June 27 ’44 Tues. 11:30 P.M.

dot & jean

On back: “What do you think of the two ‘Mothers?’ Pretty good, huh? June 25 ’44”

(Dot on left & Jean in new two-piece polka dot dress.)

Hello Darling!

I guess I did a foolish thing tonite, it’s so late again. I wanted to go to bed early, but Jane & Marie have been wanting me to go to the show with them. I promised them I’d go twice before & so tonite I couldn’t turn them down. They are so sweet to me & are afraid I’m lonesome! If I could only convince them – all I want to do is write to you & sleep!

Well, we went to the Ambassador after work – got in at 6:15 & the “time out” clock said quarter to twelve! It turned out they had a preview picture so we saw 3 pictures. I didn’t want to go in when I saw what time we’d get out – I had told Dot I’d be home about 9:30 or 10 & I knew she would worry. The first 2 pictures were very good but I left in the middle of the last one. I got so sleepy & knew I wanted to write you yet tonite. Anyway, I would have much rather gone to Loews & seen “White Cliffs of Dover” & got out early – or for that matter, I could go to the Armo for .30 cents – the down-town shows cost too much anyway. Well, I’m glad it’s over & I didn’t disappoint Jane & Marie again. They are really nice to me tho, they wanted to pay for my supper & my way into the show but I wouldn’t let them.

Honey, they are sure getting strict with you boys up there from the way you write. How come all the new rules about getting up & lights out? Gee, I know you will be glad to get out of there. I hope it’s soon but I hate to have you go further away from me, darling. Sometimes it seems I can’t go another day without you! I miss you so much & it gets worse everyday. I pray every day you can come home soon. Honey, don’t worry about me. I’m taking care of myself. Your letters are so sweet, I don’t know what I’d do without them. You write better than I do, so don’t say your letters aren’t nice. I love them. Take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always. I love you so much! Please hurry home!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & “Butch”

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June 27, 1944 8:45 P.M Tues. (From Frank)

frank w Nielson & Zip

This picture was not sent in this letter, but it is labelled on the back in Frank’s hand: Nielsen, Zip, & I. 

Dear Jean:

I didn’t receive any letters today, but I didn’t expect any because I got two yesterday.

Well, honey, I played a little ball tonight. Unit E lost to Unit B. 5 to 1. It was a pretty good game. But it still isn’t like Reich’s Cowboys.

Honey, are you really a sleepy head? I can’t believe it. Never thought you would ever get that way. I sure would like to see that. May be you ought to quit your job right away, honey. So you get enough rest. Why don’t you? We’ll get by, honey. You know we don’t want anything to happen to our baby. Honey, what would you name it if it’s a girl or if it’s a boy? I sure hope and pray I can be home at least by the time its born. The boys were glad to hear I was going to be daddy.

Honey, you asked about S.P. If you were here you couldn’t walk with me.We are not even supposed to talk to anybody except when something is wrong. It’s a lousy job. I’m sure glad I didn’t get regular S.P. duty. It’s hard on my feet. I was so tired I couldn’t stand much longer. That’s about all we did is walk from one tavern to another and stand for 1/2 hour. and look like dopes.

Honey do you still watch Helen’s kids on Wed. night or Sun? I hope not, You need the rest too much. I’m sure Dot doesn’t like it.

Honey, you said a couple weeks ago, you were going to send me a picture of yourself so I could see how fat you are. Why didn’t you send it? I have that nice big picture you gave me for my birthday on the wall or should I call it bulkhead? Right by my bunk where I can see it all the time. Every once in a while a fellow comes by and asks me if that is my wife. They all wonder where I got such a pretty wife. I sure was lucky.

Well, honey, it’s getting late so I’ll have to quit for now. Take good care of yourself & Butch. God be with you both.

All my love & kisses, Frank.

P.S. I’m so sorry I can’t write a nice newsy letter like you, honey. Everything is about the same every day. I love you more every day, honey. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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June 27, 1944 7:00 A.M. Tues. (From Frank)

Dearest Jean:

Well, honey, I guess this will be another short letter. I went to town last night to get my radio. He hasn’t fixed it yet. I sure miss it. It’s a week since I took it to town and that is the last time I was in town. All I did, honey, was go to the radio ship and from there I went to a show and back to the depot.

I miss you so much, honey, I don’t know what to do. I received two letters from you yesterday. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Also rec. one from Dot. I sure was glad to hear from her. Tell her thanks a million for everything she’s doing. I guess I would go crazy if you didn’t have her to take care of you, honey. As long as you do everything she tells you I’m sure nothing will happen. I’ll try to write her soon, but tell her not to be mad if it takes a couple of weeks.

Honey, I’m so sorry you felt so bad when I told you I had to meet Smith. All we were going to do was walk around and have a beer. You know I wouldn’t go out with any girls or do anything wrong. I love you too much to do anything like that. The only thing is every time I go out I’m by myself and I get so lonesome. I thought maybe if I would go with Smith I wouldn’t feel so bad.

Well, honey, I just went to chow. I’ll try to write a few more lines.

I think I told you we had to wear our whites again. But yesterday (Mon.) it rained and got so cool we had to go back to blues. So far I only had my whites on one time. The weather sure is funny in this country. I’ll sure be glad when I can get back to Mo. I don’t think I’ll ever leave it again.

Well, honey, it’s almost time to go to work. I’ll try to write more tonight. Sending you a paper so you have something to read.

How is “Butch” coming along honey? Please take good care of yourself, honey, & “Butch.” I’m thinking of you every min. of the day. Miss you so much. I hope & pray every day we can be together soon, honey. God be with you always. Also “Butch.”

All my love & kisses to both of you,

Your Frank.

june 27 np june 27 np2

June 26 ’44 Mon. 11:30 P.M.

jean wedding jean & frank wedding jean & frank wedding2

A few wedding pictures from 1937

Hello Honey,

Just wrote “Mom” a letter that’s why I’m up so late again. Rec. 3 sweet letters today & in the last one you said you had rec. the big news at last. I was sure waiting for that one, “Pop!”

Went to the Dr. tonite & he is really swell! He examined me again & said there was no doubt. He thinks I am 2 months. He said I should drink milk & take those pills Dr. W. prescribed. Limit my activities & I can work for a while yet. But if I have any cramps or show blood to quit right away. I can’t drive a car anymore, either.

I asked him his fee & it’s $100. My group hosp. ins. will cut my hosp. bill down to $1.25 a day. Frank, the Navy pays your bill up to $50 but if the Dr. charges more – they don’t pay any of it. However, I’ll ask Dr. R. about it next time I go. I was too excited tonite.

When I asked him how & when he wanted me to pay him he said he didn’t care — but, he laughed & said, he would rather I’d pay him afterwards cause he’s Irish & if he has a buck in his pocket – he’ll spend it! He’s really a swell guy. I like him so much & have a lot of faith in him. He’s just like me tho – about money! ha.

Myra told me that fellow’s wife found out the Navy wouldn’t pay anything on the bill if the Dr. didn’t do it for $50. —

Honey, I’m sorry you won’t have your radio this week-end. I hope you get to go swimming & play ball anyway. What position did you play in your game with the Mess Hall gang? Did you get any hits? I’ll be you were the best one!

I got a card from Jane today. She is in a little town in Kentucky. She & T.J. have been very sick. Dr. thought they had Malaria from the water. T.J. had 104 fever! But they are getting better now.

Frank, honey, I’ll write more tomorrow but I’m so tired I’ll have to quit now. Take good care of yourself & God be with you always. We love you & miss you more everyday. Goodnite sweetheart. I love you & wish you were here now.

All our love, Jean & Butch.

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D-Day letter from Frank’s mother


Rosa Sucher Hallemann with her children, Helen, Frank, and George. Born in Austria in 1885, she was not a native English speaker. Still, I think this letter is written awfully well for one who learned English later in life. 

J.M.J. be with you always

My Dear Son Frank,

Received your letter and sure was glad to hear from you again. It was nice that you have visited the Prokaskys. I am sure glad that you got to go to church. Just go whenever you can, I go to church every day now. I have lots of time. I shall always pray for you and for all that are in the service. The dear Lord shall be with you always.

Every thing is O.K. here and hope the same from you. The weather is funny. Sunday it was so hot and today it is cold, about 40 degrees. Today is D Day. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph be with our boys today. All day I prayed. Every one went to church. We all pray for a soon end and real peace.

Aunt Anna is still working. I wish she would not have so much work so she could stay, but I guess she will come home soon. That will be alright, too. Everyone said hello and all wish you good luck. Grandpa would like for you to come home soon, we all would be glad. Yes, I guess you will all be home soon.

George wrote and said he would write to you. Did you get a letter from him? He likes his ship, and I am glad, and I hope you will be all right, too, wherever you go. God be with you always. God Bless you again.

Best wishes form all, Love, Mother

Thank you for the letter and please write whenever you can.

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June 25 ’44 Sun. 7:15 P.M.

july 25 env

Hello Darling!

Another lonesome old Sunday without you. I wonder what you are doing today? How I wish I were with you!

Well, I said last nite I was going to sleep this morning until I wake up, but I did set the alarm for quarter to ten – cause I knew if I went to 11 o’clock Mass, I’d have to be ready to go to Mom’s right after. I slept til 9:30 & really felt good.

Went out to Mom’s after Mass with Doc & Dot (Helen went out earlier). George came out a little later & we ate. It was a nice dinner. Everyone is fine out there. Doc & Dot left early but I stayed with Mom til about 4 oclock & took the Bus home. A. Anna came in about 3:30. We had chicken for dinner & Dot R. likes wings so she said to tell you she ate the wings for you.

I came to Dot’s for supper & you’ll never guess what she had! Good old-fashioned barbecue! Not the kind A. Effie buys here lately but the kind she used to make years ago! Homemade sauce with sliced pork shoulder in it! We made sandwiches of it with rye bread & pickles & onion. We had potato salad & tomatoes with it. — Tea, coffe, & cake. Dot is really swell, she knows I love homemade barbecue & that’s why she went to all that trouble. I got to Dot’s about 4:30 & finished a letter to Geo. I had started at Mom’s. Have you written him our big news yet? I told him all the details & why I didn’t write sooner. Now, I only owe “Mom” a letter but I don’t guess I’ll have time tonite — We are going to the Armo again, tonite. But it’s so hot & you can cool off a little up there. Aunt Ruth didn’t show up today. Maybe she’ll be by some evening this week.

Frank, that new dress I bought really looks swell. Everyone likes it. It’s really neat! I took a picture of Dot & Doc & then had Dot take one of Mom & I in front of the house. But just as she snapped the picture, T.J. jumped in front of Mom — so I don’t know how it will turn out! I was really mad at her cause I just got thru telling her & Bob I wanted a picture of just Mom & me to send Uncle Frank. I had my new dress on & I want to keep you posted on how I look.

Geo R. said today Fr. Auer is back in town but is leaving for Salt Lake City to be stationed at the Air Base there. You know the one, Frank. Maybe you could go up there & visit him. He should be there soon, cause he’s leaving this week. Hope you get to see him, honey.

Well, Doc leaves tomorrow. He was so quiet today – didn’t talk much. I know he sure hates to leave.

I guess that’s all the news for today, darling. Everyone is fine here. Please hurry home, we all miss you so. Have you heard any more about leaving? Honey, I hope you don’t get on a ship now. You don’t want to, do you? I know you think sailors should be on a ship, but you know, “Daddies” shouldn’t take chances! I wish you would get stationed closer to home! How have you been feeling lately? Do you have any more sore-throats? Please take good care of yourself for “us!” We love you & miss you so much! God be with you always. Goodbye for now, sweetheart!

All our love & kisses,

Jean 7 “Butch”

P.S. I go back to Dr. R. tomorrow. I should find out a few more details about when to expect Butch, etc. Dot is going with me again. What would I do without her? — Geo. had one of the pills Dr. Winterer ordered but has to order the other. The one he has cost $3.50! Wow! Pretty expensive baby, huh?

Well, honey – goodbye again. I love you!

Always you, Jean.

Called Gwen this morning & told her I am pregnant for sure! She was really thrilled!

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June 25, 1944 6:30 P.M. Sun. (From Frank)

Hope you can read this letter. I started on guard duty but decided to write it over.

Dearest Jean:

Well, honey this is Sun. and I’m guarding the gate now. Not much to do so I’ll try to write you a few lines.

Well, Jean I had a big day. After chow this morning I started to wash. Put my swimming trunks on and got a G.I. can and went in the shower room and washed two blankets. Then I washed all my blues and work clothes. Pressed one suit of blues and did some sewing. In between time I went to church and dinner. By the time I got finished it was 4:00 P.M. so I took a shower and ate chow. Had to be on guard duty at 6:00 P.M. I was planning on going swimming this after noon but didn’t get done in time. It sure was a nice day, & I’m glad I got my clothes washed and sewed. This navy is just making wash women out of us fellows.

Honey, I got the longest letter you ever wrote to me today. When I got it I just quit working and laid down on my bunk and read it over and over. I would give any thing if I could write just half as nice a letter as you. Your letters are worth more to me than any thing in the world. I’ll try my best to answer it, honey.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am about having a baby. I told you some day we would. Please be extra careful, honey, so nothing happens. I sure wish I could be home to help you, honey.

I’m glad you went to Mom’s and Dad & Es to tell them. But I’m sorry Aunt Anna disappointed you. I guess she felt bad because we weren’t together. Please don’t feel too bad about it, honey. I can just see how thrilled your Dad & Es were. Especially Es. You say you told Vic and Bob. What did you tell them? Didn’t they ask all kind of questions?

Honey, if you get so sleepy and tired at night, why don’t you go to bed early? You wouldn’t have to write me every night, honey, I’ll understand. I don’t know what I’ll do if some thing happens to our baby. I wish you would quit your job, honey, and take care of your self. Be sure and do every thing Dot tells you. I’m sure glad Dot is taking care of you. Tell her I’ll never forget what she is doing for me. Some day I hope I can pay her back.

I hope the Dr. can tell you about how far you are. And tell him we want at least two boys.

Honey, about the slate gray uniform. I heard about them about a month ago. But they said there are so many sailors it would take a long time to make enough for all. I hope we can get some soon. I never saw any yet but I think I’ll like them.

I’m glad the Laemmel’s heard from Bernie. But I’m so sorry to hear about Al Nichols. It sure is a shame. He was such a nice fellow.

Honey, I’m glad you bought a dress. Don’t be afraid to buy anything. I don’t care.

Honey, I heard some bad news the other day. You know I told you they sent to Diego for rerates. Well, the other day they got a letter saying all rates were frozen for about 6 mon. I guess I never will get 2/C. I wish this war would get over so I can be a civilian again. Won’t it be nice to be able to be together always? I never want to leave you again, honey.

Well, it’s almost time to turn the lights out so I guess this is all for today. I’ll be thinking of you every minute. I love you so much. You are the sweetest Wife in the world. And now I know you are going to be the best Mother in the world. Please take good care of yourself, darling, and God be with you always. Good night my sweet heart. I love you and miss you so much, honey.

All my love & kisses



P.S. Tell every body hello.

I thought being as I was in this week end I could write every body. But by the time I got done it was too late. It looks like you are the only one I ever write. I owe Mom a letter. I’ll try to write a few lines tomorrow. Was she really happy when you told her were going to have a baby?

Honey, I hope I answered every thing. I guess I never will be able to write you a sweet letter. I try & try but can’t. So sorry.

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