D-Day letter from Frank’s mother


Rosa Sucher Hallemann with her children, Helen, Frank, and George. Born in Austria in 1885, she was not a native English speaker. Still, I think this letter is written awfully well for one who learned English later in life. 

J.M.J. be with you always

My Dear Son Frank,

Received your letter and sure was glad to hear from you again. It was nice that you have visited the Prokaskys. I am sure glad that you got to go to church. Just go whenever you can, I go to church every day now. I have lots of time. I shall always pray for you and for all that are in the service. The dear Lord shall be with you always.

Every thing is O.K. here and hope the same from you. The weather is funny. Sunday it was so hot and today it is cold, about 40 degrees. Today is D Day. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph be with our boys today. All day I prayed. Every one went to church. We all pray for a soon end and real peace.

Aunt Anna is still working. I wish she would not have so much work so she could stay, but I guess she will come home soon. That will be alright, too. Everyone said hello and all wish you good luck. Grandpa would like for you to come home soon, we all would be glad. Yes, I guess you will all be home soon.

George wrote and said he would write to you. Did you get a letter from him? He likes his ship, and I am glad, and I hope you will be all right, too, wherever you go. God be with you always. God Bless you again.

Best wishes form all, Love, Mother

Thank you for the letter and please write whenever you can.

About Frank & Jean: https://kimcrank.wordpress.com/about/

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