Aug. 27 ’44. Sun. 3 P.M.

Hello Honey!

Well, I didn’t go to Mom’s today. It’s still cold & gloomy out but it isn’t raining today. We didn’t go to early Mass, either, it’s so bad out. We all went to 11 o’clock. I hate these week-ends without you & when the weather isn’t nice, it makes it worse.

We didn’t do anything last nite. Dot pinned up my dress & I spent the evening hemming it. It’s still too long but I think I’ll wait til I wash it before I take it up anymore. I can’t start fixing my “jumper” today, like I planned, cause I ran out of brown thread. I sure wish the sun would come out – I wanted to take some pictures today. Honey, I think this camera of Dot’s will be just what you want. George & Ed both said you could even take pictures without the “sight glass” in. But, I’m going to take it up to the camera shop on Grand tomorrow & see if they can put one in right away. If it takes too long, I’ll just send it as it is & maybe you can get it fixed quicker out there. Dot said she only used this camera about twice down in Evansville – then she dropped it & broke the glass & never did have it fixed. So you’ll have a nice camera in a week or so, honey. I only hope you can get film for it. It takes those small, candid pictures you can get enlarged if you want. I’ll find out tomorrow what size it takes & tell you then, in the meantime, you can try & get some. Maybe Geo. can get some too, if so, I’ll send them to you.

Well, Holy Family isn’t going to have a Fall Festival this year – but the Priest said this morning, starting next Sunday, we will get an extra envelope & for 5 weeks everyone should put a $1.00 in it – you know what I mean. There will be 5 envelopes – one for each week. Geo. R. said everyone in the Parish was really kicking about not having a Festival. But Vic said this morning everyone he talked to seemed to like the idea. Things cost so much now & are so hard to get. I think some people are just trying to find fault with our new Pastor, Fr. Bremerick, & that is why they are kicking. Maybe if Fr. Huelsmann were here this year, he would have done the same thing. I’m sure Fr. Bremerick will have the Fall Festival after the war is over. With so many young fellows gone from the Parish, it’s hard even to find workers. Then too, if everyone gives their $5.00 all that will be clear money. At that a lot of people will be getting off cheaper than if there was a Festival.

You know, I told you, Mrs. Grote died while the boys were home to see their father who was sick, honey? Well, Mr. Grote died Friday. Isn’t that a shame? They lost their Mother & Father in just 2 weeks. His funeral is tomorrow. In fact, the Priest said this morning, Holy Family is having five funerals in the next 3 days!

Well, honey, I put the meat-loaf on at Dot’s before I came home to write your letter – so I guess I’d better go back & help her. She was making 2 apple pies when I left. Whenever we fix something nice to eat, it always makes me feel bad you aren’t here to enjoy it with us. I told Dot the other day, I even hate to write & tell you we fixed something nice – especially if it’s something you like. I wonder what you are eating today? Maybe you are helping that fellow out in the country again – so maybe you’ll have a couple nice meals this Sunday, too.

I don’t guess the Armo will be open tonite, so maybe we’ll go to a nice show, for a change. The Avalon has “The White Cliffs of Dover” so maybe we’ll go see that.

Gee, honey, I sure hope you can come home soon! Everyday that passes – I think, well, it’s one day closer to the time we can be together again! Dot said this morning – with all the millions of people praying for the war to be over – surely God will answer their prayers soon! Honey, please take good care of yourself, & God be with you always! I’m thinking & praying for you everyday & just living for the day we can be together again – with our darling baby! Please hurry home to us, we love you & miss you so!

All our love & kisses, Jean & Butch.

I forgot to tell you – Mrs. Rossfeld said they are going to take T.J.’s tonsils out Tuesday. They are so big, & hurt him so – they can’t wait any longer. I don’t guess Jane will get to go back with Tom when he goes. She will have to wait til T.J. gets well now. I still haven’t seen Tom or Jane – they have been visiting his brothers the last 3 or 4 days. He is supposed to go back Friday but is going to try to get an extention for a few days, on account of Tommy Joe.

Honey, I’ll really have to quit now, it’s 4 o’clock already. Please be good & remember I’m waiting for you, darling, & will always be,




I love you!!!

Aug. 26 1944. 4:00 P.M. Sat. (From Frank)

Aug 26 postcard thing

Dearest Jean:

Well, honey, another week end without you. Nielsen and I are here in Frisco. We are going to try to go to see the show I told you about yesterday.

I bet you can’t guess who I just saw in the U.S.O. here. Do you remember Otto Hartman? Well, I just saw him. I almost fell over when I saw he was only a 3/C baker. He said he is going to leave for over sea Sept. 5. He sure don’t like the Navy. He told me Ferdy Hartman is stationed close to here. He is also a 3/C. You remember Mike, his wife, well, she lives in Berkeley, Calif. That is right next to Albany. Ferdy has been here almost a year. Otto gave me Ferdy’s number to call and said I should call him up some time.

Well, honey, the last 3 days were sure nice. The sun came out early in the morning. Today is the warmest day we ever had. I sure wish you could be here with me. Thanks for the nice letter and paper. This week was the best week I ever had for mail. I rec. one every day, honey. I’ll try to answer your letter tomorrow. It’s getting late so I guess this is all for now. I love you and miss you so much, honey. Please take good care of yourself and Butch. God be with you both.

All my love & kisses,


Aug 26 postcard thing back side Aug 26 postcard thing inside Aug 26 postcard thing inside2 Aug 26 postcard thing pics

Aug. 26, ’44 Sat. 1:15 P.M.

aug 26 env

Hello Darling,

This is really a cold, rainy day! Honey, you wouldn’t believe this is August in St. Louis! We even have a fire in the furnace! It’s nice here in the house tho, & I just finished cleaning the vegetables for a nice pot of soup. Wish you were here to eat some with us, I know how you like vegetable soup with noodles in it.

Well, we went to the zoo yesterday but couldn’t take pictures – the sun never did come out. It even rained a little. But it wasn’t as cold as it is today. We had a nice time, tho, & saw all the shows. Honey, one of the Chimpanzees in the show, Alice is her name, had a little baby in May. She can’t be in the show yet, but they introduced her & the baby & the father – Rudy, – before the show! You should have seen the baby chimpanzee – she is so little & cute. So after the show we went over to the monkey house & watched Alice & her baby. They have glass in front of their cage – the other cages are open. We liked to died laughing –! The baby holds on to the mother’s toe & she just drags her all over the cage! Then once in a while, she holds her up & helps her walk. Every time the baby would hold on to the bars, the mother would just pull her away. The keeper gave her some sweet potato while we were there & she gave some to the baby. I guess you have seen the new monkey house cause you used to go out there with Kohrman. They have a large cage & you can watch all the chimpanzees play. They act just like a bunch of kids, teasing each other & showing off! I guess they still have the old monkey house where all the other monkies are but we didn’t have time to see it. We got home about 5 o’clock & didn’t do anything last nite but read. Vic went fishing this morning about 4 o’clock — I’ll bet he is freezing out there! Victor came over to our house this morning about 9:30 & said Bobby’s tooth (one that has the brace on) started hurting him last nite & Dot took him to the Dentist about 9 this morning. So I came over & fixed breakfast for Vic & I. Then Victor made a fire cause it was really cold in the house. He sure can build a fire, for a kid. Dot & Bob got home about noon. There wasn’t anything wrong with Bob’s tooth except that it is starting to move a little & the Dr. loosened the brace. It’s so gloomy & cold out – I think I’ll stay at Dot’s all day. I brought my dresses over to sew on after I finish this.

I noticed Blackshaws have a sign up, they are opening Monday – so I guess Mrs. Blackshaw couldn’t rent the store & decided to open it herself.

Well, darling, I rec. your nice long letter yesterday written Monday. It has your $40 money order in it. Frank, how on earth do you do it? I hope you aren’t doing without things yourself just to send money home. If I tho’t that, I’d send it right back. Please don’t send money home if you need anything at all. It is so sweet of you to send it, tho, honey, & I don’t mean to holler at you for sending it. I just worry that you need it. I still have $25 left from the $60. & my check is due next week – so I’m going to put this one away. I won’t use it unless I have to. Of course, if you don’t need this money, it’s much more sensible to use it than cash any bonds. I hope I don’t have to cash bonds until we pay Dr. Riordan. But please let me know if you ever need any money & I’ll send some of it back. Honey, please don’t do without things to send money home, tho, – it would only make me feel bad! You know what I mean, Frank. Of course, I’m glad if we can save the bonds & what we have in the bank while you’re in the Navy. But I feel so awful – always spending the money. When I was working it wasn’t so bad, but now I can’t even help. I guess the best I can do is just spend what I really need & save all I can of it. I won’t spend any foolishly. Anyway, thanks so much for sending it, honey. I guess I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have a good, sweet husband like you. I pray every nite Butch is just like his Daddy!

Thanks for the Navy paper, too, honey, I sure enjoy reading it. We always are interested in the shows you are going to see. That fishing idea looks pretty good to me – why don’t you try it sometime? Vic sure reads all about that. Say, that was a plenty big fish that Sailor caught.

Honey, you said something about sending pictures but I didn’t get them yet. I guess I will soon – sure hope they didn’t get lost!

Honey, I’m sure Mom doesn’t think you don’t take time to write her – she always acts so pleased with your letters. Next time I see her, I’ll tell her you’d like to write longer letters but there’s not much to say – I’m sure she understands, honey, so please don’t worry about it. She knows you just do the same thing day after day. Just try to write her at least once a week. And don’t worry about writing me if it takes you too long to write her. I always feel kinda selfish anyway – hearing from you everyday. But we have so much to say to each other, & letters are all we have now. They have to take the place of everything with us – and they are pretty poor substitutes! Mom just likes to know how you’re feeling & things like that. Do you ever say much about Butch in your letters to Mom & Helen? Honey, you write plenty nice letters without me there to help you. In fact, you say such sweet things to me in your letters – I think I’ll have you write me at least once a week when you are home! ha! But then – you can say those sweet things I like to hear in person! And I hope you always do, as long as we live!

Frank, I’m not going to buy a baby bed right away. In fact, I’d like to wait to get it until you’re home. Maybe Myra would fix up that nice basket she & Helen used. It’s really better for a little baby anyway. I would buy all the material if Myra will line it for me. I can’t sew that well & don’t have a sewing machine anyway. Then in case this darn war is still on & you have to go back after the baby is born, the basket can be easily moved over to Dot’s & I can go over there instead of staying alone at home. I think it’s better if we just live at our house while you’re home – & Dot says she’ll come over everyday. Everyone will be in their own bed that way. I sure hope & pray you don’t have to go back, darling! That would be the hardest thing in the world for me to see you leave again! Maybe if we pray real hard God will let it be over by then, darling. I’d sure hate to move the baby around like that in Feb. too! So I won’t buy a bed right away & I’ll see if Helen still has that basket & if Myra will help me fix it up. I sure wish I had a sewing machine. We’ll sure have to get one now that we have a family.

Honey, I’m still on the look-out for a camera for you. I sure wish you had one – but they are pretty hard to get right now. They don’t even have any in the Southside News, anymore. Use Zim’s as often as you can, honey, cause I’d sure like to have some pictures of you. Honey, Dot just said she has a candid camera here but she dropped it & the “sight” lens is broken. Not the lens that takes the picture but the one you look thru in the top. I’ll ask Geo. if it can be fixed. Dot said you can sure use it. I didn’t even know she had one. It isn’t an expensive camera but it looks like a nice one. It’s in a leather case & I could pack it easy, to send to you. I’ll find out about fixing it right away.

Honey, even if you don’t like the work, I’m kinda glad you are inside. And it’s so nice you can get your washing, bath, & shaving done during the day! Don’t they care if you do these things or haven’t they caught you at it yet? ha! It sure makes me feel better to know you’re not out in the cold.

Well, darling, I want to get this in the mail so I guess that’s it for now. I love you & miss you so much, honey, — how can this war last much longer when people feel like that? Surely God will let it be over soon! Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always! We are thinking of you & praying for you everyday. We love you so much!

Please hurry home to us!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


P.S. Vic just came in. He’s all wet & cold – and caught one fish. Fisherman’s luck! Bye again, honey, lots of love, J & B.

Aug. 25, 1944. 7:45 P.M. Fri. (From Frank)

aug 25 postcard

Dearest Jean:

I’m sorry it’s so late already. I just finished writing a letter to Jack. I sure had a hard time.

Received a nice letter from you dated Mon. Aug. 21. And a nice letter from Dot. Tell her thanks a million. I’ll try to write her soon.

Your letter is so nice and long. I hope I can answer everything, honey.

Yes, there are other P.O.’s doing the same work I’m doing. So far I’m still sleeping in the stalls. I hope they never find out.

Yes, honey, my boot leave and other leave counted. So I won’t be able to get one until next year.

About those bites I told you. Well, all they are is from sand fleas. Most of the fellows have them. They’re not so bad, they just feel like a mosquito bite. The powder I got from sick bay stopped them for awhile, but they are beginning to come back. Don’t worry about it. It will be Ok.

Boy! I sure wish you were here to be my secretary. I sure would pay you every night. And I don’t mean maybe.

Honey, Dot said she guesses it would be alright for you to come here. That is if the Dr. says it is.

I was talking to a fellow here today. He said his wife is going to have a baby. He took her to the Navy Hospital here in Oakland, and they are going to take are of the whole thing. And it won’t cost a cent.

I was thinking if the Dr. says you could come out, don’t you think it would be better to stay here and have the baby? It would be hard for you to go all the way back to St. L. If you come you’ll have to bring some war bonds. I don’t know how far we will get on the money you and I get. You get $50. and I get $49. The cost of a Unit is $34. with heat, light, & gas. All we have to have is blankets, sheets, pillow slips, and a few dishes. It is close enough for me to walk back and forth.

We won’t be able to do much running around on $99. a month. I don’t mean we couldn’t go sight seeing. I sure wish you were here, honey. If you think you won’t have any trouble and the Dr. says Ok. and you think you’ll like it here all by yourself all day then start to get reservations on a Pullman. I want to be with you just as bad as you, honey. I’m pretty sure I’ll be here for some time. In fact, I think for the duration. I know you would like to have our baby at home. But I think it would be hard for you to go all the way back. What do you think, honey? I was over in Zim’s unit a couple weeks ago. It sure is nice. I’m sure you’ll like it. Smith said his wife is coming here somewhere around the 5th of Sept. She and the kids are going to drive out.

I’m sending a card. Nielsen and I are going to see Jan Garber tomorrow if we get in. I’m sorry I couldn’t let you know sooner so you could listen in on the broadcast. We just found out about it today. I hope you happen to have that station on. The card I’m sending is attached to the ticket we use to go to the show. Pretty nice idea. I wish you could be here to with me, honey. We have Sat. afternoon off, but we got duty all day Sunday.

Well, honey, it’s time for the lights to go out again. So I guess this is all for now. I can’t begin to tell you much I love you and miss you, honey. Please take good care of yourself and Butch. God be with you both.

All my love and kisses,


P.S. I sure hope you can make this letter out, honey. There are so many things to talk about, but it’s so hard for me to write. Maybe we will be together soon.

Good night, sweet heart.

Aug. 25 ’44 Fri. 11:45 A.M.

Hello Honey!

I rec. 2 sweet letters yesterday, so you didn’t miss a day after all. I guess your letter just got held up someplace.

We went to the Armo last nite & it was really cold! It’s more like Fall here than summer. St. Louis didn’t have but about 2 weeks hot nites this year. We have really had a perfect summer, honey, & I wish you could have been here. It’s just the kind of weather you like. I guess we’ll have more hot days but the nites will be cool from now on. It’s really chilly this morning. I got up about 9 & went over to Dot’s & made pancakes for breakfast. We had all the windows & doors closed. Dot wants to take the kids to the Zoo today since it’s cooler – so I’ll have to speed this up a little. We want to catch the 2 o’clock shows.

Honey, in your letters you always say you hope I am having a good time. Don’t you know I couldn’t have a good time when I miss you so? Nothing’s the same anymore without you & I guess it won’t be, ’til we are together again. Oh, I’m satisfied & Dot & the kids do everything to make me laugh & be happy – but it’s you I really need! I just keep thinking of you all the time & wondering when we’ll be together again. My “good times” will start the day you come home to Butch & I, darling!

I was so glad to hear you worked Sunday – & doing something you like to do. You really must have worked hard, tho, honey, to get 2 whole rooms done! It made me so happy to know you enjoyed it. It must have been swell out in the country & I’ll bet those meals really did taste good! Did the fellow’s wife fix them? What did you have to eat? (I hope they didn’t have any daughters around there!) It was sure nice of the fellow to give you $8. besides 2 meals. I hope you can go back some other Sun. honey, only don’t work too hard. What other kind of work has he got to be done? Is he a young fellow? (Me & my questions! I bet you get tired of them.) But honey, I’m so interested in what you do – I like to know everything. It’s too bad you had to thumb your way back, tho. I’ll bet you were really tired! And it was so sweet of you to write a letter after working all day & getting in late.

I’m so glad you have your pea-coat, honey. I’ll bet you would have been sick if you hadn’t sent for it! Thanks so much for that nice booklet you got in church. You must really have a nice Chaplain up there. I really enjoyed reading it & left it over at Dot’s for them to read.

Honey, I’ll be so glad too when you can get out of the Navy, but, don’t worry, you won’t be too lazy to hold a job. It’s just that you’re not doing work you enjoy doing – but when you get back to a real job – you’ll be Ok. Look how you worked last Sun. & how much you liked it, honey.

Well, I haven’t seen the folks for a week or so but I did see Aunt Anna in the Drug Store a few mornings ago, I forgot to tell you. She hasn’t been working the last week or so – cause she hit her fingers against something on the street-car & I guess she sprained them or something. Anyway, she goes to the Dr. about everyday & they use some kind of light on them. She can’t work, of course, but I think the rest is doing her good. Maybe I’ll got out this Sun. to see them.

I rec. a nice letter from Helen the other day. She & Geo. & the kids are planning on coming up in Sept. sometime if Geo can get a 3 or 5 day pass. They want to see the Series if we can get tickets. So Vic & I are going to try to get some for them.

Well, honey, it’s almost 12:30 so I better get ready to go to the Zoo. Gee, I wish you were here! Oh, yes, I got a small box of peanut clusters at Herz’s the other day so I’ll mail it tomorrow. They have good fresh candy so I don’t mind buying it in the summer time. Don’t worry, it didn’t cost much, honey, & I like to send you things like that, anyway. You’re my Sailor, aren’t you? Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always! We love you & miss you more every day so please hurry home to us! All our love & kisses,


Honey, I always forget to ask you. Do Myrtle & Alice still bum together? Mom said in one of her letters they had a fight. Are both of them working up there? Do you ever see Myrtle or Esmond?

Aug. 24, ’44 Thurs. 10 A.M.

Good morning, Darling!

I’m going to wash today but tho’t I’d write you first & answer your sweet letter I didn’t have time to yesterday. I didn’t get a letter yesterday, but it would have been your Sat. letter & I think Sat. was your duty day so you probably were busy. I’ll get one today, I’m sure.

Honey as I told you, the reason 3 letters came at once is I mailed the Sun. one late & there is only one pick-up on Sun. so it just came with your regular 2 letters.

Yes, hon, we’ll have a lot of Sunday outings &, don’t worry, Butch will probably be just like his Daddy – he’ll  love them! Won’t we have fun teaching him to do things? Maybe by that time he’ll have a brother or sister. I hope so!

I know it’s going to be hard to find a movie camera. I don’t think you can find a new one, at all. So I guess I’ll just watch the South Side News & maybe find a good second-hand one. I don’t know much about them so if I find one, I think I’ll have Ed. M. look at it. He can probably tell whether it’s ok. You want a 8 m.m., don’t you (or is it 16 m.m.?)? I’ll let you know if I find one & you can tell me about what you think we ought to pay for it.

I didn’t get to see Jane or Tom last nite, honey. Dot & I just sat out in front & talked. I guess they got company at Mrs. Rossfeld’s & couldn’t get away. I wanted to find out what the Dr. said about T.J.’s tonsils. The Dr. in Kentucky said he was too little to have them out. But they are so large, Jane is afraid to wait too long.

Honey, I’ve been wanting to send you some more cookies but just haven’t got to it yet. I wanted to bake them myself. Maybe I’ll get some more Brownies from the Baker, in the meantime.

Yes, Dan & Rose are really nice people. He hasn’t played horse-shoes yet cause he worked on his house almost every Sunday but he knows the fellows & I guess he’ll play some Sunday when he isn’t busy. The kids did pretty good for awhile about the yard but yesterday they threw mud all over the place. Then they always eat a bite or two out of a pear & leave it lay & it draws ants & flies. I make them clean it all up & gave them a talking to. I don’t mind so much for myself but Dan & Rose don’t know these kids, & they are so clean about everything – I like to keep the back walk nice for them. The kids aren’t doing bad, tho – You just have to give them heck once in a while.

Honey, I know Nielson is a nice fellow & I’m really glad you have some-one like him. His wife is lucky he has some-one like you to go with, too. So the boys don’t like the girls up there as well as in Ogden? Don’t they pay for the drinks and have rooms & cars like the girls did in Ogden? Is that what you meant? Ogden was sure a nice town, tho, I really did like it. Sometimes I wish you were still there — you were a little closer to me then. But there isn’t as much to see as in Frisco, I know.

I’m sorry Robke & Neilson’s wives can’t come there. I know how they must feel. I guess if Robke’s wife doesn’t feel good she is better off at home.  She might get really sick there. I didn’t know Neilson’s wife takes care of her parents & I sure feel sorry if her father is sick. I’ll bet Neilson is sure lonesome. At least, in Ogden, they could see each other once in a while. I hope this gets over soon so all the boys can get home to their wives. Honey, do the fellows say much about you being a Daddy soon? Didn’t Nieilson & his wife lose one last year? I guess you don’t like to say much about it to him since hie lost his. I’ll bet Smith really kids you, tho!

Honey, what would they do to you if they ever find out you’re sleeping in the stalls? I mean, that isn’t a serious offense, is it? They wouldn’t do more than make you sleep in the grand-stand? They wouldn’t put you in the Brig or anything like that, would they?

Honey, I guess you’re right about me not coming out there. But you keep saying you might get shipped out & that worries me? I want to know if you are, please don’t keep it from me if you think you are. Honey, I can stand a few months of being without you but if you got shipped – that might mean a year or two & I couldn’t take that! Do you still think you’ll get a leave in February? From the way the war is going the last few days, this might be over by then. I sure hope & pray it is, honey! Well, I guess I’ll stay here with Dot but I’l probably write letters ever so often saying I want to come out there cause I’ll be blue & lonesome when I write them.

No, I don’t think anyone in our family went to see Blackshaw, honey. Maybe Geo. did, tho. I didn’t know him well enough to go & Mom doesn’t live in the neighborhood anymore. I’m sure he had a nice funeral, tho. The store isn’t open yet. Mrs. Kuhn (the baker-lady) told me Mrs. Blackshaw wanted to rent it out but hasn’t as yet, so she may re-open it herself next Monday. Mrs. Kuhn said “Food Center” was looking at it but wanted Mrs. B. to remodel it &, of course, she wouldn’t. So maybe, she’ll run it herself for awhile.

Well, darling, guess I’d better get to my washing now. It’s still cool here, in fact, I almost froze in bed last nite again! Why don’t you hurry home & keep me warm? You better be home by the time winter comes! Won’t it be wonderful to sleep together again? I’ll hug you & kiss you so much, I don’t think I’ll ever let you get up – even to go to work! Guess you’ll have to take a month or 2 off from work to stay home with Butch & I, to make up for lost time!

Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you, always! I love you & miss you so much. There’s not a minute in the day, I’m not thinking of you, sweetheart!

Please hurry home to us, soon!

All our love & kisses,
Jean & Butch.

Butch & I are still doing swell! No trouble at all! I only hope we get along as well, after he gets here! ha.

I know he’ll be a good boy, tho, just like his Daddy! Honey, I’d be so happy if he is just like you in every way! You’re so sweet & good & I love you so much!

Bye again, honey, Always your,

Jean & Butch

Aug. 23 ’44. Wed. 2 P.M.

Frank & Jean in California, late 1944

Frank & Jean in California, late 1944

Hello Darling —

Rec. a sweet & long letter from you yesterday. I’m sorry so many of my letters came at one time – it’s harder to answer them that way.

Well, honey, after I wrote you yesterday, I went downtown. Stopped in at work first & they all acted so glad to see me. We didn’t have much time to talk, of course, cause Mr. Nolte was there — and they had so much to tell me of the changes made since I left. They insisted I meet them after work. So I went shopping then. Honey, I really spent a lot of money but I got things I needed. First of all I bought a swell brown jumper for $8.95 – It needs a hem in it cause it’s way too long but I’m going to fix it myself. I have lots of time & will enjoy doing it. It will be for Church & Sunday. Then I bought a brown dotted dress for evenings. It’s nice too & cost $3.49. It doesn’t look like a maternity dress at all. So now I’m all fixed with dresses, & considering how much things cost now, I don’t think I did so bad. I bought 2 nice maternity brassieres, too. The lady said I should stop wearing my other brassieres altogether cause they don’t give me enough support & it’s really important to keep the tissue from breaking down so you look nice after the baby is born. I had to take my brassiere off & everything so she could fit me — I really felt embarrassed undressing in front of her. They cost $2.29 each. Then I bought 3 pr. socks for 29 c. each. Also got some candy at Herz’s for Dot & the kids. I spent $20 altogether. It’s a lot of money but I got things I needed. I’ll send you some pictures after I get my new dresses fixed, honey. I do feel guilty spending so much money but we intend to have a lot of children & I can wear all these things for them too.

The dotted brown maternity dress?

The dotted brown maternity dress?

Well, I got back at work about 5:15 – & we all went & ate supper. I was too hungry to wait til I got home. By the time we ate it was seven o’clock and the girls were still going strong – talking. I kept wanting to go but they begged me to stay awhile. So I called Dot & told her I’d be home later & they should go on to the Armo. I sure enjoyed being with the girls again. I sure have been lonesome. They are so nice to me. I sure have a lot of good friends at work. They wanted me to go on the boat with them Sat. afternoon but I’m not going. I can’t dance & I’d just have to sit – & anyway, they are all single girls. I don’t mind going to the show with them but I don’t think it looks right for me to go on the boat. They even wanted to pay my way! They sure are nice girls & I want you to meet them when you come home. Jane had to leave about 8 to go home & take care of her little sister. We were in a restaurant close to work. (I forgot to tell you & drinking Cokes!) They have a juke box so we played that. I sure enjoyed myself just doing nothing! It was almost 10 o’clock when we left & I hated for Marie & Jean to go home alone. Marie lives in Pine Lawn & Jean in Overland so I asked them to come home with me & stay all night. They called their Mothers & they said Ok. It was nice having someone in the house again. By the time we got thru “gabbing” it was midnight before we got to bed. They sure liked our house & I showed them all our wedding pictures. Marie is really crazy about you, Frank! She kept looking at your picture we had on the chest of drawers & asking me how I got such a good-looking husband! When I walked into work yesterday, the first thing she asked me was, “How’s my boy-friend?” I got up at 6:30 this morning & fixed them a nice breakfast. I went back to bed after they left but couldn’t sleep so I got up about 8:30. I just finished washing out some things & straightening the house. Jean left her coat here so I tho’t I’d take a ride downtown after I finish this & give it to her. I’m afraid she’ll need it cause it might get cool again tonite. I went over to Dot’s about noon & showed her my things. On the way back, I saw Jane & talked to her awhile. They got in yesterday at 5 P.M. They are taking T.J. to the Dr. today. He looks good, tho, & as sweet as ever. Tom was at the Dairy so I didn’t get to see him. Jane said she might walk over tonite so we could talk. She is really happy about us having a baby & said she’d sure like to see you. I’ll write more about what Tom is doing in the Army after I talk to them tonite.

Honey, I think I’d better quit for now & take Jean’s coat down. I also want to pick up a baby book the girl forgot to give me when I bought my dress yesterday. I’ll answer your sweet letter tonite or tomorrow.

I’m feeling fine, honey, except I’m so lonesome for you! I love you so much – I wish I could tell you just how much! You are the sweetest husband in the world & I thank God every nite for giving me you! He sure is good to me! Honey, please take good care of yourself & God be with you, always! I think of you every minute & pray for you everday. I can’t wait til the wonderful day we are together again! I love you so, darling! Bye for now. Please hurry home!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch