Sept. 10 ’44 Sunday 1:30 P.M.

Hello Darling –

Well, here’s your girl who can’t make up her mind again, – still in as much of a mess as ever!

All I did at Mass this morning was think about what I should do & pray that I would do what is best. I wish I knew when Helen is planning on coming up here – then I could go ahead & get reservations – then if I can’t go – I can always cancel them. Vic said I was crazy to pass up the opportunity of going with that lady – & I guess I am. But I kinda planned on going back with Helen & George in the car – & visit Aunt Effie & Uncle Jess for a few days. But if they wait too long, I think I’ll just go on down there on the train (about a week before they come up) & then ride back with them. I’ll have that much over with anyway. Dot says she thinks it would be better if I bought the things I need for the Baby before I come out there & fix the basket up too. In case I don’t have much time when I come back. Of course this is all if I come out there. It’s all such a mess. I may decide to stick it out here anyway. But I’m so crazy – I may even end up by coming out with that lady this Thursday. I’m so sorry I have to get you all worked up over it, honey. Then if I don’t come at all you may really feel bad. Maybe you won’t even be able to get a Unit – what do you think?

Well, anyway, I’m going down-town tomorrow & stop in the Santa Fe office & find out just about when I could expect to get a reservation. As I said before, if I tho’t this darn war would be over in 6 months – I wouldn’t even worry about coming out – but I’m afraid it won’t be over that soon. Guess if I quit talking about it – maybe I’ll make up my mind whether I should or shouldn’t. Don’t worry about it, honey. I’m sure everything will work out for the best.

We didn’t do anything last nite, but read the papers. I came home at 11 oclock. The kids are in the country today & Vic is painting the bathroom. Their house sure looks nice now. Boy, our house could sure stand some paint & wall paper – but we can always do that when you come home. Maybe we’ll go to the show tonite if Aunt Ruth doesn’t come out.

By the way I saw “Poppy” Rossfeld yesterday & he said to tell you that you won’t have anything on him when you come home cause he has a Navy Pea coat – sweater – cap & gloves now! He said he’d looked like a regular “old-salt” this winter all dressed up in Eddie’s clothes. Eddie told him he better not try to wear his uniform, tho, the cops might run him in! ha.

This is really a lonesome Sunday. It’s so pretty out 0 & nice & cool. I wonder what you are doing, honey? I’m so lonesome for you, I could die!

Well, I guess I’ll walk back over to Dot’s now & help her with supper. Please take good care of yourself, darling & God be with you, always! I love you so much, sweetheart & pray every day you love me as much! Please hurry home to us & then we won’t have to worry about me coming out there!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

Sept. 9 ’44 Sat. 12:30 Noon.

Hello Honey!

I rec. your letter written Mon. nite, Sept. 4 – yesterday. Frank, I guess you’ll think I’m crazy not being able to make up my mind coming out there – but I’ve just about decided to come, after all. but I think I’d be better off to come back here & have Butch – since our main worry is not having someone to help me afterwards. There’s no sense wasting the next few months if we could be together – I could stay, at least, til after Xmas with you, darling. I really don’t think I could go thru another Xmas without you! I even think God answered my prayers about coming out there but I don’t think I’ll be able to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity of coming out there. Here’s what happened: I saw Mrs. Evans yesterday & she said she has an opportunity of driving out to Frisco with her sister-in-law but can’t make it right now. However, this lady would be more than glad to have me. Now – get this – she is a trained Nurse & is going out there to meet her husband, who is a Dr. & was wounded in the Pacific. She has all new tires & plenty of gas. This lady is vry wealthy & Mrs. Evans said she probably wouldn’t take anything from me for the trip, as she has to make it anyway. However, I would expect to pay my share – but it would be considerably less than Pullman fare, at any rate. I don’t know what the Dr. would think about driving, but I don’t think it would be any worse than a train. It is a new car & we would probably sleep in hotels at nite. Boy, just think, driving out there – it’s much better than on a train – you can see a heck of a lot more scenery. This Nurse & her husband had their own hospital in Poplar Bluff, MO, before the war. Mrs. Evans said I’d have to go down to Cape Girardeau & meet her there. Now, this is all very wonderful but – here’s the catch – she is leaving this Thurs. & while I’d give a million dollars to go with her – Helen & the kids are coming up soon – especially to see me & I’d hate to run off & not even see them. If this lady would only wait 2 or 3 weeks – by that time Dr. Riordan would be back & I could ask him about it – & Helen would have been here & gone. Isn’t that something, now? It just seems to get worse & worse. I’ll probably be kicking myself for not going with this lady – I’m supposed to let Mrs. Evans know by Monday – but you won’t even have this letter by then – so I won’t know what you think of all this! If she wasn’t leaving so soon, it sure would be the solution to our problem. With the money I’d save on train fare – & I could use my 2 bonds – it wouldn’t be nearly as expensive as we tho’t it would be. I still have $60 from what you sent home, too. And, anyway, it’s getting so now, I don’t care what it costs just so I can be with you for a few months. Money isn’t nearly as important as being together. So there it is, I guess by now, you are as confused as I am about all this, aren’t you, honey? Anyway, even if it’s too late, write & tell me what you tho’t about me driving out with this lady – Maybe by the time I decide to go – someone else will be driving out or Mrs. Evans will be ready to go then & I can come with her on the train.

I guess O. Hartmann was at Farragut when you were there, wasn’t he, hon? Only at a different camp? By now, he’s on his way over, if he left Sept. 5th. Did you ever get to see Ferdy & Mike?

The Armo is still open but I don’t know for how long. The lady told us they are going to stay open as long as they can – cause every time they close early in the season, it always gets warm again, right afterwards.

Honey, you said you owed 8 letters & wished I was there to help answer them. I’ve told you a hundred times to go on and go to the YMCA & forget about all the letters you owe. The main thing is for you to enjoy yourself all you can – After all, when this war is over – it won’t matter to people how much you wrote them while you were gone. It will all be forgotten then, anyway. So please don’t worry so much about writing letters.

Vic is on the boat this week-end, so last nite, Dot & the kids & I went to the Shenandoah. The kids are going to the country with Leonards tomorrow to spend the day. Bob has a job now, he delivers Groceries for Mrs. Hedstrom (the people who took over Petzold’s.) She just calls him when she needs him & he makes a little change each time. He tho’t of it himself & thinks he’s really a working man, now.

I saw Mom for a few minutes last nite before we left for the show. She had just come from the Dr. He gave her a shot – cause her arms have been bothering her again. She said Grandpa is better again. I’m sure glad cause I hate for him to get sick.

Well, honey, I wrote Eileen yesterday & Aunt Effie this morning – so everybody owes me, for a change. Except Mary Helen – I rec. another nice letter from her yesterday. She answered mine as soon as she got it, I guess.

Darling, I’ll have to leave you now but maybe there won’t be so many more week-ends we’ll be apart. I love you so, Frank! I wish I could take your advice & stay here, but I”d die of loneliness in another 2 months! Honest, honey! Please take good care of yourself, & God be with you, always! I’m thinking of you & praying for you everday, darling.

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


Thanks for the Navy paper. Why don’t you & Neilson go fishing or play Golf sometime? I see you have a lot of good shows for this week, too, honey. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you, Frank. We received a “Birth” Announcement from Harry & Virginia Haynes yesterday. They had a 7 lb. baby boy Sept. 5th! His name is Robert James. Isn’t that something? I guess Harry is really going to have that big family he was always bragging about!

Do you ever hear from him, anymore? He put his return address on the envelope – it’s still the same. 710 Nyland Ave, Houston, Texas – in case you want it. Bye darling. Your, Jean.

Sept. 8 ’44 Friday 11:30 A.M.

Dearest Frank,

I rec. your sweet letter written Mon. Sept. 4, yesterday aft. I’m sorry you didn’t have a nice week-end & you didn’t get to play ball or swim Sunday at the “Y.” It was sweet of you to write Monday morning because you couldn’t write Sunday, but honey, I know it’s hard to find time to write in the morning so please don’t worry about it if it happens again. What did you & Nielson do Sat. nite? Did you go to the show or was it too late? You didn’t write me ’til 8 o’clock Sat. nite. I guess they have shows all nite in Frisco, tho.

Well, I wrote letters all day yesterday! And I still want to write Aunt Effie & Eileen today. I wrote Jack a 10 page letter but it was from Dot & I, both, cause she is too busy to write – having the house papered. Then I wrote Helen & you. Seems like all I do is write. I guess you know how that is, don’t you, hon?

Dot didn’t want to take the kids to the Armo last nite but I hadn’t been for so long & they had 2 good pictures so I walked up by myself. Dot & the kids saw the pictures, anyway. She said she might go tonite with the kids to an in-door show cause they don’t have to go to school tomorrow, & it’s been pretty cool to sit at the Armo the last few nites. I felt so lonesome at the Armo all by myself – but right before the show started Vic came in. I felt better then. He hadn’t seen the show & when Dot told him I was up there, he came up. Honey, it was really good! I hope you saw it – “Action in the North Atlantic.” I sure enjoyed it – even if it was terrible in parts. There was one crack, I had to laugh at. This bunch of Merchant Marines were talking on the shop – making wise cracks at each other & one of them was Ship’s Carpenter. So one of the fellows said to him , “Aw, you carpenters have saw-dust for brains!” Boy I liked to died laughing! So you can tell that gang of “lumber-heads” you work with – what they have for brains! I hope you saw this picture, honey, it was good all the way thru. Humphrey Bogart was in it. “Coney Island” was the other one & it was pretty good, too. Vic & I almost froze sitting there but we didn’t mind, – the show was good.

Honey, I’m sure you told me you couldn’t find anymore of those watch-bands, like you have for Vic. But he tho’t maybe you could in Frisco. He really would like to have one, so if you see any, send it to me & I’ll give it to him.

Well, the days keep dragging along & while I know I could be doing so many things around the house, I just don’t feel like doing anything – I’m so lonesome for you! I can’t keep my mind on anything – I just keep thinking of you & how I’d like to be there.

Honey, this isn’t much of a letter but Dot has a little ironing to do & I told her I’d do it while she cleaned up the mess of the paper-hanging. I’ll write you a better letter tomorrow. I love you so much, Frank, & miss you more than I can say! Take good care of yourself, Darling, & God be with you always! We love you!!

All our love & kisses,


You slept pretty late Sunday, honey! Where did you go Sat. nite?? You didn’t say in your letter!

Sept. 7 ’44 Thurs. 2:30 P.M.

Hello Darling!

I just wrote Jack a long letter & want to write Helen yet – but tho’t I’d write my favorite Sailor first. Your letter didn’t come til this morning – it was supposed to be here yesterday aft.

I left Dot’s early last nite to come home & write Jack & Helen but saw Jane on the way. She put T.J. to bed & came over about 9:30. She brought her writing paper so she could write Tom while I wrote Jack but, you know how that is – we started talking & never did write. Frank, Jane made the nicest “scrapbook” all about Tom & his life in the Army. She is starting on the 2nd one already. You should see the sweet poems she made up about him in it! It’s really arranged well. I’d like to have one, too, but I threw my train tickets & things like that away, & she has all that stuff in hers. She has all the pictures they took & even the letters he wrote her. Each month’s letters are in a large envelope in different pages of the book! It took almost an hour to go thru it. She copied those 2 prayers I have in with your picture, to put in it. I showed her all our pictures & told her how happy we were about Butch. You know, years ago when Jane & I used to sun-bathe on the roof, we used to talk for hours about you & Tom & how much we loved our husbands. We really had a good evening & laughed a lot over a silly car Tom & another fellow bought down in Kentucky to bring them to town & back. Only, it very seldom held up all the way! You should hear her tell about it. Every nite they had inner tubes in the bathroom fixing them to try to get back on. Some nites they didn’t get any sleep at all on account of the car. One time it broke down on the way & they left it on the road.  That evening – they found it jacked-up with one whole wheel missing! They fixed that alright but one time coming to town, it caught on fire! So that was the end of “Snafu.” They called the car that, cause it’s Army talk for “no-good” or “shot to pieces!” ha.

I sure enjoyed having Jane over, Frank, & I hope you didn’t mind, honey? We’ve both changed a lot. Jane is much nicer than she used to be. I hope you don’t mind us being friends. I’m sending you two pictures she gave to me so you can see how big T.J. is by now. Isn’t he a pretty little boy? Jane had a lady make him an Army “fatigue suit” just like Tom’s & he has it on in the picture.

Jackie Rossfeld is having his tonsils out today. He has been really wanting to ever since T.J. did! Can you imagine?

So you really had to work Sat. aft., honey? That was sure dirty! The fellows who had duty on that day came out ahead, didn’t they? I’m sure sorry – I hope you & Nielson got to see a nice show anyway Sat. nite.

I hope Sunday was pretty so you got to take some pictures, darling. It’s nice of Zim to lend you his Camera. You’ll have one of your own soon, tho. It sure does take long to get films developed there, honey.

Frank, do you really like those peanut clusters I sent? Are they in good shape when they get there? Honey, it only costs .35 cents for 1/2 lb. so you see I don’t spend much for it. If you really like that kind, I’ll send them more often. I only wish I could send you more stuff like that.

Well, honey, I went to the Dr. yesterday & everything is fine. Dr. Riordan wasn’t there but Dr. Meyer is really swell.  I weigh 130 lbs & my blood pressure is perfect. He listened for a “heartbeat” but didn’t hear it. He said it was a little early to be strong enough to hear. I asked him about going to Frisco & he seemed to think it was Ok. if I went by Pullman. He tho’t it better if I come back here to have Butch, tho. The way he talked, there isn’t as much danger of “miscarriage” then as there is now. Honey, I sure don’t know what to do! I wished I had asked Riordan before he left – he knows my case better than Dr. Meyer. I tho’t maybe, I could go ahead & get reservations for sometime in Oct. (I’d have to wait that long anyway.) then ask Dr. R. when he comes back in Oct. If he says no, I can always cancel my reservation. I wish I knew what is best to do – they say the Pacific War will last for another year at least. I can’t stand being away from you that long, honey, then too, you might get shipped before Butch is born – Then I would really feel bad I didn’t come out & stay a few months with you. While I was there, I’d probably go to that Navy Hosp. for monthly check-ups & if I found out they are really Ok – I could always stay & have Butch there. If not, I could come back about a month before he is due. At any rate, we’d have 3 months together. But then, there’s the expense! I hate to spend all that money! I’m sure we could get along on $99 a month, but my train fare would be pretty much. Honey, what should I do? I’m about crazy thinking about it!

Dot just came by & the paper hanger just finished so I guess I’d better go over there & help with supper. Honey, Dot doesn’t think much of me having Butch out there – on account of afterwards. Boy! I’m really up a tree!

Well,darling, I’ll see what you think. I know it’s a big decision to make but maybe God will show us what to do if we pray real hard.

Please take good care of yourself, honey, & God be with you always! I’d give anthing to be there with you, so neither one of us would have to be lonesome again. I guess Bea is there by now. Sure wish I was there too. I love you & miss you so much, darling! Please pray hard so we know what to do.

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.



Sept. 6. 1944 6:30 P.M. Wed. (From Frank)

Dearest Jean:

Received another sweet letter from you today dated Sat. Sept. 2.

Well honey Nielson and I finally went to the Y in Berkeley last night. We had a pretty good time. First we played hand ball, and then we went swimming. The only thing is that was the first time Nielson ever played hand ball, and you know how it is when you play with someone who never played the game before. But we had a good time. They have a nice pool for swimming. We had to swim nude, you know how the Y is. It sure felt funny. We swam till about 9:30 P.M. They also have a small U.S.O. in the same building. They serve cake, coffee, & sandwich, So we had a little bit to eat. We also played a little pool while we were there. We had a pretty good time and were back at the base by 10:45. Hope we get time to go again soon.

When I said Nielson’s wife was going to get a baby, I meant adopt one. He said the Doc. told him she couldn’t have one.

I guess Alice knows about Butch. She never said anything to me, but I’m sure Zip told her. She acts real nice to me every time I see her. But she never has said anything about you. One day last week, the stem on my watch broke. So Zip gave it to his wife and she walked all over town to get it fixed for me. I sure was glad to get it fixed so soon.

Well honey I guess I’ll have to quit again. It’s time to go to the show. I’m so sorry honey. I’ll try to do better tomorrow. I love you & miss you so much honey.

Please take good care of yourself & Butch. And God be with you both. All my love & kisses, Frank XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Downtown Berkeley YMCA (from a 1911 postcard)

Sept. 6, ’44 Wed. 11 A.M.


Frank with Bobby (left) and Victor David

Hello Honey,

Well, we had a nice birthday party after all yesterday. Dot baked a big 3 layer cake & we put 13 candles on it. We got the house all straightened up before anyone got there. Aunt Ruth came out – she gave V. David “defense stamps” for his book. About 6 boys came over & they played a couple of games for prizes. Then we had ice-cream & cake. Vic rec. a lot of nice gifts from the boys too. Bobby gave him a nice card when he woke up yesterday with some money he had saved in it. Jane brought T. Joe over last nite, & he walked up to Victor & gave him .25 cents. He looked so sweet & really got a kick out of all the boys carrying beans on a knife from one bowl to another! Jane left about 9:30 & A. Ruth went home at 11 o’clock. I came home about that time, too. Dot took Bob to the Dentist this morning – the paper hanger is there today, too. They are papering the 3 front rooms & had the bathroom & kitchen cleaned. Vic is painting the bathroom & kitchen. I don’t know whether I ever told you or not, honey, but Vic painted the whole outside of the house for his landlord – windows, doors, etc. It took him all summer – & it sure looks nice. He sure saved their landlord a lot of money. I guess he’ll make it up to them on rent. Dot is going to try to get covers for the front room furniture – so the house should look real nice when Helen & the kids come up.

Honey, the only reason I don’t want you to go to sea is you won’t be able to come home when Butch is born! Would you want that? I understand how you feel about being in the Navy so long & not at sea yet – but I don’t think it’s worth it – considering we’re going to have a baby! I guess we’ll never be able to agree on that, will we?

That sure was lousy to keep all you fellows in last Sat. just on account of a few leaving work early. Do you know who they were? I’ll be they felt terrible. That sure is the strictest base I’ve ever seen! I’ll bet you wish you were back in Ogden, now, don’t you? I hope you got out Sat. nite & Sunday, tho, honey, – & had a nice time.

Yes, I read in the Navy paper about changing the show to just one at 7:30. But don’t worry about writing, darling, on those nites. I want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Well, honey, I want to iron some things & get ready to go to the Dr. Wish you were here & could go with me. Frank, I miss you so much! I woke up this morning crying! I guess it was because of a dream I had. You were in swimming with another girl & really liked her. It was so real – it woke me up. I’m always dreaming dreams like that of you with someone else & it makes me feel so bad – I sure wished I could keep from dreaming like that, honey! I guess I’m just lonesome for you & won’t be happy until I’m in your arms again. I love you so much, Frank!

Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you, always! Butch & I love you & miss you so much! Please hurry home to us!

All our love & kisses,

XXXXX Jean & Butch XXXXX