Oct. 5. ’44 Thurs. 7:40 P.M.

Hello Honey!

I’m sorry it’s so late. I’ll have to hurry to get this in the mail before 8:30. I didn’t realize it was so late. Mrs. Burnett came by today & Dot was downtown so she came over to our house. Then we went over to Dot’s about 5 o’clock. Dot still wasn’t home so I fixed supper & we all were talking so much, the time just slipped by.

Well, how did you like that game today (3-2 favor Cards)? It was really something, wasn’t it? By the way, honey, who are you rooting for? The Browns, I guess. I am too, cause they’ve never won a Pennant & are really fighting hard! It seems kinda funny to root against the Cards, tho, doesn’t it? Oh well, I root for the Browns one day & the Cards the next – either way, St. Louis can’t lose this year!

I went to the Dentist this morning & had my teeth cleaned. Dr. Winterer couldn’t get over what good condition my gums & teeth were in! He told me the last time I was there that my gums would probably start bleeding a little – but they never have at all! He said my teeth & gums were in perfect condition & it sure made me feel good! I guess it’s due to the vitamins I’m taking. If my teeth are in such good shape – you can imagine what good teeth & bones Butch will probably have, cause if a baby doesn’t get enough Calcium while the mother is pregnant, the baby takes it from the mother’s teeth & bones. That’s why so many women have trouble with their teeth when they’re pregnant. But I guess we won’t have to worry about that. It didn’t hurt at all when Dr. W. cleaned my teeth & I tho’t sure it would. I decided to clean house tomorrow – cause Mrs. Burnett was here anyway, & it was 1 o’clock before I got home from the Dentist. I ironed & did a few other things while she was here. I tho’t I’d wait til Sat. or Mon. to go see Dr. Riordan. He’s coming back tomorrow but I know it will be a “mad-house” the first day & I have so many things I want to ask him & settle with him. Then, too, I’ll know after Helen gets here if A. Effie is going to Frisco & I can tell Dr. Riordan that. Helen wrote Dot today, they are leaving Sat. morning around 9 o’clock instead of noon, so they will get here about 2 or 3 oclock Sat. aft.

Well, I didn’t get a letter from my sweetheart today but I’ll get 2 tomorrow. That usually happens when you mail your letter from Oakland. Altho, I can’t understand it – I got your Sat. letter yesterday (Wed.) & that’s the one that’s usually late. ???

I’m so glad you saw a good game Sat. I always try to get the score Sat. nite, of the games you see, honey. Sure wish I could have been there, I’m sorry you had to go alone. Do the fellows that have to work Sat. & Sundays get a day off during the week? That sure is tough if they have to work all the time.

If I come out there, I sure hope you don’t have to work on Sat. & Sun.

It’s too bad Robke had to miss the easy day’s work out at that fellow’s house. I hope you got to go, tho – & had 2 nice meals again, darling.

A. Ruth was out last nite & I guess she is going to try living at our house while I’m gone, it’s not settled yet, tho. I feel kinda sorry for her – you know, she doesn’t know anything about firing a furnace, or letting the air out of the radiator every so often. It’s going to be a lot of extra work for her, too. We were just wondering who will carry the ashes out? Pop isn’t living around here anymore & Mike doesn’t come up here so much anymore, either. There are so many things to think about – I’ll let you know what we decide, honey.

Gee, I hope I can get some gas stamps. It would be swell if Bea could go with me to the Dr. Is the Navy Hospital very far from Albany? It’s sure nice Bea & Vic have their car out there. Did you see Bea or Vic lately, honey?

Well, sweetheart, I guess that’s it for now. I miss you so much, honey. Gee, I wish you could be here when Helen comes up. All the fun will be missing for me, even with them here, – without you! I love you, Frank, more than I could ever say! I’ll be so glad when we are together again! I’m sure it won’t be long now. Please take good care of yourself, honey, & God be with you always.

All our love & kisses,

XXX Jean & Butch XXXX

They are really fixing the store up downstairs. They papered yesterday – & I think Pop put a bath-tub in & had the toilet moved upstairs. The people are going to live in the back. I don’t know much about it but I guess Helen or Mom will tell you more.

Bye again, darling.

Always your,

Jean & Butch

(It’s the Browns turn to win tomorrow!) Hope you can listen to the game, honey.


Oct. 4 ’44 Wed. 4 P.M.


Hello Honey –

Boy oh boy! The Browns just won the 1st game of the W. Series!! I sure hope they win the Series even tho I like the Cards. I hope you listened to the game, honey. Altho, it may be too late by the time you get this, Frank, why don’t you talk to that M.A.A. who told you about a month ago he would like to keep you as a Carpenter? He might be able to do something for you, honey, & you could stay inside. I’d sure talk to him, anyway.

Well, I went downtown yesterday & turned in my reservation for the 6th (& 10th). It sure hurt to do it, but I guess there was nothing else to do, on account of the shower. Mr. Kelly at Wabash is sure nice to me. I told him I’d take anything after the 17th. They didn’t have a thing until the 29th, but he said he was sure he could get me a lower around the 17th or 18th. I have to call him every day. I’ll let you know as soon as I get one, honey. We’ll get straightened out soon, I hope! Dot, Mom & Helen are getting together on the shower. It must be going to be a big nice shower, but Dot won’t tell me a thing! She called Esther again last nite – but won’t tell about that either! She is really happy about something, I can tell!

Honey, about our money, I guess I didn’t explain it right – but the bonds came in $5,000 ones. Of course, you can get part of one – & cash them out at different maturity dates. It is a lot of red tape & I tho’t we might need our money in a couple of years to buy a lot. I don’t think you can cash them in that soon. From the way the man talked the interest isn’t much more than a bank would pay. Holy Family isn’t holding any more notes so we couldn’t leave it there. I just tho’t it best to put it in T.G. Bank til we decided what to do. I tho’t I was leaving here Oct 6th at that time & didn’t know what to do with the money. If you want to put them in bonds I think our best bet is Gov’t Bonds. They pay good interest & we can cash them at any time. I think it’s best to talk this over when I get there, then we can write & tell Mom what to do – or if you want me to, I’ll buy Gov’t Bonds with it before I leave. I’m sorry you didn’t understand about it, honey – but it’s so hard to explain in writing. I don’t quite understand about it myself, & just did what the man said. I’ll find out what the H.F. Credit Union pays & if it’s more than T.G. I’ll put the money there. Since I’m not leaving right away, I’ve got more time to do all this.

Tell Zip – heck no – I didn’t pay a Carpenter to open that box – I’m a Carpenter’s wife! And besides, I even have your Union card so I didn’t violate the law!! ha.

Fran sent me a letter today that I have to sign & mail – regarding the balance on our income tax (you remember, they only sent us $41.61). He said if I mail it right away I might hear from them before I leave. It’s sure a nice letter – all type-written & he even put a stamp on the envelope. All I have to do is sign it. It was nice of him to do this.

Oh yes, Pevely Dairy gave Geo. R. a ticket to today’s game. Just one, tho. He sure is lucky. It was a swell game.

I had to go back downtown this morning cause I didn’t get any shoes yesterday. I got a nice pair of brown oxfords today. They are Gold Cross Health shoes. I had to pay $6.95 for them but they are sure worth it. Shoes are important when you’re pregnant cause you’re supposed to walk a lot everyday! So if I come out there, I don’t care how much walking we do – it’s good for me & Butch. You, too, ha! The Dr. said I’ll have a much easier “delivery” if I walk a lot & stay active.

I started crocheting a pair of “booties” for Butch, so I had to go back down to Grand Leader & ask the lady how to do it. It’s not as easy as it looks. but I’ll have a lot of fun trying, anyway! ha.

When I got back from downtown, I washed out some things & washed my hair. Guess I’ll have a pretty busy week-end. I have to go to the Dentist tomorrow – the Dr. Friday. In between I have to clean house & iron cause I want to help Dot Saturday. Helen will get here Sat. nite.

I was sure glad to hear about Ed. Sucher & his wife. Mom must have forgotten to tell me.

Dot went to see Helen R. yesterday about the shower at Mom’s – & Helen was very nice about it & said she’d help Dot. Helen said she had tho’t about a shower but didn’t know what to do in case I left Oct. 10th.

Well, I guess that’s about everything, honey. I rec. a nice sweet letter from my sweetheart this aft. but will answer it tomorrow. I’m praying you can stay inside til the Series is over. Why don’t you try a little “Politics” like the rest of them do? The M.A.A. might help you, he seems to like you & want you to stay! Please take good care of yourself, darling & God be with you always! We love you & miss you so much, darling! Hope we can be together soon!

All our love & kisses,


Butch & I are feeling swell again! Guess you can’t keep a tough little guy like him down! ha.

Oct. 3 1944 (From Frank’s mother, Rosa Sucher Hallemann)


My Dear Son Frank!

Thank you for the nice letter and paper. I am so glad to hear from you. You must have lost my address, you send this letter to 3156 Bent Ave., it was all right. Jean is still thinking of coming down there if she only don’t get sick on the train. Sometimes I really wish she would stay home so we could all help her. Well, maybe she can come back again before it all happens. When she gets there and after she be with you for a while and you can see how it goes then you always can see what would be the best.

I think we all will give her a Baby shower before she goes. Everyone is OK here, and I hope and pray the same from you. God Bless you and God be with you always. Please write whenever you can and if there is anything I can do for you, I should be very glad to do so.

We all wish you good Luck.

Aunt Ann is still working. She also wished you good Luck, she always prays for you, she goes to the Rock Church every Tuesday. She prays for peace all the time and I am sure we all be together soon again. Love from all of us.

Love, Mother

J.M.J. be with you always


Oct. 3, ’44 Tues. 12 Noon


Hello Sweetheart,

We had a little excitement last nite. Terry Jean came running over to Dot’s about 7:30 & said there was a long distance call. I wanted it to be you – but we were pretty sure it was Helen – so Dot & I both went over. Well, it was Helen – George was there too.They are leaving there this Sat. at noon & will get here about 6 or 7 o’clock. Geo. has a 3 day pass, starting Mon. So they don’t have to leave til next Wed. After waiting all week to hear if A. Effie is going to Frisco or not – I was so excited, I forgot to ask Helen about it! Can you imagine? Well, I guess I’ll just have to wait til Sat. to find out now. I’m surprised Helen didn’t say something about it, tho.

Honey, I’m feeling fine today – everything’s swell. I’m going downtown after I finish this & get my shoes. Also some stuff to start crocheting for Butch (if I can!). I decided against sending Geo. & Jack anything to eat, over-seas. They say the rats & ants get in all that stuff. So I found something nice to send them. Bob Hope’s new book “I Never Left Home.” Don’t you think that will be nice, honey? They are only $1.00, too.

Now, here’s something – you know, I told you Dot was worried about Helen not saying anything about a shower, so she called Esther last nite. Well, Esther had been thinking about having one over at her Mother’s house. She wanted Vic, Dad, & Ed (Dot’s husband) too. When Dot came back, we talked it over & I said she should call Mom. I knew she wouldn’t mind us using her house & would understand about Dot not being able to have it at her house. And besides, Mom knows all the girls – & Prokaskys, etc. So Dot called Mom this morning, & Frank, she was really swell! Dot told her she would come out & do all the work – send out invitations, etc., Mom said that would be swell – & her house is so much bigger for something like that. She really liked the idea & talked so nice to Dot. She told her to go ahead & do anything she liked & she would help her along. Dot asked her if it would bother Grandpa – since he hasn’t been feeling good lately, & Mom said she thinks that’s what’s wrong with Grandpa. They don’t have enough company & he always liked to have people around! Then too, it will be Aunt Anna’s Sunday off. We decided I should get my ticket put up (again!) cause they are planning it for Sunday after next. It’s too late to have it this Sunday & anyway, with Helen here, it would be too much. Sunday aft. is always the best time for everyone, anyway. So I’m going down today & have my ticket made out for Oct. 17 or 18. Frank, I hate to move it up again, honey, but it’s the only thing to do, if I want a shower – & besides, I would have to leave while Helen’s here if I left on the 10th. Dot’s going to call Esther again tonite & try to get them to come to the big shower. Then we can all get together for the party she had planned at her Mother’s while Helen is here.

Honey, I guess you are pretty disgusted with all these changes of plans every time I write but I’m sure it will all work out – so just hold on!

Yes, Frank, I missed the pick-up last Sunday – I’m so sorry you missed a day’s mail.

Honey, I do hope you can stay inside til the Series is over! It’s really a shame if htey move you just while it’s going on. I’ll pray you get to stay & hear it, darling. I sure don’t like for you to go back to those dirty old boats, either. I hope you don’t start having sore throats again.

Say, what girl are you going with that uses blue envelopes? Your last letter was in a blue envelope. Don’t tell me one of the sailors uses blue envelopes?

Well, darling, I’ve got to leave you now but I’ll be thinking of my sweetheart every minute. Please take care of yourself & God be with you, always, honey.

I love you & miss you more everyday. If we can’t be together soon, I don’t know what I’ll do! Bye, for now, honey!

We love you!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


Oct. 1, ’44 Sunday 3:30 P.M.


Hello Honey –

Just got back from Mom’s in time to get in on the end of the game between the Browns & Yanks – Guess you know by now the good old Browns cinched the Pennant today! Washington beat Detroit & the Browns just won from the Yanks! Gee, how I wish you were here & we could at least see one game, honey! It should be a good Series – but I guess a lot of St. Louis boys will have to miss it.

I went out to Mom’s at noon with George. Mom & Anna went out about 1:30 with Mr. Bauer & Helen took T.J. & Bob to the show, so I came on home. Pop was listening to the ballgame  & I wished I had stayed out there with him cause I missed most of it.

I didn’t get to talk to Mom much, but I gave her the bank book & receipt for the money. I told her the check would come Oct. 18th & she said she would put it in the Bank for us. Guess I’ll see her sometime this week, tho.

Frank – Rose & Dannie, next door, are so nice to me! When I got home from church this morning they both came over & Rose handed me a package. It was the sweetest “Baby Book” I’ve ever seen! It is a large book to keep all the Baby’s records in, up to 7 years. I’ll bring it with me so you can see it! I really didn’t expect them to get me anything – & it sure was nice of them. They said they tho’t they’d better give me something now, cause they may not see me for a long time if I come to Calif. They sure are good friends & we are always talking about the good times we will have when you are home again. I sure like them a lot & I know you do, too.

Dot hasn’t been feeling good the last 2 days. She has had a headache. I wish she’d go see a Dr. & get some vitamins or something. She is really run down, but won’t admit it. I’d hate to leave her if I tho’t she is going to be sick. She says she feels better today.

Honey, about the stuff I have to bring – I could never get 2 blankets, & 2 pillows & some pots in a suitcase. I guess I’ll just pack it all in a large box & try to send it on my ticket – if not, I’ll have to send it Express. I guess I’ll have to send it sometime this week, if I’m coming, so it sure gets there by the time I do. I’ll just tell them to hold it at Berkeley Station.

From the way I’m making plans, it looks like I’m coming out there. I’m pretty sure I will. I can see Dr. Riordan next Friday. I’m sure he’ll say the same as Dr. Meir about me coming.

Well, sweetheart, this isn’t much of a letter but I want to get over to Dot’s so she doesn’t have to work so hard.

Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you, always! We love you & miss you so, & we are thinking of you every minute! Just think, 2 wks. from today I may be with my  sailor again! I can hardly wait, darling!

We love you so much!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


These & a million more may be real ones, soon!!!

Sept. 30, ’44 Sat. 3:30 P.M.

Hello Darling!

Well, I’ve spent the whole day writing again – I just wrote Georgie, Jack, & Doris Ann. I didn’t get to write them last nite cause the kids had the radio on til 10:30 & I just gave up trying to write with it on. Boy, this writing business is getting me down. The only one I rally enjoy writing to is you, honey, & I hope I won’t be doing that, soon! It will be so much better talking to you & kissing you in person – instead of on paper! Anyhow, you can’t put a “gooey” kiss on paper! ha. I want to be with you so much, honey, & the way things are going, I think God wants us to be together. He’s doing everything, it seems, to make it easy for me to come out there, anyway. Don’t you think so? If I don’t have to put off my reservation anymore, for one reason or another – I will be with you 2 wks. from today. We will already have had 1 whole day & nite together!

I guess you are at the foot-ball game today. Anyway, I sure hope so – also that the weather is nice Be sure & wear your pea-coat, honey, if it’s the least bit chilly! It’s so easy to catch cold sitting in the wind for a couple of hours. Just wait til I get there! I’ll make you take good care of yourself! I hope Zim got to go with you today – or some other nice fellow.

After I finish this, I guess I’ll get dressed & go to Dot’s for the evening. We’ll probably sit around & read the papers, as usual.

Rosa Sucher Hallemann Oct 44

I’m sending the pictures, Frank. That one of Mom is so good. I want to have it enlarged someday. She hasn’t seen them yet- but I’ll show them to her when you send them back – that’s if I get them in time. Honey, I wish the ones of the lilies in Tower Grove Park & Shaw’s Garden were in color. They were really beautiful! I know you’ll enjoy seeing scenes from good old St. Louis again. The ones of me are pretty lousy – especially the one where I’m standing sideways in Dot’s back yard! It looks like I’m just trying to push my stomach out — ! But I honestly wasn’t! I guess I’m really that big. Anyway, you can get an idea of how Butch is doing, darling.

Well, this isn’t much of a letter but it’s getting late & I really ought to help Dot with supper. So I guess I’ll have to leave my sweetheart again.

Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always! We love you & miss you more everyday. I’m praying we can be together soon, honey. I think I’ll go out to Mom’s tomorrow. It may be the last time I’ll get to before I leave.

Bye, for now, darling, we love you!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


Sept. 29 ’44 Fri. 7:30 P.M.


Hello Darling!

Here I am, late again. But Dot & I took the day off & went downtown by ourselves, to the show. She really has been working too hard & needed to take a day off – even away from the kids. I shouldn’t have gone downtown again today – but Dot has been so good to me & I know she needed to get out. And she really is doing a good job of it! Cause Vic & Dot went to the show again tonite! They had to go tonite, tho, cause Vic hasn’t seen “Gong My Way” yet & Dot has been asking him to go for weeks. He said he’d go tonite, & she is so anxious for him to see it, so they went. He is going fishing tomorrow – so they can’t go tomorrow nite. Then too, if I come to Calif. there won’t be many more nites I can stay with the kids, while they go out. I haven’t heard anymore from Helen so don’t know what A. Effie intends to do yet.

In your last few letters, you haven’t said much about me coming out there, honey. Did you get disgusted & give up? Or are you just being smart & keeping quiet? They are holding my Oct 10th reservation til next Tuesday – so by that time, I’ll have to turn back my Oct. 6th reservation & make up my mind about taking the other. Maybe I’ll hear form Helen tomorrow or Monday.

Honey, if they keep extra blankets & mattresses in the lucky bag – how come you fellows had to sleep in town til your gear got there? Or didn’t they have the lucky bag then?

No, Frank, you didn’t say you went to Zim’s house for supper Sat. I asked you about it in my last letter. I wondered why you got back to the Base so late. I’m glad you ate there, honey, & I hope you had a nice supper. Is Alice a good cook? Did they say anything about you going to be a Daddy?

Thanks so much for the Navy paper, honey. I sure enjoy reading it – in fact, we all do. You have a lot of good shows this week, too. I’m glad you get to see so many. I sure would like it if I could go with you. I’d be satisfied to do that every nite! Does it cost much for your wife to go to the show on Base? Oh, I forgot to tell you, we saw “The Impatient Years” today. The picture you liked so well & wanted me to see. It showed the Golden Gate Bridge & how windy Frisco is, in one scene. You told us to watch for that. It sure was a good picture, honey.

Well, sweetheart, I want to get this in the mail tonite, also write Georgie & Doris Ann. I owe them both a letter. So I guess I’ll have to leave my sweetheart again! Gee, I sure wish I was with you tonite, darling! I’d never stop kissing you or telling you I love you! Maybe I can, soon! I hope you haven’t changed your mind & still want me to come there? Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you, always! Butch & I love you & miss you more everyday, honey!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


P.S. The folks finally rented the store downstairs to a Tailor & Cleaner. Pop was there all day today – & the Carpenter put in a partition about 2 1/2 yds. back from the front door. I guess the people are going to live there. Pop put some of the junk that was stored in there, in the garage, & some in our basement. There are 2 pair ice-skates, 1 pair roller skates & a Soccer Ball. Pop said I should give this to the boys, but I tho’t I’d ask you first, honey. Let me know.

Well, goodnite, again, sweetheart! We love you!

Always you,

Jean & Butch.

I left the pictures at home, honey, so I guess I’ll have to send them tomorrow. I’m so sorry.

We love you!!