June 26 ’44 Mon. 11:30 P.M.

jean wedding jean & frank wedding jean & frank wedding2

A few wedding pictures from 1937

Hello Honey,

Just wrote “Mom” a letter that’s why I’m up so late again. Rec. 3 sweet letters today & in the last one you said you had rec. the big news at last. I was sure waiting for that one, “Pop!”

Went to the Dr. tonite & he is really swell! He examined me again & said there was no doubt. He thinks I am 2 months. He said I should drink milk & take those pills Dr. W. prescribed. Limit my activities & I can work for a while yet. But if I have any cramps or show blood to quit right away. I can’t drive a car anymore, either.

I asked him his fee & it’s $100. My group hosp. ins. will cut my hosp. bill down to $1.25 a day. Frank, the Navy pays your bill up to $50 but if the Dr. charges more – they don’t pay any of it. However, I’ll ask Dr. R. about it next time I go. I was too excited tonite.

When I asked him how & when he wanted me to pay him he said he didn’t care — but, he laughed & said, he would rather I’d pay him afterwards cause he’s Irish & if he has a buck in his pocket – he’ll spend it! He’s really a swell guy. I like him so much & have a lot of faith in him. He’s just like me tho – about money! ha.

Myra told me that fellow’s wife found out the Navy wouldn’t pay anything on the bill if the Dr. didn’t do it for $50. —

Honey, I’m sorry you won’t have your radio this week-end. I hope you get to go swimming & play ball anyway. What position did you play in your game with the Mess Hall gang? Did you get any hits? I’ll be you were the best one!

I got a card from Jane today. She is in a little town in Kentucky. She & T.J. have been very sick. Dr. thought they had Malaria from the water. T.J. had 104 fever! But they are getting better now.

Frank, honey, I’ll write more tomorrow but I’m so tired I’ll have to quit now. Take good care of yourself & God be with you always. We love you & miss you more everyday. Goodnite sweetheart. I love you & wish you were here now.

All our love, Jean & Butch.

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