Sept. 5, ’44 Tues. 3:10 P.M.

Hello Darling!

I’m starting this letter at home but will finish it over at Dot’s. It’s Victor’s birthday today & I want to go over early – but Pop is here now, draining the radiators & I have to stay up here til he’s finished so I can let the air out. I’m sure glad he’s doing it – I was thinking about it just last week & was wondering if I could get John to help me.

4:30 PM.

Well, Pop finished & here I am at Dot’s. She has the paper cleaner here & the paper hanger is coming tomorrow so the house is really a mess. I should have stayed home to write this letter, I can hardly write with all the noise going on.

We didn’t do anything last nite – I went to bed about 10:30. This morning, I went on Grand & got Victor a real nice shirt & loud tie! Dot & Vic got him a left-handed 1st baseman’s mitt – he wanted one so bad – it cost $5.25! Wow! But it’s a good one & he promised to take care of it. I just gave him the shirt & tie & he really liked it! The shirt & tie cost $2.00 altogether. I got a 25 cent checker game so Bob would have something to open, too. The board was 10 cents & the checkers 15 cents. They are in the living room playing it already. Victor is a pretty good checker player. They were always borrowing the kids’ next door so I tho’t I’d get them one. While I was on Grand this morning I saw Louise Bannes. We talked for over an hour & a half! She said Larry is fine but working pretty hard. Her baby is due about the 1st of Nov. I sure like her a lot. I hope, when you come home, we can all be friends & maybe have a nice house out that way.We’ll sure have to pick friends that have children of their own & really like them – cause we are going to have a houseful of them – I hope!! If we can have as nice a bunch of kids as Larry & Louise have – & be as good a Daddy & Mother, I’ll be satisfied. Louise is sure a good Mother. I wanted to go to the Dr. today but it was so late then – I then Pop came to drain the radiators – so I guess I’ll go tomorrow. Honey, I just happened to think, Dr. Riordan is taking Sept. off to rest up – sort of a vacation – he’s really been rushed. If he’s gone when I go tomorrow, I won’t be able to ask him about coming out there. I met his assistant, tho, whose taking his place this month – so I’ll see what he says.

I saw Jane & T. Joe awhile ago. Tom left yesterday but she is going to go down there in a week or so. She may come over tonite.

It’s cooled off a little again & I’m sure glad. Hot weather doesn’t go so good with Mothers-to-be! ha.

We all like Fr. Bremerick a lot – but I’ve never met him personally. I missed his reception cause I was working then. Dot went tho. He seems to be a grand Priest – but you know how some people are in this Parish. Most everyone likes him fine, tho. After they get used to Fr. Huelsmann being gone, it will be better. I go to Confession to Fr. Bremerick when ever I go & he’s really swell. ‘Course I’m not as bad as I used to be – maybe that’s whey! ha. (No drinking or cussing! Honest, honey!)

Frank honey, Dot’s in a mess – trying to get the house cleaned up & fix supper. Victor’s having about 5 boys over for a little party about 6:30 so I guess I’ll have to quit for now. I rec. your sweet letter written Aug. 31. Thurs this morning. another one came this aft. but I’ll answer it tomorrow. I love you so much, honey! How can I ever tell you? I’m so lonesome without you I don’t know what to do! I pray every nite we can be together soon! Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always! We love you so, & are just living for the day we are together again! All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

Hope you can make this letter out. It’s so hard to write over at Dot’s when everything is so noisy! I LOVE YOU!!

Sept. 4 1944 7:30 P.M. Mon. (From Frank)

Dear Jean:

I’m so sorry I didn’t get to write you yesterday. I’ll try to write a few lines this morning. If I get this letter in the mail by 8:00, you’ll get one like always.

Well, first of all Sunday Nielsen and I slept till 10:00 A.M. Then I went to 11:oclock Mass. After that we ate and then took a streetcar ride. We took a few pictures and walked around like lost kids. I sure am glad when the week end is over. I get so lonesome for you, honey.

Well, about 4:P.M. we decided to go to the Berkeley YMCA and play hand ball and then go swimming. We got there about 5:00 but couldn’t do anything. The swimming pool & gym close at 5: on Sunday. So I guess we’ll have to go during the week sometime.

From there we came back to the base and went to the show here. The picture was so long I didn’t have time to write. I’m so sorry this is such a lousy letter. I’ll really try to do better tonight.

I hope you had a good time over the week end, honey. I miss you so much I’m going crazy. I hope this doesn’t last much longer.

Well, it’s time for me to go to work. So I guess this is all for now.

I love you and miss you so much. Please take good care of yourself and Butch. And God be with you both.

All my love & kisses,


Sept. 4 ’44 Mon. 3 P.M.

Hello Darling!

I just answered Mary Helen’s letter. Rec. 2 sweet letters from you this morning, honey, but won’t get any this aft. cause there is only one delivery today. I’ll get two tomorrow, tho, which suits me fine!

I meant to take my camera to Mom’s yesterday but forgot it. Dot took a couple pictures of me when I got home – but she wasn’t dressed so we didn’t take anymore. A. Ruth came by last nite & gave the boys 2 complimentary reserved seats to today’s Doubleheader. They are in those chair seats – you know & right on the first base line. They went this aft. We all went to the Armo last nite.

You remember Al Krull from Holy Family? He got married this morning at H.F. Church. Fran was an usher. I saw Myra awhile ago when she came to pick Ronnie Joe up (he stayed with Helen while they went to the Wedding.). Myra said she would be glad to help me with the basket. She said she sure wished it was her – going to use it. They really want another baby but haven’t had any luck so far. I sure hope we don’t have any trouble getting our second one, honey.

Dorothy Kohrman was over at Helen’s awhile this morning. I went up & talked to her. Helen had just told her about the baby & she was really surprised. While I was telling her all about it & how happy & proud we were – she got tears in her eyes. I feel so sorry for her – but she wouldn’t go back to Kohrmann – & he really begged her to. I guess it’s what she wanted. Anyway, she seemed happy to hear about Butch.

Helen, Geo, & T.Jean went to the Druggist Picnic today. Bobby is out at Mom’s tho. (He hasn’t been feeling well & is better off at home. Helen & Geo. got another V-Mail from Doc & he told all about going to London. He saw all the famous places & while he was there in the Hyde Park Hotel – a Robot Bomb came right over it! He said it sounded like a motorcycle with it’s cut-out wide open when it went over – then the motor stopped & there was silence for about 5 seconds – then a terrible explosion. He said it was the longest 5 seconds of his life & scared the pants off him! It even shook the Hotel he was in. He said he doesn’t want another one to come that close!

Victor’s birthday is tomorrow – we are going to bake a cake tonite & have ice cream & cake tomorrow. Everything woujld be so much nicer if only you were here to enjoy it with us, Frank.

Honey, I wish you wouldn’t worry so much about writing letters. We all understand & if you get a chance – go on & play handball – Don’t you think it makes us feel better when we know you are having a good time? So please go play hand ball every chance you get. It makes me happy to know you are having a little fun. I always explain to people about you not having much time to write so please don’t worry about it, honey! And I wouldn’t feel bad if you cut out my letter some nites to write to Mom or one of your Aunts. I’m really surprised you write as many people as you do, considering you write me everynite.

I rec. a nice letter from Helen today. Also one from Jack. He said he rec. the pictures we sent – if he looks real close – he can see our little girl! ha. He always says we’re going to have a girl. I kind of like the idea now that we have a nice name picked. Dot says Jack writes a better letter than Helen about the Baby. But Helen always writes at work & that’s hard to do. Dot always gets mad if everyone doesn’t fill their whole letter about “Butch!” ha. She rec. your nice letter today & was so happy to get it, honey. She said it was a swell letter & to thank you for writing. She knows how hard it is to do.

Jack really surprised me. In his letter he said – I should take his advice & come out there to you. He said if he could only have his girls with him – but I can go to you & I should go as soon as possible! We’ll see what the Dr. says tomorrow. If I could just be sure I’d get a good Dr. out there, I wouldn’t wait to come out a minute!

Well, sweetheart, I guess I’ll have to leave you again. I hope you had a nice weekend. I tho’t of you every minute & what good times we always had on Labor Day. It was usually our last day at the River, remember? Next year we’ll take Butch out there with us & have lots of fun!

Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always! I love you so much I could never tell you in a letter – but I’ll show you when we are together again! I sure feel sorry for you! Butch & I will never let you go away again! Bye, for now, darling. All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

Sept. 3 ’44 Sunday 2:30 P.M.

Hello Honey!

I’m writing this at Moms. We all came out for dinner. Today is Helen & Geo. Anniversary – 10 years! Can you imagine? Everyone is feeling Ok out here but Grandpa was sick all last wk. again. He seems to be better today but his arms are still swollen & they hurt him a lot. Mom gets so worried, sometimes – something will happen to him when she’s here alone. I told her to call me anytime & while there isn’t much we can do for him, at least she won’t be alone. She tho’t maybe if she sent him to the hospital for a week or two – they might be able to help him & maybe put a light on his arms. Honey, I don’t want to worry you – you know, he’s been sick before & got over it fine. He’s up and walking around today. I’m sure he’ll be Ok again. I always pray he’ll live at least to see our baby. But don’t worry about him & I’ll let you know how he’s getting along.

Vic took Dot to the Empress show last nite, so I stayed with Victor & Bob. I didn’t have my pyjamas with me so I just laid down til they came home, about 1 o’clock, then came home & went to bed. I’m glad Dot & Vic went out together for a change. They had a nice evening. Vic went fishing today with Otto.

I saw Kohrman yesterday & he wanted your address to give to Hal Rick. He says Hal is in & out of Frisco all the time. He’s going to send Hal your address so I guess he’ll be looking you up soon. I guess it’s easier for him to look you up than you to look him up. But in case you want to try – Kohrman gave me this much of his address: Harold Rick – S. 1/C Nathan Bowditch (his ship’s name, I guess), Armed Guard – Pacific c/o F.P.O. , San Francisco, Calif. I sure hope you get to see one another soon. From the way Kohrman says, Hal just goes up & down the coast & hits Frisco ever so often.

You know, honey, I never did get to see A. Anna Prokasky since I know about Butch. Mom told her, of course, but I would like to see her. So I called her today. I tho’t she might be mad but when I told her the Dr. wouldn’t let me drive a car but that I would come out on the Bus someday – she acted swell. She invited us all out for the day. I think we are going a week from this coming Thursday. I really would like to see her and Elsie. She asked about you & I told her all about where you are, etc. I explained why you can’t write more often & she said that was Ok, she knew how hard it is to write to everyone. So I guess we’ll go out & see her soon. I’ll let you know, honey.

I guess Helen wrote you Doc is in England now – & really homesick! I sure hope & pray he & all the boys can come home soon!

Bobby Reich has been sick with a cold all wk. & Helen was up with him a couple of nites but I think he’s getting better now. He’s taking a nap with Helen in Mom’s bedroom. T. Jean & Mom are in the living room reading. It’s pretty hot today – & if the sun’s still out when I go home, I’ll take some pictures. I finished my jumper yesterday & it looks pretty good. Guess we’ll go to the Armo tonite.

This is Aunt Anna Sucher’s Sunday to work. It looks like I always miss her when I come out but maybe I’ll see her next Sun. Her fingers are still swollen & hurt a little but she went back to work last Monday.

Well, darling, I guess that’s it for now except that I love you & miss you so much! I wonder what you are doing today? Hope the weather is nice & you have a good time. I hope & pray it isn’t long ’til we’re together again, honey!

Please take good care of yourself, & God be with you always! Butch & I are fine & are just living for the day our “Sweetheart” will be with us again! Please hurry home to us, honey! We miss you so!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


I forgo to tell you, I saw Dan & Rose for awhile last nite. Gamble is pretty busy again – They are putting a roof on St. Luke’s Hospital & he had to work Sat. & Sunday. He said they should be thru by noon today, tho, cause they worked til 7 o’clock last nite. Dan said Gamble has a big job starting at “American Cable” on North Kingshighway & they sure wished you were here! Maybe you will be back soon, honey, – but I won’t let you go back to work til we’ve made up for lost time. ha! Bye again, darling!

Always your,

Jean & Butch.

I told Pop about you seeing Otto Hartmann in Frisco & he was really surprised. He said Ferdie was home on leave not so long ago. Let me know what Ferdie’s rate is, will you, honey?



Jean & Butch.

Saw Fran Bauer last nite, too. I showed him the check & the note from the Gov’t & he said if they don’t send the rest of it in about 2 months to let him know & he’d check our return again & write them a letter.

This letter is sure mixed up, honey, I hope you can make it out! I Love You!!

Sept. 2 ’44 Sat. 2:45 P.M.

cards 1944

Hello Darling!

I didn’t rec. a letter yesterday aft. but it came this morning. –  I just finished cleaning the house, it doesn’t get very messed up but just dusty. I have a little more sewing to do on my jumper. I sewed most of it on Helen’s machine last nite & want to finish it this aft. Victor’s birthday is Tues. so I’ll have to go to Hoell’s this evening & get him a shirt for school.

I’m glad you heard from Walter & Phil – I’m sure Phil has your letter by now. It’s nice Walt & Gen are together yet. He sure stayed in Diego a long time.

Did Nielson mean his wife thinks she can adopt one now? Can’t she have any at all? That’s too bad, we sure know how they feel, don’t we, honey? I hope his wife gets to come out there. Tell Nielson, Smith, & the rest of the fellows I said hello – & the rabbits are fine!! ha.

I sure hope that fellow can get some lumber so you can go to his house again, honey.


From the looks of things, it doesn’t look like the Brownies will play in the Series. I haven’t kept up with baseball much but I know the Yankees are only one or two games out of 1st place. It’s a shame if the Browns lose the Pennant. They sure looked like a cinch for it. Maybe, they’ll win yet! (Kim’s note: 1944 saw the “Trolley Series,” in which the St. Louis Browns battled the St. Louis Cardinals in the same stadium for the World Series title. The Cardinals won.)

browns and cards

Honey, I’ll sure remember to ask Geo. about a jeep or station wagon. I hope he can get us one. I read in the paper once where the Gov’t said they were going to sell all these kinds of cars to ex-service men like you said they ought to. I hope they do – cause we’ll sure need a car with Butch – & maybe 4 or 5 others!

No, I haven’t seen “Take It or Leave It” yet. If it comes here, I will, tho. I’m so glad you get to see such nice shows, honey!

Boy, with Myrtle working, Esmond should holler about the expense of living in a Unit! He’s crazy to live in a room, but maybe with Myrtle working, she wouldn’t have time to cook. Are the Units in one big building or separate little houses? Does Alice know about Butch? And has she said anything to you about the baby? You know, I wrote “Mom” about 2 months ago – a nice long letter & never did get an answer. I wonder if she is sick or something? She always answered my letters right away. Guess I’ll drop her a line someday, soon.

Honey, about an hour ago they said over the radio, that a German broadcast said, “our troops had entered Germany & that tomorrow Hitler would make a sensational announcement over the radio!” I hope & pray it’s good news! The sooner they get that over with, the sooner they can finish off the Japs. Do you listen to your radio much? Is it working alright now, honey? (Note from Kim: On this very day one year later (1945), Japanese officials formally surrendered to the Allies aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. Our family was able to visit the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor this year.)

Frank, if I was sure you’d be home in 6 months I wouldn’t mind staying home at all. We’d have something to look forward to then – but when I hear them say over the radio the Pacific war will take another year, I’m so afraid you’ll get shipped out! It looks like it wouldn’t take that long to beat Japan – after Germany surrenders cause then it would be almost all the nations of the World against Japan. And if Germany couldn’t win – surely the Japs would know they didn’t stand a chance. I guess all we can do is pray it’s over at least by the end of the year! Cause when you come home, I want it to be for good! Butch& I won’t let you leave us again, darling!

Well, sweetheart, I have a few things to do yet so I guess I’ll have to quit now. I”ll try to take some pictures tomorrow if it’s nice. It sure has been the last week. You have off today & tomorrow – & how I wish I could be with you, honey! But I guess all I can do is think of you every minute, & pray there won’t be many more weekends we have to be apart! Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you, always! We love you so – & miss you more everyday! Pray real hard we can be together soon. I won’t be really happy til then, honey! Please hurry home to us!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


Thanks so much for the Navy paper, honey. I sure like to read it.

Your letters are so sweet – I don’t know what I’d do without htme!

I love you!!


Sept. 1 (From Frank but missing a page)

But I can’t understand why they would send some money if the returns haven’t been completely audited yet. Be sure and ask Fran about it.

Well, honey, Nielsen and I are supposed to have tomorrow, Sat. afternoon and Sunday off. But today I heard that the whole base will have to stay in and work Sat. because a few of the fellows quit work about 5 or 10 minutes before time. It sure is dirty to make all the fellows stay in Sat. afternoon. Boy, is the gang mad. And then they talk about the Nazis.

Well, sweetheart, I’ll have to quit for now. Nielsen and I are going to the show here. We use to have two shows a night, one a 6:00 and the other 8:00. But starting tonight we are going to have only 1 starting at 7:30. Now I won’t have much time to write you on the nights I go to the show.

Please take good care of yourself, darling, and God be with you both. I love you with all the love in the world & miss you more every day, honey.

All my love & kisses, Frank


Sept. 1, ’44 Friday 1:30 P.M.

Hello Darling –

Rec. a sweet letter dated Sun. Aug. 27 from you yesterday.

Gee, honey, I sure would have liked to have seen that J. Garber Show! I’m so glad you like it, but I’m sorry I said, in my last letter, something about you & Nielson staying and dancing. I know you are being a good boy, honey. I sure am lucky to have a husband like you. Some girls have to worry about their husbands running around all the time. I should be thankful I don’t have to. I hope you both got good seats at the show. I guess by the time you got out of the picture show you were really tired of sitting! Honey, do they have nice places to eat in Frisco? Is the food good & is it as expensive to eat as it was in Diego & Ogden?

Boy, it sure makes me feel good to know you are getting mail every day! Even on Sunday! I can’t understand it, tho. – While I have been mailing your letters in the aft. since I quit work – still, I used to mail one every day in the morning when I was working. They just must be getting on a faster train or something. Anyway, I sure hope it keeps up – it’s so much nicer to get one everyday.

It’s funny not to ever have rain, I know. But if the days are nice & it doesn’t get too hot, it’s Ok. Looks like our cold & rainy spell is over, at last. Everyone says we will have a nice warm Fall here because of the last 2 weeks of bad weather. I hope so. The days are just about perfect now & the nites are cool. I still am sleeping with 2 blankets & most of the windows closed. Wish you were here, tho, honey, I’m sure I wouldn’t be nearly as cold!

Yes, T. Joe is Ok. now. Tom got a 3 day extension & doesn’t have to leave ’til Monday, now. I haven’t seen them since last Monday, tho. Bill & Kenny are Ok. Mrs. Rossfeld got 3 letters from Bill & one from Kenny this wk. She hadn’t heard from either of them for a month & was worried. Kenny crossed the Equator & when he did, the fellows “initiated” him by giving him a crazy hair-cut & doing crazy things like that. He said he’s waiting now to come back & cross it – so he can initiate some new fellows himself!

I sure will be glad when you get the pictures, honey, – it takes long to get them, I know. Be sure & send me all of them, even if you think they’re no good. I sent all mine to you, you know, honey, & some of them were pretty bad!

Frank, please don’t feel bad when your letters are short – I’m really surprised you can write everyday. Lots of girls’ husbands don’t even write but once or twice a week. I think it’s really wonderful you write everyday & don’t think I don’t know how hard it is to find the time everyday! It’s so sweet of you to do it, tho, & I really appreciate it, honey. So don’t worry about short letters – My letters should be longer – I have lots more time to write than you. I don’t see how you do it, cause I know what a time I had when I worked all day. When people ask if I’ve heard from you, I’m always so proud to say you write everyday! But don’t ever worry about writing if something comes up or you go to the show, honey.

Aunt Ruth came out for supper last nite. She’s still worried about the money I lent her! She doesn’t get paid ’til Sat, I’m not worried, tho, – as long as she’s got it, I can’t spend it. My check came today. I paid my gas bill right away. I have to go to the store, and get some things, too. Boy, it sure costs to feed Butch & I! I’m supposed to eat a lot of fruit & things like that. But I don’t care what it costs – just so we have a strong, healthy baby! A. Ruth stayed til about 9:30. Vic & the kids went up to the Armo earlier – so Dot & I walked up after she left. I wanted to see “The Desert Song” & it wasn’t on ’til last. We saw most of the other picture too. We wouldn’t have gone but we didn’t get to go to the Armo on Tues. or Wed. either – & missed 2 good pictures.

Well, school starts Tues. Dot went over this morning to register the kids & see about books. I guess Helen went too. They have a new “Superior” this year, honey. She used to teach at Holy Family about 8 yrs. ago. Sister Mary Francis – I’m sure you remember her. She told Dot she taught George in 2nd grade & that you were in a higher grade – but she remembers you very well. And Helen too. She asked where you & George were now. She is Victor’s teacher this year. Can you imagine, Victor is in 8th grade already & Bob in 6th! Vic starts to High School next year – I sure hope Dot can afford to send him to a Catholic High School!

Well, darling, I have some work to do yet so I guess I’ll have to leave you for awhile. Please take good care of yourself & God be with you always! We love you & miss you so, honey! Please hurry home to us, so we can be happy again!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

P.s. By the way – that was an Advanced Trainer Airplane that crashed on Easton yesterday. At first they said no one was in it but later they found 2 bodies. The airplane dug 12 ft. in the ground! It was pretty bad – it’s a shame the guys couldn’t have bailed out!

I’m so glad the weather is nice out there. Hope it stays that way & you get the Camera soon so you can take some more pictures, honey!