Aug. 16, ’44 Wed. 11:30 A.M.

Hello Darling!

Rec. your sweet letter yesterday, dated Aug. 11. Honey, it’s not trouble to send you the paper. I only wish I could do more. Would you like to have me send a complete Post-Dispatch every Sunday?

I wish you would see a Dr. about your throat – but I’m afraid he’ll tell you to have your tonsils removed & I couldn’t be with you. Then I would really worry. I just hope & pray you don’t have any more trouble with your throat, honey & maybe later on when you come home you can have your tonsils taken out. If you do have any trouble, please go to the Dr. right away! Don’t fool around with it, hon.

Please don’t worry about any bills I have to pay Frank — if you do, I won’t tell you about them anymore. I sure hated to do it – but I had to cash that $60 money order this morning — I needed more vitamin pills & they cost $3.24. I really didn’t know what to do – whether to turn in my 2 bonds or cash the money order. What do you think, honey? Wasn’t it best to keep the bonds & use the money order since the money order isn’t good after so long a time? I still have the bonds & since I’m using your $60, they belong to you. What do you think I should do, honey, if I need money for a baby bed or something later on – cash bonds or draw money out of the bank at church??? And do you think they will let me draw it out? We should have it in both our names (or is it?), so there isn’t any trouble. I hate to cash bonds cause they are a pretty good investment & I’d like to keep all we have now. But I’ll do whatever you think best, honey. It might be less trouble to cash bonds, at that, than have a new note made up at church. I wish I could talk to you about all this – it’s so hard to write & explain it right. But I want you to know, I really hated to start using the $60 & put it off as long as possible but it looks like I’ll have to use some of it to buy a dress & slips etc. It seemed silly to cash the bonds when I had the money order laying around. Gee, honey, I wish you were home – it seems no matter how hard I try – all I do is spend money & you even save money on your little salary! I know you keep telling me to use it & I will for everything I need on account of Butch, but you know how I feel, don’t you, honey? If I could have worked just one more month, I wouldn’t have had to start using our savings so soon. Now, don’t you worry or think I’m worrying about money but I want you to be proud of me & I did have such a good start while I was working. All the money I’m spending now is necessary – guess I just feel bad about all the money we spent this past year but being with you those 4 months was worth it! Wish I had never come home!

Well, that’s enough about money — telling you how much I love you & miss you is much more important! And I do love you & miss you, honey, more than I could ever say. If my letters sound a little “low” sometimes – it’s just because I miss you so! I know I have the sweetest & best husband in the world & Butch is sure lucky to have you for his Daddy!

Well, darling, I have a little work to do – Dot took Bob to the Dentist this morning. Guess I’ll go over there this aft. I ought to go downtown & try to find a dress soon. Also, the screw on your electric razor isn’t working & won’t hold the blade head solid so I want to have that fixed too.

Oh yes, everyone at work told me I should put in my name for “Workmen’s Compensation.” They say I’m entitled to it & might as well collect it if I can. So I’m going to find out about it when I go downtown.

Well, honey, please take good care of yourself & God be with you always! We love you so much & pray everyday you will be home soon! I hope Bea & the kids can come to Calif. If they do, be sure & tell her “Hello” for me. I’d give anything to be able to come there, too! I can’t stand many more days without my Sailor! Please be good, honey! I love you! All our love & kisses, Jean & Butch


Aug. 15 ’44 Tues. 12:15 P.M.

My Darling –

Today is the “Assumption” & Dot, kids, & I went to Communion & came home & just finished the biggest breakfast I ever ate! BEfore we came home we all went over to school with Sister Wilma & listened to the records Vic & Bob made. I think they sounded even better over there. Sister Wilma was sure pleased with them.

After I wrote to you yesterday I went over to Dot’s but came back at 3 o’clock to get your letter. The kids, Dot, & I played Monopoly last nite til about 10 o’clock. Then I came home & went to bed. It was still plenty hot but this morning it rained & really cooled off.

I wonder if George got to see the President when he visited the Aleutians? I hope so. I think Glen saw him when he was in P. Harbor at Hickam Field. He mentioned in one of his letters there was a lot of excitement down there & we would find out later.

Dot Raeder had Doc’s A.P.O. traced through a fried of hers & we think he is going to England. They haven’t heard from him yet, tho. Hope he gets to see Phil while he’s there.

Honey, I don’t know whether you knew or not but Blackshaw has been sick for along time. Well, he died yesterday at 1 o’clock in the aft. Geo. R. said it was his heart & kidneys. Even tho, none of us liked him, it is too bad he had to die. He wasn’t very old. All his people & even his father were with him. (He was at home.) Jeannine was there, taking care of Mary’s baby & she told me, he told everybody, he didn’t want any sympathy. She said Mrs. Blackshaw took it pretty hard when he died.

Honey, I’ll have to finish this when I come back from the Dr. I have to get ready to go now. I love you, honey, so until after while.

Lots of love & kisses!

Jean & Butch

3:25 P.M.

Hello Honey –

Here I am, back from the Dr. already. He took my measurements (my stomach) & said they were good. He also took my blood pressure & that’s good too. The nurse took a blood count & blood test. She said my veins were tough & the way she was pushing the needle – they must be! ha. Dr. Riodan said everything is normal & going fine so we don’t have a thing to worry about. He asked me if I felt the baby move yet & altho, I tho’t I did about 3 weeks ago – I haven’t for the last 2 wks. so I told him I guess it was just gas on my stomach. Gas feels a lot like it feels when the baby moves. But I should be feeling “life” soon, now. You usually feel it at 4 or 4 1/2 months. I guess I’m not as far along as I tho’t I was at first. I didn’t gain too much weight like I did before, either. I weighed 129 1/4 last time & weigh 129 1/2 now. I’m glad I slowed up cause I was really gaining too much at fist. Well, “Pop,” that’s all the news about Butch for now.

Yes, George is a 1/c M.M. now. If you see him when he comes to Alemeda & you go out with him – please be good, honey. George is a single fellow, & since he has been gone so long and hasn’t seen an American girl – he is really crazy for them! So, you be careful if you go with him. He’s got a lot of money too & he told us he was going to have a good time while he’s in the States. He likes to drink Rum too. I don’t blame him for wanting to have a good time but I don’t want you to go out & drink with him. He would want to have girls along, you know that! So be good, honey, please, for Butch & I.

I offered Mass & Communion this morning so you would get back on your old job again. I know you don’t like the work you’re doing now. Please take good care of yourself, darling & God be with you, Always! I love you & miss you so & pray everyday we will be together soon! We love you with all the love in the world & we will always be


Jean & Butch.

P.S. I forgot to tell you, honey, I asked the Nurse about me coming out there. She said she knew how I felt but she thinks I should wait til the Baby is a month or 2 old. She is flying to Washington to be with her husband the 15th of Sept. She said if I could fly it wouldn’t be so bad but I don’t want to spend that much money. Maybe later on I can get Pullman reservations if we decide I can come. There isn’t much chance of “miscarriage” after the first 4 months, either. Well honey, I want to get this in the mail so be a good boy & hurry home to us, soon. We love you so much!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.