Oct. 11, ’44 Wed. 7:15 P.M.


A “bathinette” circa 1940s or 50s

Hello Honey –

I’m so sorry it’s late again – but things have quieted down at last – so maybe I can write you a decent letter. Helen & all left about 1:30 P.M. today. I guess they are home by now. We sure had a nice time while they were here. Sure hated to see them go.

We all went out to Mom’s today about noon. We couldn’t stay long cause they had to leve – but Mom was glad they came. George & Helen sure liked Mom’s house a lot! I took a few pictures again today – I’ll bring them with me, honey. Dot has a bad cold & I have a pretty good one too – I think we feel worse cause it’s so quiet & lonesome since they left. You know how we are! It takes a couple of days to get over them going. I hope Dot gets to feeling better with her cold cause that “shower” is Sunday & she has a lot to do. I guess Mom & Helen think it’s a complete surprise to me, so don’t say anything about me knowing in your letters to them, darling.

My letters to you the last 2 or 3 days have been so mixed up, I never even said anything about the Cards willing the Series Monday! Hope you didn’t lose any more money on the Browns. I’m sorry they lost – but, at least, our Cards won it.

Honey, I wish you could have seen the “shower” at Esther’s! It was just wonderful! I’ll tell you what Butch got but it will be much nicer when I can show you everything. A. Ruth game me a Baby book – it’s a complete “Life’s History” to keep for Butch. Wait til you see it! Mrs. Swanks & Dorothy gave me a beautiful, blue wool blanket & a little white wool sweater. Helen, Dot & Eileen went together on a beautiful pink wool “Baby Bunting” — Esther didn’t know Eileen would be here, so she bought 3 little extra gifts – a water thermometer from Eileen – a telephone rattler from Susie Gay & a pair of white “booties” from Jack! That was sure thoughtful of her, wasn’t it, honey? Cause she didn’t think they would be there. Then there were some little things like Powder, Pins, Bottle Cap covers, etc. laid in the “Bathinette” from her & Dad. Boy, that “Bathinette” is really swell & one thing I was intending to buy in Frisco – cause I’ll really need it! They cost about $8. or more. Dad is having it crated where he works & they are going to ship it to me. Dot is going to send all the rest of Butch’s stuff later when I get an address. That way I won’t have to bother with them now. We had ice cream & cake at the party & everyone had a nice time. Esther really worked hard & I thanked her & everyone for both of us. Everything I got was something I really needed, too! Well, I guess that’s about all about the shower.

esther dwyer

Esther Swank Dwyer, Jean’s father’s second wife

Joseph Francis Dwyer

“Daddy Joe,” Joseph Francis Dwyer, Jean’s father 

Today after Helen & they all left – I went to the Dr. – Dr. Riordan is back & I got to talk to him. When I explained about you having permanent duty there & us having a nice place to live – he said right away, “Why don’t you go?” He said the trip wouldn’t hurt me at all – but I should take plenty to eat with me or I’d starve to death! He seemed to know all about the Navy Hosp. there & said I’d be well taken care of. He said Captain Hood built it & it’s really a nice hospital. I asked him if he would give me my complete case history (operations, etc.) so I could give it to the Dr. there instead of explaining all myself. But he said I should wait til I get there – then write him the Hosp. address & he would send the Dr. my records. I told him I sure hated to leave him but promised him he would deliver all our other babies after we come home! Then I told him I wanted to settle with him for my care & treatment I rec. so far. He added up the visits & said they were usually $3. each – which made it about $24. But I had paid him $5. on my first visit – so that made it $19. Honey, I know it’s a lot of money but he gave me a good start & cleared up that infection, so I guess it’s worth it. I hope you’re not mad he charged so much but I really had more than 8 visits, besides the treatments, so I don’t think it was so bad. Well anyway, I feel better now, he said I could go – & said I should have a safe normal delivery. Everything’s been fine up to now.

Honey, I rec. a sweet letter from you today written last Sat. at the U.S.O. You don’t feel any worse than I do, I didn’t leave Oct. 10th! Every time I think of it, I feel so bad.  But it sure will save us a lot of money now that I’m having a “shower” Sunday. I guess you know by now, I’ll arrive Tues. Oct 24th – at 8:20 A.M. Berkeley Station. I’m going to pack a box with 2 blankets & other things we will need, & send it early next week. I hope it gets there by the time I do. I guess I’ll just have them hold it at the Berkeley Station Express Office. I don’t know what else to do. If it doesn’t get there when I do, we’ll just have to freeze at nite! I’m sorry I couldn’t leave on the 17th or 18th, honey – but since you have to work Sunday, anyway, – I guess it’s just as well. I sure hate to get in on a Tues. but I sure didn’t want to wait any longer to see you, darling. I hope you can get a special liberty on that day! Do you think you can? Tomorrow, I’ll write the letter to show the “Housing Unit” people – then maybe you can use the same letter to show the Captain to get a special liberty that day. Let me know, if not, I’ll send a telegram like I did before, honey.

Gee, hon, I sure wish we could have a car to come home in. That would be wonderful!

Well, darling, I hate to quit but I have to get this in the mail in 10 minutes. So I guess I’ll have to say goodnite for now. Pretty soon I’ll be able to kiss you goodnite! Won’t that be swell? I can hardly wait, darling.

Please take good care of yourself & God be with you always! We love you & miss you so, honey! I can’t believe we will be together in 2 weeks! Goodnite, my darling.

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


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