July 23 ’44 Sun. 1:30 P.M.

Darling –

I don’t know what I’ll do if I have to go thru another day without hearing from you! I get more lonesome & blue for you everyday & it’s worse since I haven’t rec. a letter in so long.

I’m writing this a little earlier today because A. Ruth might come out this aft. & I may not get a chance to write then. If she doesn’t come out we may go to the Armo.

Well, I got up & went to 8:15 Mass for a change. I went to Communion but I still don’t feel so good if I don’t eat first. Even if I go to an early Mass. Guess I’ll try 6 oclock Mass when I quit work cause I want to go to Communion as often as I can. I felt so good after I received Communion this morning — just to think I had Our Lord & our sweet baby both in my body! That’s why I want to receive Communion often so our baby will be as close to God as possible. I know we will have a good sweet baby if I do that.

When I left for Mass about 8 oclock this morning I saw Vic & Bob running up the street. The alarm didn’t go off & they were late – Dot didn’t get to go til 11 Mass. When the kids & I got home she had breakfast ready – so while she went to Mass I fixed dinner – peeled potatoes, fixed pudding, & vegetable & made the meat loaf – so we can eat early. We are going to eat about 2:30. I haven’t cooked for so long – I hope it tastes good. It sure felt funny cooking again!

I just came home to write you & wash out a few things. Helen came over a few minutes ago & gave me T.J.’s Communion picture. It sure is a nice one & I wish you could see it. I thanked her for it. She also told me that Frieda & Rosemary won’t come to Mom’s today. Frieda’s got company & Rosemary & Leonard went to Chicago this morning for a week. Helen’s going out to Mom’s after while but I don’t think I will this Sunday. Maybe I’ll go next Sunday. I just don’t feel like doing anything without you, honey! I love you & miss you so much! If you were only here with me now!

Honey, when you sleep in town – where do you mean? S. Francisco or Albany? Is the Depot right in Albany or a little way out of it? I worry about you so! I’ll be so glad when you are home again so I can take care of you!

Menze is coming over to Dot’s this aft. to see if he can find out what is wrong with our Victrola. Maybe he can fix it – I hope so.

Well, darling, I hope you are getting all my letters. Please take good care of yourself & God be with you always! I love you & pray every day you can come home soon!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

P.S. Honey, I meant to tell you this a long time ago. IF you ever get anyplace where your mail is censored & you want to tell me something – write it under the stamp. Of course it can’t be very much & you;ll have to use a stamp instead of sending it free. But I’ll know when there is a stamp on you letter you might have something written under it — I can read what’s under it by holding it up to the light. Of course, you may not ever have to do this, being on the Coast, but you never can tell & it’s a good thing to know.

Bye again, honey

Always you,


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July 21 ’44 Fri. 10.P.M.

My darling –

Well, I rec. a letter – at last! But I don’t know any more than I did before – because it was written Monday at 3:30 P.M. The explosion wasn’t til Mon. nite. Unless you send a “Special” or wire me I probably will have to wait until Mon. to get another letter cause I don’t usually get any mail from you on Sat. Dot is going to meet me after work tomorrow & she is going to come over & see if I have a letter from you before she comes down. I sure hate to have to go thru another week-end without hearing from you, honey. I’ve been looking at maps at work all week trying to find where Albany is. None of our train schedule maps had it — so today I went over to the front office & got out a big Atlas. Some man helped me find it & according the map scale you are only about 18 or 20 miles from P. Chicago! Just as I tho’t you are right between S. Francisco & P. Chicago! I had hoped you were 15 miles the other way. You know what I mean, honey. Maybe you won’t be able to write anything about it cause I know they didn’t say much in the papers. They probably want to keep it as quiet as possible until the investigation is over. It was certainly sabotage. It couldn’t have been anything else – as careful as they are around ammunition. Write me what you can about it but please, darling, let me know you are safe! Being as close as you are I know you heard & saw the explosion. It must have been terrible! While I was getting ready to go to the Dr. tonite Helen came over & got your address. Then while Dot & I were waiting for a street-car, Mom & Bobby got off one & I ran over & talked to her a few minutes. I told her what I knew & not to worry. She said she had a card from Geo. with a picture of Alaska on it???? I guess that’s where he is. I told her what you said about writing her & that you would write soon.

The Dr. didn’t say much tonite. We were the last ones & we were in & out before we knew it. It was late & I didn’t have much chance to talk. I gained 4 lbs. since last month. I weigh 127 1/4 now. I think I’m gaining too much but I may not gain at all now for awhile. You shouldn’t gain anymore than 25 lbs. the whole 9 months. I don’t think I’m eating too much, tho. Oh well, we’ll see what happens next time. I won’t be working then & can take my time & go in the afternoon. This rushing around gets me down!

The weather here is really cool! Lots of people have their coats on! Imagine that — in July! I have all my windows closed but the back kitchen one. I hope it lasts.

Honey, thanks a lot for the Depot paper. I always enjoy reading it. I guess you went to Albany on the same route as I took to Ogden, didn’t you? How did you like the snow on the mountains & the snow slides I told you about? Did you see any mountain streams & lakes? They are sure pretty! I hope you had a nicer train than I had! Did you boys have Pullmans? Tell me all about it.

I can’t imagine living in horse stalls! Do you have built-in bunks or regular cots? Do you have any heat? It must be cold at nite there. How big are the stalls? Do you have a table to write on? I’m sure sorry to hear you are sleeping in town. Doesn’t the Navy pay for it? What happens if a guy is broke? I don’t understand it! How about chow?

It’s a shame you spent so much money just on a room & eats. I know you must not have much money after sending $60.- home! I’d like to send you some money in this letter but until I hear from you, I don’t like to take a chance. They may have moved you since the explosion.

Honey, I don’t care how much it costs – you get one of those raincoats! It’s too chilly for you to take a chance getting those sore throats again! I’ll send you some money for it. I still have the $60. & am saving it for you. Please let me know – if not, I’ll send some money anyway.

Honey, I’m so thankful you are on permanent duty there! From the way things are going the war won’t last long anyway – so what’s the use of getting on a ship? I hope you like your work there! Have you listened to your radio lately? Or isn’t there a place to plug it in – in those stalls?

Frank, I’d give a million to come out there! Maybe I will, too! We’ll see how things work out & what the Dr. says. Boy, if I only could! I’d be so happy! Just to see you & kiss you again would be heaven!

Darling, it’s eleven o’clock already – so I guess I’ll have to leave you again. I love you so much – it makes me feel a little closer to you when I write to you. Take good care of yourself, Honey & remember I love you more everyday & miss you so much! God be with you always! Hurry home to us, darling.

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch!



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July 20 ’44 Thurs, 10 P.M.


Hello my darling –

Well, I don’t know what to think – I still haven’t had a letter from you. I keep telling myself it takes longer to get here from Calif. – it may take til tomorrow for it to get here. Maybe you haven’t even rec. the Air-Mail & other letters I sent you, yet, & don’t realize how worried I am. I tho’t as soon as you rec. my Air Mail you might wire me or send a Special Delivery letter. Vic keeps telling me you are probably busy & if you are anywhere near the explosion, were probably called to help in repairing the damage at Port Chicago. Dot was really surprised I didn’t get a letter today, I know, but tried not to show how worried she was. Honey, if you are called to help at P. Chicago please, please, be careful! You might not be near it at all & I’ll surely get a letter tomorrow explaining everything. I haven’t called Mom anymore because I can’t tell her I heard from you at last. It would just worry her more. But I’ll call just as soon as I get a letter!

Well, darling, we had a nice evening. Just sat around & talked & laughed with the kids. They are really clowns! Dot said there’s always a “floor show” over there! Don’t know what I’d do without them! When I got home there was a great big electric Victrola sitting in the bedroom at Dot’s. It has a bad tube & needs some work done on it but Vic bought it from a guy for $15-. Vic sold their old table & 4 chairs to another guy for $7- So he figured the Victrola cost him only $8- Then they had a fellow come out from Ludwig’s to appraise the old piano & he gave them $5- & will move it out & pay for that. They were lucky to get $5 for it. So, counting that $5- the Victrola came to $3-. Vic wants Ed. M. to come over & see about the bad tube. The radio man on Morganford said the tube would cost $2.85 but they are pretty hard to get. Dot bought 2 records today but they sound awful with one tube burned out & whatever else is wrong. We had a lot of fun with it, tho. I hope we can get it fixed up. You know how we will enjoy records! It’s a pretty cabinet but wait til you see how large it is! It’s about as large as one of those “juke boxes!”

I mentioned something about water-melon the other day & here Dot had a half a melon tonite! I wanted to pay for it but she wouldn’t let me. We just had some before I came home. It was so good & I tho’t of you & how well you like it – so I ate some for you – & some for “Butch!” ha.

Honey, I’m feeling swell & even that sleepy tired feeling is gradually going away! Of course, I still have to get plenty of rest. Don’t worry about me! I don’t even have pains in my side like I used to since I’m pregnant! I think it’s doing me good! When I quit work I’ll feel better yet! Honey, I’m anxious to quit except for one reason. You always said I’d never be able to save any money but just in these 2 months – I paid my dentist bill & Mom off (or will when I see her) paid all our little bills – gas, elec. – florist, etc. & even bought dresses & shoes! Just think what I could do if I continued working! I’ll even get a $25. bond when I get paid next time! But of course I won’t be able to save anything much after I quit. Oh, I wouldn’t take all the money in the world for the wonderful thing that is going to happen to us, — but I’d like to prove to you, I can save — & I would if I continued working! I’ll bet in 6 months I could have put a lot of money back in bonds to make up what I spent on my trip! But of course, Butch is worth all that & a million times more! You’ll have to admit I did pretty good in 2 months, anyway, didn’t I? ha. Why I even went to the Armo 10 or 12 times a week! ha.

Honey, have you ever tho’t about who we’ll ask as God-parents for our baby? Let me know if you have any ideas. We have plenty of time to think about it!

Dot & I are going to the Dr. tomorrow nite.

Oh yes, the kids are so excited! They are going to get up at 3 o’clock Sat. morning & go fishing with Vic & another fellow. Bill Kreiger, I think. They can hardly wait to go. I told Dot, since they will be gone til Sat. nite, she should meet me at 1 o’clock Sat. & we’d have lunch downtown & then see a nice show. If we have time, I’d like to price “materntiy” dresses. I want to get one real nice one & then a few nice aprons to wear around the house & in the evening. I don’t need them right now but want to start looking at them. My nice brown dress is already getting a little tight, tho.

Well, sweetheart, I’m praying I get a letter tomorrow. If I don’t – I don’t know what I’ll do! Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you, always! I love you so much & pray everynite you love me just half as much! I miss you so darn much & think of you every minute. I hope you will be home soon! The war news is sure encouraging the past few days, don’t you think so, honey? Hope & pray God is going to tend all this at last!

Be good, darling, & remember I love you & am waiting for you! Please hurry home — Butch & I are so lonesome for you!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

P.S. I ran out of little envelopes tonite so had to send this in a large one!

July 19 ’44 Wed. 7:45 P.M.

july 20 env

Hello Sweetheart!

No letter again today but I guess you wrote Mon. & it takes, at least, 3 days to get mail from Calif. I know that’s why I haven’t heard from you. But, Frank, you ought to have sent me a wire or night letter just to let us all know you are Ok. We don’t know where Albany is – it may be hundreds of miles away from the explosion & then again it might be pretty close! Until we hear from you, you know how worried we will be. Maybe you couldn’t get to a place to send a wire but you could have sent an Air Mail letter. I sure better hear from you tomorrow, honey! A package with gum & 2 rolls of film came today, darling! And thank you so much for it! We can’t even get those kind anymore. I can really use the film, too. It was sure sweet of you to send it. I appreciate it a lot, honey!

When I came home from work, I walked over to our house to see if I had any mail & I saw Pop standing by the Drug store with Bobby. He waved & tipped his hat. I didn’t get a chance to tell him yet he’s going to be Grandpa again – maybe Mom told him – but I doubt it. I’m going to tell him & Grandpa whether they think I’m crazy or not. Ha.

Honey, I saw Kohrman in the D. store Sunday & he said he is going to be a free man sometime this week! I guess Dot really went thru with the divorce! I feel so sorry for both of them. Kohrman seemed so blue. I think Dot is crazy to do it! That’s something that will never happen to us, isn’t it, honey? We’ll love each other & be so happy the rest of our lives!

I’ve been thinking of Larry & Louise so much lately, as soon as I quit work, would like to see them. I want to talk about being Godmother for the new baby & how we are going to work it with you gone – where & when it will be – etc. Also tell them about our baby & where you are now. I don’t have any way of getting out there, tho. Kohrmann offered to take me some Sunday aft. He says he goes out there about twice a month. I tho’t it was sure nice of him but didn’t know what you would think? Of course, I wouldn’t stay late – I would come home about 5 or 5:30. It’s the only way I have of seeing them. Of course, I know Larry would pick me up after work sometime but then, how would I get home? Oh well, it isn’t important but I would like to see them before the baby is born.

I think Dan told Larry about the baby tho, – already. He said he met Larry on the elevator at work & Larry asked him if he got moved Ok & if he ever heard from you. He told Larry you were going to Calif. & then told him we were expecting a baby! Larry sure acted glad & told Dan he bet we were both happy! You know, Frank, Larry made that retreat last spring for a baby for them & he told you he also made it for you – so his prayers probably helped us too. I want to tell him that & thank him.

Well, honey, it’s getting late & we are all going to the Armo tonite. I’ll write more to this later. I love you so! Bye for now.

Goodmorning darling!

Gee, I wish you were here so I could kiss you good-morning! I don’t think I’d let you go to work, tho, – I’d never let you go, honey! Won’t it be wonderful to together again?

Honey, I just have a few minutes this morning – it was too late to write anymore last nite. We got home about midnight. They are starting the show earlier but the pictures were pretty long.

Forgot to tell you. Frank Mascara is home from “boots” at Farragut. I saw him in his car as I walked over to Dot’s for supper. Wonder how he liked boot camp? (Vic said Frank is an E.M. 3/c! He got his rate before he went in. Boy, that sure beats everything, don’t it?)

Still haven’t found out about Hal Rick or where he is. Hope & pray he wasn’t in that terrible explosion!

Darling, I love you & miss you so much. Take good care of yourself & God be with you always! Hurry home to us!

All our love & kisses, Jean & Butch.

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July 18 ’44 Tues 10 P.M.



My darling —

No letter today but I’m sure I’ll get one tomorrow – you just sent your last one Air Mail & it got here quicker & your Mon. letter is probably coming regular mail.

I was so upset this morning – I’m still worried but now I’m sure you weren’t too close to the explosion. Of course, I’ll feel much better when I hear from you. I hope I get a letter tomorrow. Write & let me know all about it. That explosion must have been terrible! I feel so sorry for all those boys! Honey, please be careful wherever you work down there. I don’t think I could go on living if anything happened to you! Now, I worry about you more than ever. I just can’t get it off my mind!

Honey, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I meant to write such a nice letter tonite but all I can think of is something happening to you — & I love you so much! I promise when I quit work, I’ll write you nice long letters. The evening goes so fast. By the time we do dishes & sit & rest awhile – it’s 10 or 10:30. I wanted to be in bed by 9 or 9:30 tonite. Boy, these last few days at work are sure going slow!

Mom talked so nice over the phone this morning. She seemed so glad to hear from me. I’m going to try to go out there from work some evening soon. I told her I’d come out more often as soon as I quit work.

She said Grandpa, A. Anna, Pop, & she were feeling ok. It’s pretty warm here again but the nites are a little cooler.

Honey, I miss you so. It just gets worse all the time! I don’t know what to do. — I’d give a million dollars to be with you but don’t want to take any chances with Butch.

Dot told me to tell you to come on home & quit hanging around out there – even if the weather is nice! ha. She’s a good kid – & tries so hard to cheer me up. I went over there this morning before work & told her about the explosion & asked her what I should do. She said I shouldn’t wire you – that you were Ok & not to worry. I felt a little better. — She wants me to quit work so bad & will be so glad when I do (So will I).

Well, darling, it’s getting late again & I want to go to bed – (without my sweetheart again!).

Take good care of yourself & God be with you! Let me know about your set-up & everything. I love you so, darling! Please hurry home to us. We miss you more every day!

Goodnite darling!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

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July 18 ’44 10:A.M.

Jul 18 env


Just a line. – The Baker told me when I went to the Bakery this morning about the explosion in Calif. I bought a paper later. Of course, I’m  crazy with worry about you! Dot advised me not to wire you cause if it didn’t get there & I didn’t get an answer I would just worry more.

Maybe by the time you get this I will have word from you. I know you will write or wire immediately. You must know how we all feel. If I just knew you are safe!

I’m working today but I certainly don’t feel like it. I called Mom this morning just to tell her about your address & that you arrived in Calif. ok – like you asked me to do.

She seemed glad to hear from me. I didn’t want to mention the explosion & I guess she hated to, too. But she didn’t know how far Albany was from it & said she had heard about the explosion & prayed you weren’t close to it. I tried to assure her you weren’t, but I was terribly worried & upset myself. I didn’t let her know, tho.

I’m sure we’ll hear from you soon telling us you are ok.

Please write or wire immediately!

I love you & would die if anything happened to you!

All my love & kisses,


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July 17 ’44 Mon. 10:25 P.M.

postcard SF

Hello Honey —

I rec. 2 letters written in Ogden – one card on the train & one letter written Sun. You sent it Air-Mail. I got it in 24 hrs. Not bad. I’m afraid you won’t get my last few letters, tho, honey, I sent them to Amp. L. Craft Depot & the address you gave me is altogether different. Didn’t they send you where you thought you were going to go? I’m sorry about the letters but maybe you’ll get them anyway.

I rec. a nice letter from Geo. today. It was mailed the 11th but he doesn’t say anything about where he is. He congratulated me about the baby & said he was really hoping for a boy to keep the Hallemann name in circulation for a while! I guess by now he was written you about the baby. It was a sweet letter & I want to answer him soon.

Thanks so much for the pictures you sent of the huts. I wish you would send some of yourself tho, & soon, honey!

I’m sorry you didn’t see Martha or Mr. W. Is Martha back in Ogden now?

Are you sure Smith didn’t talk you into going with him? Ha! Honey, you said the show was good but didn’t say the name of it. I hope the reason you liked it wasn’t because it was about ships!

Thanks a lot for the baby name book, honey. We haven’t had much chance to look at it yet but we will soon. Tell Smith I said thanks so much.

I’m glad you heard from W. Thomas. He & V. are sure lucky to be together yet.

From the looks of things you aren’t in a very nice place. I’m so sorry you stay in such a lousy place! Let me know more about it, honey. I don’t want you to go to sea even if you don’t have such a nice set-up in Albany, tho.

No, I don’t know Reiks’ address but will try to find out & let you know.

Did you stay the same place Sun. nite as you did Sat? I hope you had a nice place to sleep, honey.

Frank, I’m so sorry my last few letters have been so lousy but it’s late again & I have a few things to do yet. I’ll be so glad when I quit work, then I can write you better.

We didn’t go to the Dr. tonite. It was so late, we had a late start – so decided to wait til Friday & go early.

Honey, I’ll write more tomorrow & thanks so much for all the letters & card.

Take good care of yourself & God be with you always! I love you & miss you more every day. Please hurry home to us!

Be careful in Frisco, Calf. It’s a strange place & anything can happen.

I love you, darling!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


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