. I don’t think I was. Oh well, we’ll find out but I”d like to know for sure in case I am.

Well, darling, take good care of yourself & remember I am praying everyday we can be together again soon. I can’t stand being without you! Write often & think of me. I love you — God be with you, Always.

All my love & kisses!


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Mon. May 29th 11:25PM

My darling –

Well, I’m about too tired to write but I haven’t missed a day since you left, honey, so I’ll write you a few lines. Received 2 letters & your card from Salt Lake City, today. I’m glad you went to Salt Lake but I’m so jealous & I know how guys are when they drink beer. When I think about you even talking to another girl, I could die! I hope you were good, honey, — cause I really have been. How I wish you were with me! Or I was still up there. I should have gone back with you, I’m just lost without you, honey.

Boy, I guess I’m crazy but I worked harder today than I ever did. I tried so hard to finish everything up but I didn’t — I still have the kitchen floor to scrub & wax & the hall, — I’ll finish up in the morning. I started at 8 oclock this morning & didn’t stop once except to eat, until just now. I’ll be glad when I’m done — then maybe I can write you nicer & longer letters, honey. This will be lousy, I know, but I’m so tired I can hardly think. You know how I am when I start cleaning — the worse is over though & I’ll rest up now.

No, honey, I didn’t say anything to Dot about the money, she just happened to think about that time we all had an argument & I mentioned about Vic owing you money. They both feel terrible about forgetting it & are paying now.

Helen took Bobby to the barber on Oakhill today & he said to be sure & tell you hello.

Well, honey, I’d like to write more but I have to take a bath & go to bed. You still have good prospects of being a “Papa” but I’m holding my breath! Please be good & God be with you! Honey, I love you more everyday – so I guess I love you more than I did when we were married! I feel just like I did then & I hope & pray you do too!

Thanks so much for the kisses. Gee, I wish you could really kiss me!

I love you so much honey, & will always be



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May 28 ’44 Sun. 3:45PM

Hello Honey!

Another lonesome Sunday without you. I’m writing this at Dot’s — the kids went to the zoo & things are pretty quiet around here.

I finished the bathroom last nite about 9PM. I was really dirty from scrubbing, hair wasn’t combed, etc. but I thought I’d go get an icecream cone before I straightened the kitchen. So I walked over to George’s & decided (dirty as I was) to go to Dot’s for a few minutes. Vic & the kids had gone to a Carnival but came home about 10PM. Then we got to talking & I started telling them all about my trip & when we looked at the clock, it was 10 after 1! And I had only come to stay a few minutes! I guess Dot could have “brained” me but I left right away — then had to take a bath before I went to bed. Went to Helen’s for dinner today, she always wants me to eat there. They have been so nice to me. She calls me everyday for lunch & supper. I feel funny eating there all the time, but they seem to want me. It makes me feel good, too. I asked Helen if she wanted me to take her to Mom’s this afternoon but I think she’ll wait & go when Geo. closes the store. I want to get the hose from Mom so I can clean the basement and backyard Tuesday. I told Mom I would come out & eat with them on Sundays as soon as I get my work done but today, — I want to go home when the good radio programs start & clean the kitchen pantry & all the drawers so I can go right through with the kitchen & hall tomorrow. I guess you get pretty tired hearing about my spring cleaning, don’t you, honey?

Gee, I wish you could be here & enjoy the house with me, — it’s beginning to look so nice, — curtains up & all! I’m going to keep it nice cause I know you’ll be home soon! Oh yes, I watched the drugstore today so George could go up & eat a hot dinner with Helen & the kids for a change. Geo. sure appreciated it, too. They treat me so nice, I feel I should do something for them. Oh yes, honey, before I forget, — you  know our shades in the bathroom & kitchen look terrible — I ruined them a couple of years ago when I tried to wipe them off with a cloth. Should I ask Mom for new ones or buy them myself? Maybe I shouldn’t get any at all? I want the house to look nice cause I told Helen I’d have them over for dinner some Sunday. Then I thought I’d invite a few of the girls out from work some nite. You know Alice had us out for cards last winter & I’d like to pay her back.

Gee, I hope I get 2 letters from my Sailor tomorrow! It’s so good to hear from you, even if I do cry when I read your sweet letters. I won’t be able to stand much of this being away from you, honey!

Well, “Pop” — everything’s still the same. I won’t let myself believe I might be & I don’t want to build you up, honey, cause I know how it is to be disappointed.

Honey, I’m sending you some clippings to take your mind off our “problem”! Ha.

I asked Helen if she & I couldn’t make some “brownies” at her house some nite to send you. She said OK. So I’ll try to make them soon. Or maybe Dot & I will make some. Would you like some, honey?

Guess I’d better go help Dot — now that she has supper just about finished!

Everyone said hello & we are all thinking of you & praying for you.

Please take good care of yourself & God be with you always.

All my love, Jean

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May 27 ’44 Sat 3:25 PM

My darling —

Received your sweet letter yesterday and you don’t know how I look forward to them. The mailman doesn’t even put them in the box — he always rings the bell. I didn’t get one today but this is Saturday & there is no afternoon delivery so I hope I get 2 Monday. I’ll bet I walk outside 10 times a day looking for the mailman — I guess that is why he always rings the bell.

Honey, I’ll write nicer & longer letters after I get my cleaning done. I’m working all the time but don’t seem to get anywhere. Of course I’m cleaning drawers as I go along and this morning I did a big wash. I hope to be done — basement & all by Tuesday. I’m going to start the bathroom now & finish it by tonite. I miss you so much I don’t even want to go to Dot’s tonite —  just work to try to forget how much I miss you!

I forgot to thank you for putting that roller on the wash machine — it sure is nice. Mr. Esselman will come over sometime this week & fix the gas burner.

Frank honey, don’t you think I better send your pea coat? You said it rained & got pretty cold up there & I sure don’t want you to get sick. I hope you don’t go to town with those boys that go out with girls. If you feel like I do — all you’ll want to do is be good & pray for the day we can be together again. Just think, honey, you’ve been gone a week & honestly, it seems like a year! (Looked like a storm was blowing up so I had to stop & take down my clothes.)

Mr. Rossfeld told me last night – Kenny called them last Wed. night about midnight from Union Station. He was on his way to the West Coast on a troop train & had about 15 minutes between trains. Wasn’t that a shame he was so close to home & couldn’t see them? Pappy wanted to go down to the station but Kenny said they just had a few minutes & were leaving right away. He told them he expected a leave in July. If you go back to Diego you might run into him. Maybe you can see George too. I hope so.

Darling, if I wrote 50 pages I couldn’t begin to tell you how much I love you & miss you! It makes me feel so good when you tell me you love me “more than ever.” We are going to be so happy when this is over, maybe we can build our home out by Larry & Louise & you’ll go back to work for Gamble. You could take turns using each other’s cars & Louise & I would have one if we wanted to come in or I could come in when you do. Listen to me! I have the war over already! But I do have so many plans. Please hurry home, dear!

About our “addition.” Well, I haven’t yet! But I don’t want to say too much, honey, I’ve disappointed you so many times already. I want to be so bad! Please don’t be mad at me if I’m not, honey. Just pray & maybe someday we will — if we don’t — we can adopt 5 or 6!

Honey – got to get back to work now but I’ll be thinking of you every minute! I love you so much. Take care of yourself & God be with you. All my love, Jean

Everyone is fine & said hello. They understand about you not writing.

Bye again, Love, Jean

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