June 25 ’44 Sun. 7:15 P.M.

july 25 env

Hello Darling!

Another lonesome old Sunday without you. I wonder what you are doing today? How I wish I were with you!

Well, I said last nite I was going to sleep this morning until I wake up, but I did set the alarm for quarter to ten – cause I knew if I went to 11 o’clock Mass, I’d have to be ready to go to Mom’s right after. I slept til 9:30 & really felt good.

Went out to Mom’s after Mass with Doc & Dot (Helen went out earlier). George came out a little later & we ate. It was a nice dinner. Everyone is fine out there. Doc & Dot left early but I stayed with Mom til about 4 oclock & took the Bus home. A. Anna came in about 3:30. We had chicken for dinner & Dot R. likes wings so she said to tell you she ate the wings for you.

I came to Dot’s for supper & you’ll never guess what she had! Good old-fashioned barbecue! Not the kind A. Effie buys here lately but the kind she used to make years ago! Homemade sauce with sliced pork shoulder in it! We made sandwiches of it with rye bread & pickles & onion. We had potato salad & tomatoes with it. — Tea, coffe, & cake. Dot is really swell, she knows I love homemade barbecue & that’s why she went to all that trouble. I got to Dot’s about 4:30 & finished a letter to Geo. I had started at Mom’s. Have you written him our big news yet? I told him all the details & why I didn’t write sooner. Now, I only owe “Mom” a letter but I don’t guess I’ll have time tonite — We are going to the Armo again, tonite. But it’s so hot & you can cool off a little up there. Aunt Ruth didn’t show up today. Maybe she’ll be by some evening this week.

Frank, that new dress I bought really looks swell. Everyone likes it. It’s really neat! I took a picture of Dot & Doc & then had Dot take one of Mom & I in front of the house. But just as she snapped the picture, T.J. jumped in front of Mom — so I don’t know how it will turn out! I was really mad at her cause I just got thru telling her & Bob I wanted a picture of just Mom & me to send Uncle Frank. I had my new dress on & I want to keep you posted on how I look.

Geo R. said today Fr. Auer is back in town but is leaving for Salt Lake City to be stationed at the Air Base there. You know the one, Frank. Maybe you could go up there & visit him. He should be there soon, cause he’s leaving this week. Hope you get to see him, honey.

Well, Doc leaves tomorrow. He was so quiet today – didn’t talk much. I know he sure hates to leave.

I guess that’s all the news for today, darling. Everyone is fine here. Please hurry home, we all miss you so. Have you heard any more about leaving? Honey, I hope you don’t get on a ship now. You don’t want to, do you? I know you think sailors should be on a ship, but you know, “Daddies” shouldn’t take chances! I wish you would get stationed closer to home! How have you been feeling lately? Do you have any more sore-throats? Please take good care of yourself for “us!” We love you & miss you so much! God be with you always. Goodbye for now, sweetheart!

All our love & kisses,

Jean 7 “Butch”

P.S. I go back to Dr. R. tomorrow. I should find out a few more details about when to expect Butch, etc. Dot is going with me again. What would I do without her? — Geo. had one of the pills Dr. Winterer ordered but has to order the other. The one he has cost $3.50! Wow! Pretty expensive baby, huh?

Well, honey – goodbye again. I love you!

Always you, Jean.

Called Gwen this morning & told her I am pregnant for sure! She was really thrilled!

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