Aug. 22 ’44 Tues. 11 A.M.

Hello Honey,

Rec. another sweet letter yesterday aft. & just when I tho’t you were getting a letter a day – looks like you missed a day. If it was my Sunday letter, I can understand cause there is just one pick-up on Sun. & that’s at 6 P.M. But I wish my letters would come everyday, so you could depend on getting one – I know how I’d feel if I wasn’t sure of rec. a letter everyday.

It’s still cool here, honey, but it isn’t raining today. It’s kinda hazy out, tho – the sun isn’t out very bright – and it’s really nice & cool. This isn’t a good wash day, so I think I’ll go downtown & look for a dress. I need some socks, brassieres, & things, too. Maybe, I’ll stop in & see the girls at the Bureau if I have time. We all played “Monopoly” last night & had a lot of fun. The kids put on a show afterwards, acting crazy, you know. I went to bed at 11 o’clock & didn’t get up til almost 10 this morning! Butch & I are really sleepy-heads!

Dot has to take Bob to the Dentist this aft. to have a tooth pulled. He has his lower brace on now & this tooth is in the way. He would lose it in a couple months anyway – it’s a baby tooth.

I’m so sorry it’s still cold there. Maybe it’s a break you are inside, honey. Bet I wouldn’t let you stay cold long if I was there! We could really keep each other warm, couldn’t we, honey?

No, I’m not out of film, Frank, – I still have 3 rolls left so take your time about sending the other. It’s nice of you to want to send something for the kids but don’t spend your money on any of us. We just want to see you – so save it to buy an airplane ticket home!

Honey, I’m sure I can manage on $50 – most months. This month I couldn’t so I used a five out of the $60 you sent, already. But some months the $50 will be enough & when it’s not, I’ll use the money you sent & later on, cash a bond, if I need it. So don’t worry, I’ll get along alright. I won’t be afraid to use the money but I just want to keep from it as long as I can. I’ll have to spend some of the $60 today, tho, if I find a dress. Since it’s getting so cool now, I tho’t I’d get a “jumper” & then I can wear all my blouses with it. They have maternity jumpers, you know. Looks like all I do is spend money. I get my check next week, tho.

It sure is funny they don’t let you guys work outside the Navy – especially in war work. Besides it gives you something to do 1 or 2 nites a week. Now the boys will have more time to get in trouble. Honey, I know how you feel, but I don’t want you to work just to send money home. So don’t worry about it. I was just glad you had something to do. I wrote Jack a letter yesterday & told him about it. Also thanked him for writing you & told him you had a lot of letters to write, too, so it might be a while before you answered. Don’t worry, he knows how it is, honey. You said in your letter maybe you could figure out a way to send money home – Honey, I wish you wouldn’t think you had to. I don’t want you to work so hard. Butch & I are doing fine & will be able to manage Ok. All we want is our Daddy home soon!! That is all we think about & pray for everyday.

Well, I guess Jane & Tom are home by now. I haven’t seen any of them yet. She might have come in on the early morning train, tho, instead of last night. Betty Jean said they have to have Tommy Joe’s tonsils removed soon. He’s had trouble with sore throats ever since they have been in Kentucky. We take Jack & Betty to the show with us almost every time we go.

Dot wrote you yesterday, I guess you’ll have her letter by the time you get this. We all talk of you everyday & what fun we’ll have when you come home! They are all sure crazy about you, Frank!

Well, sweetheart, I’d better get ready to go downtown so I’ll have to leave you now. Please take good care of yourself, darling & God be with you, always! We love you more than anything in the world & miss you more everyday! Please hurry home to us, so we can show you how much we really love you!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch


Aug. 21, ’44 Monday 11:15 A.M.

Hope you can make this letter out, honey. It’s so mixed up.

My Darling!

Just rec. 2 sweet letters written Tues. & Wed. 15-16th. This is always my best day cause I get your 2 letters in the morning mail. All the others come in the aft. mail & the day just drags until the mailman comes.

Well, I wanted to wash today but the light switch is broken for the basement lights. Geo. R. & Pop got a new plate for it last Friday but Ed M. hasn’t put it in yet. So I tho’t I’d go downtown & try to find a nice dress but it’s raining a slow steady rain so I guess that’s out. I’m glad it’s raining tho, we need it so bad & it’s still nice & cool here. We went to the Armo last nite & saw 2 pretty good pictures. “The Lodger” & “Jungle Book”

Honey, I’m so sorry your Chief couldn’t get you back on your old job. But at least you are inside & there isn’t as much chance of you catching cold & getting a sore throat. If that’s where they want you to work – just take it easy & don’t do anymore than you have to. After all, you’re a P.O. with a trade & didn’t go in to the Navy to sweep & paint! I guess you do miss being with the boys all day, tho. Are there other P.O.s doing the same work you are, honey? Are you still sleeping in the stalls?

Hon, does that 20 day leave business count your “boot leave”? If it does, I guess you haven’t any days coming at all for the year, have you? It’s too bad about Nielson too. He should have put in for his leave when he first got there. He’ll soon be in a year, won’t he, tho? And then he can have 15 days leave. Did you ever find out if that 12 day leave you had counted, honey?

I sure hope & pray that “Saipan” scuttlebutt is all wrong. Please don’t keep anything from me, tho, if you find out you are going to get shipped. I’d be on a train right away! Don’t you fellows still think you’ll be there for the duration? Would you want to go to Saipan, honey? I know you always wanted to get on a ship but I hope you’ve given up that idea, now. It would be more than I could take if you had to leave, now, honey.

Frank, about those bites, didn’t the fellow at Sick Bay say what they were? I wish you would find out for sure! Didn’t any of the other fellows in your stall get them? If the sand-fleas are that bad, why in the heck don’t they do something about them? Be careful those bites don’t get infected, honey. You would really be sick then. Let me know if you get rid of them, ok?

Well, hon, from your last 5 or 6 letters it looks like you are getting a letter every day now. I’m so glad & I hope it keeps up. It’s so much easier to answer one a day instead of 2 one day & none the next. Especially my crazy letters! I ask so many questions – you know how I am for details! So you finally got Jack’s letter? I’m so glad. He said he had written you. He has your correct address now, hon. Don’t worry if you can’t answer him right away, he knows how hard it is to write. He’s got a good system tho, honey. Every time he gets a letter from someone, he addresses an envelope to them & files it in the order it came. Then he answers it as soon as he can when it comes up. It’s a good idea, I think. Why don’t you try it? Wish I could be there to be your secretary. Boy! It would really cost you! You know what I mean?? Honey, your letter to Jack will be just as nice as his to you. You always say other people’s letters are nicer than yours, but yours look like that to other people, too. So don’t worry about it, Frank. You write very good letters!

Honey, I told you I was sorry I had my hair fixed the way you don’t like, but I told you why, too. I had to have it cut & took those pictures before I had it cut. I guess you won’t like it all now that I’ve had it cut. I always tho’t you liked it short, honey. I don’t part it in the middle tho, now. It’s too short to do anything with, but just curl. It doesn’t look bad, tho. I’ll take some pictures soon & you can see how you like it. I hope you do. You never did like my hair long, before, how come you liked it long in Utah? I’m glad you kept the picture of Mom & me but I’m sorry my hair wasn’t fixed right, honey. I’ll send you another of Mom & me soon & you can send that one back. Honey, do you think I look like I’m going to have a baby? I keep wanting to “show” so bad – but you haven’t seen me for a while. How do I look to you?

I sure hope you’re right about not having to stay in the Navy 6 months after the war. But what if you were sent to Saipan? That’s why I want you to stay in the States – so you can come home as soon as possible. What worries me is they can’t let all the fellows go at once & it wouldn’t be fair to let some go & some not – so that’s why I tho’t they would keep all of you for 6 months. Then, the Selective Service Man, Hershey, said, even after the war is over, we will still have to draft fellows & send them overseas. That might mean the guys over there now get to come home & fellows like you will have to go over. All we can do is pray, I guess. And I hope you are right about getting out, honey.

I’m sorry you had to sew for 2 hrs. hon. Wish I could be there & sew for you. How much do those Units cost to rent across from the Depot? I sure wish we could manage it, Frank. I could cook & we’d save a lot on food. Find out how much the rent is, will you, honey? I wish you would find out about a transfer to St. Louis. They can’t do anymore than say no. Explain why you want to be close to home – we’re having our first baby & after 7 years. Not that there is any danger of anything happening to me but they don’t have to know that. Just say it might be a good idea for you to be closer to home when it happens. Maybe you could be sent to Great Lakes. I sure wish you knew somebody with pull. That’s all that’s keeping Tom Keith in the set-up he’s in! He’s still in St. Louis every 3 or 4 days. If you just knew someone that could fix it for you, I’m sure you could be sent to Great Lakes. That darn Navy is just “Politics” & the fellow who tries to be on the square, doesn’t stand a chance! Anyway, it won’t hurt to try for Great Lakes, honey. You can do as much there as you’re doing in Albany. I think I’ll start a Novena for that. God has been so good to us already, tho – giving me a husband like you & now a Baby – I hate to ask him for anything more.

Yes, Frank, I got the nice pictures of Muir Woods. I guess you didn’t get my letter about it yet, when you wrote. Or maybe you missed a letter. I think I wrote about it — about 2 weeks ago. Read a few letters back, hon. I sure enjoyed the pictures & wish I could have been with you. Trouble is, if I was there, I’d keep you so busy at home we wouldn’t have time to do any sight-seeing! ha!

Well, sweetheart, it’s still raining so I guess I won’t go downtown. It’s so lonesome here now, especially since it’s raining. I don’t want this to be another “blue” letter, so I better quit now. I wish I could tell you just how much I love you & miss you, darling, but that’s impossible in a letter. Just wait til I see you! Please take good care of yourself, hon, & God be with you always! I’m thinking of you & praying for you everyday, darling!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch

Honey, I had to tell you this. I’m sitting here writing on the kitchen table & the back-door is open. It’s raining pretty hard out & just a minute ago, a little bird flew on the porch & got under the railing, where it’s dry, to keep out of the rain. He just had about 3 inches of dry space to stand in & you should have seen him, he was so sweet & little, standing there trying to keep dry!

Wish I was a bird, I’d fly all the way to Calif! Of course I wouldn’t want to be one after I got there!

Honey, I keep thinking — What did I stay home for???? If I had any brains at all, I’d have gone back with you. After all, there is nothing to keep me here. Why didn’t you ask me to go back? We shouldn’t be apart like this – it’s crazy! I’ll never let you get away again like that! Just think of the months we’ve wasted! I love you, honey, & want to be with you!

Always your,

Jean & Butch

Looks like this letter will never end, doesn’t it? But Vic is here now fixing the basement switch. He said he would last wk. & came by just now to find out what to buy. So I went to the D. Store & got the one Pop bought. I’m glad Ed isn’t putting it in anyway. He always is promising to fix things & never does. He still hasn’t fixed our big radio or the Victrola at Dot’s. I can’t wait forever for him to do things & I sure need my basement lights. Vic says he doesn’t mind doing things for me anyway, cause you were always fixing something for Dot while Vic was on the road.

Well, honey, I’m really quitting this time. But I still love you more than ever! I hope you love me as much!

Bye for now, darling.

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch


Here’s an extra big kiss for you honey! X

And one from Butch to his daddy! X

Tommy Joe is sick again – so Jane & Tom didn’t come home yesterday. They are coming today or tomorrow, tho.

Aug. 20 ’44 Sunday 3 P.M.

Hello Darling –

I wonder what you are doing this afternoon? Everytime I think of you there by yourself, it just makes me sick that I can’t be with you. If you should get shipped out before Feb. honey, I could never forgive myself for wasting these months I might have been with you. I wish I could be just a little more satisfied being here without you but I just can’t! Everyday I feel more lonesome for you than ever. It’s getting so I hate to go home to our empty house. If I tho’t this war would really be over by the end of the year, I could be happy just waiting here for you but the papers say even if the war is over the fellows will have to stay in cause all the countries will have to be occupied & re-built. That may take 2 or 3 years more! Of course, there won’t be any more danger of the boys getting hurt or killed but they will still be away from home. I just keep praying God makes all this end sooner than we think. Honey, I’ll be so glad when we’re together again, I won’t know what to do! But I still haven’t given up the idea of coming out there.

We didn’t do much last nite. You know I told you I was hungry for some Ribs? Well, when I came over to Dot’s she had bought some for supper. We barbecued them in the oven & they were really good! She sure is swell to me. I walked over to Church with her for her to go to Confession. Then we came home & read the papers. I went home at 11 oclock & read my book til about 1 oclock. I shouldnt’ have read so long cause we went to 8:15 Mass this morning & I’m really sleepy today. Guess we’ll walk up to the Armo tonite.

Honey, this isn’t much of a letter but I’ll do better tomorrow. Vic is painting & the kids are out playing. I have to help Dot with dinner now, honey. I hope you have a nice week-end, darling, & hope there won’t be many more ’til we are together again! I love you & miss you so much, Frank! Please take good care of yourself, honey, & God be with you always! Please hurry home to us!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

I forgot to tell you. — Do you know a Stegeman boy? He lives on Wyoming or Connecticut, I think. ¬†Well, he knows the Baker (Mr. Kuhn) & when he told Stegeman about you being in Albany, Calif., he said he is stationed at an Air Field only 6 miles from Frisco. He says he knows you & so I gave the Baker your address today to give to him. He is leaving for Calif. tomorrow. He was home for 21 days. So you might see him soon, honey. Bye again, my darling.

Always you,

Jean & Butch.

Aug. 20, 1944 9:15 P.M. Sun. (From Frank)

Honey I hope you can read this I’m so sorry for all the mistakes.

I love you so. 

Dearest Jean:

I’m sorry it’s so late. I guess this won’t be much of a letter.

We just got home. As I told you yesterday we were going to work today. Well, we went to church this morning and right after mass the fellow I told you about came and picked us up in a truck. I said the house we were going to work in was in Oakland. Well it was 15 miles southeast of Oakland, out in the country. We didn’t get there until 10:00 A.M. He had two rooms that had to have wall board put on. So we started right in. And got the two whole rooms finished by 7:00 P.M. And we had two of the best meals I’ve had since I left home. They really were good. I ate so much I could hardly put my jumper on. It sure felt good to do some work like I used to. I guess we had a better time than if we would have gone out.

And besides we made $8.00 apiece. Not bad. They said there was a lot more work we could do if we cared to. So we may go back some other Sunday.

The fellow who had the truck had to go to work at 3:00 P.M. So we had to thumb our way back to the base. That’s what took us so long.

Boy, this morning sure was cold. I had to wear my pea coat, and it sure felt good.

Well honey the lights are going out in a couple min. So I guess this is all for now.

I love you and miss you so much honey. Please take good care of yourself and Butch.

All my love and kisses,


P.S I’m sending a booklet I got in church here on the base this morning.

Aug. 19 ’44 Sat. 12:15 Noon

This letter is sure mixed up. Hope you can make it out, Honey.

I Love You!!

Hello Honey,

I always try to wait until I’m not feeling so lonesome before writing – so my letters won’t make you feel worse – but it’s getting so now – I’m always feeling that way. One day is worse than the other without you! I’m happy about Butch, you know that, but it doesn’t keep me from wanting you more than anything in the world. I guess if you were out of the States & I couldn’t be with you – I wouldn’t feel so bad. But all I think of is you there in Albany all alone & me here and it just doesn’t seem right. Still, I realize, it would be a lot of useless expense if I came to you. I don’t know what to do & the more I think of it the crazier I get! I love you so much, darling, & all I do all day is think of you & how wonderful it would be to be with you again. I know I shouldn’t write like this – it only makes it worse for you, & me too but I just can’t help it, honey. I’m sorry.

When I rec. your letter yesterday, I read it down on the back steps & I don’t know why – but I started crying. Then Dan came home & I felt so bad cause I knew he could see I had been crying. Your letters are so sweet, honey, & it doesn’t take much to start me crying these days. I never did believe it when people said you cry easily when you’re pregnant & often said I wasn’t going to be a baby & let little things get me down & cry – & lose my temper like you’re supposed to do when you’re pregnant. But now, I know it’s so and I don’t want Dot or anyone to know cause I always bragged I wouldn’t. I know this much, tho, I’ll bet I wouldn’t if I was with you, honey. That’s really the only thing that gets me down, being separated from you. Guess I just feel a little sorry for myself, huh? I’ll get over it, tho, & pretty soon Butch will be here & I won’t have time to act like such a baby. I’m sorry & I hope I didn’t make you feel bad, darling.

So you wrote to George? I wrote about 3 wks. ago & he owes me a letter but I know how hard it is to write everyone. He said in his last letter he’d write Helen & me soon. I sure wish he’d come to Frisco so you two could see each other. By the way, you’re probably right about Hal Rick being out of the States. Kohrman said they hadn’t heard from him for about 3 wks.

You said the name Patricia Ellen is nice but you didn’t say if you really liked it. If we were together we could talk about these things better. I want to name the baby something you really like, honey. After all, it’s your baby, too. Honey, I sure hope we have a lot of children. We’ve always wanted them & I’m sure we will be able to take care of them.

I sure hope I get the pictures soon. I want to see how my Sailor & father-to-be looks by now. Don’t worry, I’ll show them to Mom, Helen, & Dot. They can have some made if they want some.

It’s still nice & cool here. In fact, the weather has been just about perfect the last 3 days. Just he kind of weather you like, & they brag California has. Wish it would stay like this all the time. I’m sorry it gets so cold where you are. I know how you like warm weather. Well, don’t worry, honey, next year you’ll be home & will never go back to that crazy California. We’ll take all our kids & go to Florida on a nice vacation when we get rick! Then we can teach the kids how to swim in the ocean! We’ll sure have fun & be so happy.

Honey, do you think you might get shipped out, yet? You said your letter I was better off here cause you might get shipped out when I was ready to have the baby. I didn’t mean I would stay there & have the baby, honey. I tho’t I would stay with you until about Xmas & cause these months are so long & lonesome, then I’d come home & have the baby & you could get your leave in Feb. to see Butch. Then when you went back, surely it wouldn’t be many more months til the war is over & we could be together for good. I just hated to waste these last 3 or 4 months away from you! But I really didn’t intend to stay in Calif. & have Butch there. It’s really a problem, isn’t it? Please tell me, tho, if you have any idea you might get shipped out – you said you tho’t you might stay there for the duration. I want to know, honey, cause if I tho’t you might get shipped out before Butch is born, nothing in this world would keep me here!

Well, honey, I’m sorry this was such a lousy & “blue” letter. I’ll do better next time. But I guess you wouldn’t want me to be happy I’m away from you, would you? I’ll try to be more cheerful next time, tho.

We played Monopoly last nite, but I don’t know what we’ll do tonite. I’ve been so hungry for Barbecued Ribs. Think I’ll talk Dot & Vic into taking a Bus ride out to that place on Chippewa near Mom’s that has them. Everytime I go to Mom’s I smell them & always intend to get some. Maybe we will tonite.

No letter from you til Monday, sweetheart. I sure hate the week-ends! Let me know if my letters are coming everyday, now that I mail them in the aft. Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you, always. I’m thinking & praying for you everyday & just living for the day we can be together again. Frank, do you still have a feeling you want to go to sea? Please tell me the truth, honey! If I tho’t you were going to get shipped out before Feb. I’d want you take your leave now & I could go back to Calif. with you! I hope you get over the idea of going to sea, honey. Look how long we’d be apart then.

Well, I have a few things to iron so I’ll have to leave you again, darling. Remember I love you more than anything in the world, darling. Bye for now, Sweetheart. I Love You!!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

Thanks so much for the paper, honey. Why don’t you get your picture in it? – It was sure nice of Mom to write what she did. I know we’ll both be a happy Mother & Father soon!

Lots of Love,

J. & B.