Sept. 19, ’44 Tues. 2:30 P.M.

Hello Honey!

Rec. another sweet letter from my sweetheart yesterday aft. I’m so glad you are getting a letter every day. I know it’s a good feeling – cause I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have your sweet letter to look forward to everyday.

I sure get a kick out of Bobby (Reich) – he always “helps” me look for the mailman – & when the mailman is late, I always tell him I’m going to “spank” him when he comes! He really likes that! And yesterday aft, when I left to go to Dot’s, Bobby was out in the yard & wanted to know where I was going. I said I was going to Dot’s & he wanted to know, “Why don’t you stay home & ‘get’ some letters from Uncle Frank?” I had to laugh – ! When the mailman comes he always gets so excited.

Honey, I hope you & Nielson got to go to the “Y” – & had a good time. Wish I could be the one swimming with you! Even if I had to swim “nude!” ha. I guess you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Honey, I’m sorry those officers are so bad. Do you have any trouble with them now that you are inside? What new rules did they make now? I guess there will be plenty of guys get beat up after this war is over. The fellows aren’t going to forget all those mean things they did!

When I told Dot what you said in your letter about thinking about our problem all day – she said she guessed you were doing the same thing we were – worrying about it. I feel the same way you do – one minute I think I’ll come out no matter what it costs – & then the next minute – I decide it’s better to stay here. But honey, I wish you wouldn’t worry so much about it – I feel so bad about that! Please try not to worry – & we’ll just pray this is over soon & you can come home for good. If I tho’t you would come home in 6 or 8 months, I wouldn’t mind staying here so much.

The check from the Bonds came today. Frank, in case I don’t come after all – I’ll sure be sorry I cashed them – they were 2 yrs. old already & the check was for $153.50. – I guess the $3.50 was the interest. Oh well, I guess I’d have to cash them for the Dr. anyway – cause we don’t want to use any of the money at Holy Family – til we start to build our house, do we? This is sure costing us money – but as long as it’s for our baby – I don’t care. He’s worth a million dollars to us, isn’t he, hon?

I sure had a nice surprise last nite, Frank. About 7 o’clock – Dot’s bell rang & I went to the door & there was Jean & Marie! You know, the girls from work. Jane didn’t come cause she is on her vacation. Geo. Reich told them where Dot lived. I sure was glad to see them. They are such nice girls, I felt bad ’cause I didn’t call them & invite them out. I always meant to – but never did. Dot liked them & I know she was glad they came – cause she knows that’s what I need. She told them they should come out more often. We stayed at Dot’s awhile til it was time for the kids to go to bed – then we went to Geo. & had a malt. We came back to our house after that & just talked. They left about 11:0. I saw Ed Menze at the Drug store & he told me he rec. a card from you. He said he’d bring it down & show it to me cause you thanked him for telling you to try sleeping on the bed! ha. He never will forget that, I guess. He said he & Harry Sanders were put in 2A & something about getting called in November. I guess he’ll write & tell you about it.

Well, darling, I still didn’t finish my ironing on account of the girls coming last nite – so I guess I’ll do it now. I want to go to the Dr. tomorrow – & clean the house good Thurs. in case Helen comes. Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you, always! Butch & I love you & miss you so – & are thinking of our sweetheart every minute! It will be so wonderful to be together again & we pray every day it’s soon! Bye, until tomorrow, darling!

All our love & kisses,

XXXX Jean & Butch. XXXX

Sept. 18, ’44 Monday, 1:30 P.M.

env. sept. 18

Hello Sweetheart!

Rec. 2 sweet letters from you today – & I guess it was all I needed to make me feel better. I don’t know what I’d do without your letters, honey! It seems like all I do is wait for the mailman – & he really laughs at me.  I always fuss at him when he’s late! But your letters are always so nice & sweet – they are sure worth waiting for, darling!

I’m glad you got the watch-band for Vic, but Frank, I wish you wouldn’t get anything for the rest of us. It’s so sweet of you, but we would rather you’d save your money so you can take an airplane home! Please don’t spend your money on us, honey. I know you don’t have much, & really need it. All we really want is you, & that’s all we ever talk about – You & Butch!

Honey, I always want to ask you – can you get any film for the camera I sent? If possible, I’ll get some more & send it to you. George should be getting some anyday now. And I’ll go by Standard Photo when I go downtown.

I’m so sorry it’s so hard to write without your table. But your writing is very nice & easy to read, anyway.

We listened to Bob Hope last Tues. too. & all the while he was on I wondered if you were listening, too. I’m glad you got to hear him. Please don’t worry so much about writing when good programs are on. I want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible. It’s bad enough being in the Navy, without having to write all the time!

I didn’t see “I Love a Soldier” yet, but I’ll bet it’s good. I always look in the paper you send home for the shows you are going to see. You sure have a lot of good ones this week, honey. We all went to the Avalon last nite and saw “Show Business” – I hope you saw it – it was really good. They had a real funny picture with it, too. Jack Carson in “Make Your Own Bed.” I hope you saw it – I know you would like it a lot.

Honey, it sure wasn’t any “trouble” to talk to you last Wed! It was wonderful! I’m so glad you called – I always wanted to tell you to call me – just so I could hear your voice. Please don’t worry about what it cost. I’m glad you reversed the charges, Frank, & if you ever want to call again, please do it, honey. You don’t know what it meant to me to hear your voice! I’m sure it didn’t cost very much. I don’t know myself. Geo. said to wait until his telephone bill comes & he’ll let me know. If I don’t get to come to Calif. I think it would be nice if you did call me about once a month, don’t you, honey? If I don’t spend all that money for a ticket, we can easily afford it – & it sure would make me feel better to hear your voice every once in a while. I know it would be worth more than $5 or $6 a month to talk to you! Frank, please don’t send the money for that call! And call me whenever you want to, again. I’m sorry if I sounded scared. I guess I just was excited and happy! At first I did think you were being shipped or had gotten hurt. Mom said she tho’t you were leaving too, when Helen told her you called – & she had just rec. your card sent from the Russian River. I guess she tho’t you were in Russia already! ha.

Mr. Maler told me later that evening – that I had rec. a call in the aft. but I told him it was probably my Aunt Ruth. I still tho’t it was until I got your letter today. You know I was supposed to call Ruth that day but we went to A. Anna’s & I forgot. When Mr. M. said something about an operator talking to him – I just naturally tho’t it was Ruth calling from the board at work. I’m surprised you got thru just when you wanted to with all the lines so busy. I’ll tell Mr. M. it wasn’t A. Ruth, but you calling when I see him Wed. He sure was worried about that call, tho. Now I understand why.

Yes, honey, we sure did make our mistake coming home from Utah. Dot said the same thing when she came by a while ago. We could have had all these months together. Every time I think of it – I want to cry.

Honey, I know what a problem it is about advising me what to do – I can’t even make up my mind myself – so I sure can’t expect you to do it for me. You are the best husband in the world & will always be a help to me! It’s just a hard decision to make. I feel just like you do, honey. If we had only ourselves to think about, there wouldn’t be any question about me coming – but now we have Butch to think about – & he comes first with both of us! We have to do what’s best for him. So don’t worry about it – I”m as undecided as you. Dot & I were talking it over this morning. She said I should go down & get the ticket, in case anything comes up, I’d have it, anyway. Then, in the meantime, I can talk to Riordan & Helen & see what they say. She said if I can’t come, I should go down to Evansville for about a month & spend some time with Helen & A. Effie. She knows how slow the time goes & how lonesome I am & thinks it would do me good to get away for awhile. She said I should start making things for the Baby & go downtown & shop  around for a “Bathinette” & things I’ll need. Then it will be almost 6 months & I’ll only have about another month to wait. If I don’t come to Calif. I’ll have the money to do all these things, then. Of course, this is the most sensible thing to do, I know. But I keep thinking of you, honey, & how lonesome we both are. And I feel so selfish cause you are missing so much! I was supposed to get my ticket today but the check didn’t come yet. Geo. said he’d give me the money so I wouldn’t lose my reservation – but I called up just before & the man said they’d hold it til Sept. 23rd. – next Sat. So rather than bother Geo. I’ll wait til the check comes.

Dot took Bob to the Dentist today. He’s coming along just fine. The lower teeth are moving over – but the Dr. hasn’t put the upper brace on yet. It will take almost 2 yrs. altogether. When they came out of the dentist, they went in a baby store on Grand Ave. & bought something for Butch. Bob was so excited, so at noon, Dot, Vic, & Bob came over to give it to me. Frank, it was the sweetest pair of little pink “booties”! They are so tiny! About this long. _____________ They were so proud cause it’s the first thing Butch ever got! They sure are excited about the bay & can’t wait to see him (or her?).

Dot says I should try to make up my mind one way or another about coming to Calif. She said all that worrying isn’t doing me any good. She says I just sit & stare into space half the time – & I’d feel so much better if it was settled once & for all! Mom says she knows just how I feel – just like she felt when she didn’t know whether to move or not. Well, it will all work out, I guess, & we’ll just hang on til then.

Well, here it’s 3 o’clock & I haven’t even started my ironing yet. So I guess I’ll have to leave my sweetheart again. But I’ll be thinking of you every minute, honey.

Please take care of yourself, darling, & God be with you, always!

Next year at this time we’ll be laughing at all the “worries” we have now! Then we’ll have Butch to worry about – & maybe another little Hallemann on the way! Think how happy we will be, Frank! So let’s just pray real hard this is over in a few months & you can be home with you family. We can really start living again, then, honey. Butch & I love you & miss you so!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

Here’s a big kiss from me – X. And one from your baby – X!

Forgot to tell you, I saw Mom this morning when I went over to Helen’s to sew the cover on my blanket. She is helping Helen make a new cover for her bedroom chair. Frank, the first thing we are going to get after you get home is a sewing machine! I sure could use one right now!!


Sept. 17 ’44 Sun. 3 P.M.

Hello Sweetheart –

Another lonesome Sunday without you! I wonder what you are doing & if you are missing me as much as I miss you? Honey, how many more Sundays will we have to be apart? It seems one week-end is worse than the last!

Well, I finally got my fill of barbecue! Helen, T.J., Bobby, and I went out to Mom’s last nite about 6 o’clock. We all went over to St. Gabriel’s but had to stand in line til almost 8 o’clock. We were all so hungry by that time – the barbecue really tasted good! After we ate, Mom, Helen, & I played “BINGO” for about an hour. None of us won – as usual! Mom insisted on paying for our supper – so I just spent .50 cents on BINGO & .50 cents on soda & coffee & cake for all of us. We had to wait so long to eat that when we did, it wasn’t half enough for Butch & I, so I bought 2 slabs home for Dot, Vic, & I! It cost .65 cents a slab & they really gave me good ones. Helen bought a slab home for Geo & her, too. We came home about 10 o’clock. Dot & I really enjoyed the ribs but Vic only ate a couple. He’s like you – too much bone & not enough meat! I came home from Dot’s about midnight. When I went over there last nite about 5:30 to tell Dot I was going – Aunt Ruth was there & she gave me the $20. I’m glad she did, cause I just had $1.50 left – I always have to use about $5. of your money to see me thru the rest of the month. I could manage easily if I just had to pay the bills with the $50 – but I always need socks & pants or something! Last week, I bought another “hoover” apron for 2.98 – Now, I have 2 & that will be enough clothes for me. But I’ll soon have to start buying a few things for Butch – & also material to cover the basket. I’ll use the money you sent for that, tho, honey. I still have $55. you sent – & the $40. check from the gov’t. Also my 2 Bonds – so I have plenty. How are you doing, honey? Please be sure & tell me if you need money for anything!

hoover apron

You know, Frank, when Cliff & Jimmy were here, they took A. Ruth to the races at Fairmount. A. Ruth picked a horse all by herself & won $4.40! She sure enjoyed the races & said she is so anxious to go back – not to bet – but just to watch the horses run. Well, I mentioned not having ever seen a horse-race in front of Cliff & he told A. Ruth, the next time he comes to St. Louis, he would take her & I along. A. Ruth told Dot last nite, tho, she would take me next Sat. aft. if I wanted to go. She sure likes to watch the races & we have kidded her ever since about being a “Gambler” – & that she will have to “confess” it! ha. So if Helen doesn’t come up next Sat. maybe I’ll go with her. I won’t have any money to bet (I wouldn’t know how, in the first place) but it might be fun to watch them. I hope you won’t mind if I go with her, honey – but if I don’t do something besides go to a show, pretty soon, – I’ll go crazy! We can’t even go to the show but once a week, anymore, on account of the kids going to school — & I don’t like to go alone. Even when I ‘m alone at home, I’m so lonesome, & that’s why I’m always over at Dot’s. I told her, I’d better go to Calif. or she would get tired of me hanging around, looking gloomy! ha.

Dot said if we hurry & have an early supper today maybe we would go to the show. It’s so pretty out, today – boy, I sure wish we had a car. But I can’t drive now, anyway, so that’s that!

Tomorrow I’m supposed to pick up my ticket – so I guess I will & just hold on to the reservation for a week or so. You seem to think it best I stay home, honey, so unless we decide I should come, anyway, I’ll stay here. Sometimes I think it would be worth anything to be with you – & in your arms again – but I guess we can wait – if you think it’s best.

Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always! I love you darling & I’m just living for the day we can be together again. Please hurry home to us – or Butch & I will just come out there, whether you say so or not! We love you so, darling!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

Did you ever try to find Rick by the address I gave you? — Honey, do you remember what we did with those “register shields” we had before we got our new furnace? Dot could sure use them now that she has new wall-paper & you can’t buy them anymore.

Sept. 16, ’44 Sat. 2:P.M.

Hello Honey –

The card & a letter came yesterday aft. That sure looks like a nice place to swim. I’m so glad you got to go to such a nice place.

Louise didn’t say anything about being Godparents. I keep expecting her to but she never has yet.

Dot & the kids & I went to the show last nite. It was pretty good. The Armo has closed & I sure miss it a lot. These long lonely evenings are getting me! I washed all the windows this morning – but guess I’ll wait til Monday to clean the house. I sure can’t work like I used to, I tire out so easily. So, I’m just going to straighten the house & let it go ’til next week. There’s a Barbecue at Mom’s Church tonite. I think we all might go. I wonder what you are doing today, honey? Sometimes I don’t think I can stand another day away from you! I love you so much, Frank, & thank God everynite for giving me a good husband like you! If we could just be together –I’d be the happiest girl in the world!

Honey, I still have a little work to do so I guess I’ll have to leave you now. Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always! Butch & I are thinking of you every minute & praying every day we can be together soon! I love you, my darling & will always love you!

All our love & kisses,


Jean & Butch.


Sept. 15, 1944 6:30 P.M.Fri (From Frank)

Dearest Jean:

I received your letter dated Mon. Sept. 11 explaining about reservations for Tourist Pullman. I sure would like to be able to tell you what to do. But you know me, I never was able to help you out when you had a decision to make.

One thing I think tho is: If you come out, you should stay.  I know you would like to be with Dot.But if you go go home we’ll be right where we are now. I know there will be a lot of things Butch will need. Do you think we could manage that here and we’ll be able to take Butch home on the train Ok? That is, when the war is over. I think I will be here that long. You might as well go ahead and buy a round trip ticket and Pullman reservation. but make sure you can get a refund on half of your ticket. Because if you come out, I don’t think I’ll let you go back as long as I’m here. That’s where we made our mistake before. If you have your mind made up about going back to have Butch, I think you might as well stay there because you’re taking too big of a chance just for 3 months. And then you’ll have to ride the train for 4 days & 4 nights just about the time Butch should be born. Honey, it’s so hard to write all these things. It looks like our problem gets worse and worse.

Maybe when you see the Dr. he will be able to help you out. I sure would like to have you. If I just knew nothing would happen.

I know it will cost a lot, but if you think you could stay out here and everything will work out Ok, then come on out. The sooner the better, Honey. So I can show you how much I love you and miss you. But please be careful. I’ll go crazy if anything happens to you or Butch. Well, Honey, I might as well stop and go to the show. I’m not helping you at all. I’ll pray that God helps us do the right thing.


Honey, I hope you can read this. It’s so hard to write without a table. I love you more & more.