Oct. 17, ’44 Tues. 7:15 P.M.

Hello Honey –

Well, I rec. 2 sweet letters from my sweetheart today, one was air-mail. So now I have 3 letters to answer & it’s pretty late already.

A. Ruth came over last nite & I guess she will move in after election. If she moves before then she loses the vote. I told John this evening about her not knowing much about a furnace & he said he’d take care of it mostly. I told him to give Pop the coal bill whenever he has to buy any & we would send the money to Mom. I think A. Ruth will manage Ok. She wants to pay all the rent – but I said just $10 of it. I think she will send us $16 tho. With our electric refrigerator she saves $3 a month ice bill. If she sends us $16 a month, after awhile, we’ll just write & tell her to give it to Helen, then we won’t have to send it back to Mom. It sure will be nice to have our house taken care of while we’re gone & not have a big rent bill facing us when we come back! I’ll explain more about all this when I get there, honey. I ironed & put up all clean curtains today & scrubbed & waxed the kitchen floor – so everything will be nice & clean for A. Ruth. I put all our screens in the basement, but the back door screen I left up. It’s a little too warm to take down yet. Maybe Pop will take it down after I go.

Did you know Trobee quit the insurance business about 2 months ago? Mr. Keiger (the Superintendent) has been collecting since Trobee left. So I paid him 3 months ins. this morning ($3.96). I paid up til Jan. 1st. He’s turning my account over to Vic, so I’ll just mail Dot $1.32 a month after Jan.

I bought my extra vitamins this morning from George – another $4.14 gone! But I think they will last me til Butch is born. Also gave Dot $5.- for my Oct. gas & light bill – there should be about $1.50 left – so I told her to put it on the express charges for all the baby’s stuff they are going to send later – & just let me know how much more it comes to & we’ll send it to her. I sure got rid of $15.- in a hurry, didn’t I? But at least we won’t have any bills to worry about for awhile.

If Helen continues to use the gas & electric to wash over here, I’ll tell her to give A. Ruth about $1.00 a month. She told me before, she would pay A. R. part of it. We can’t expect A.R. to pay all of it – if Helen uses it.

There’s so many things to think about & straighten out before I leave, but I’m trying not to worry too much about it. Everything will work out Ok. I’ll be so glad after I’m on the train, tho!

When I talked to John awhile ago, he said to be sure & tell you “hello” & he hoped we had a boy!

The cleaners downstairs are open now – I sure hope they make good. They live in the back. It’s a young couple & they have a little girl.

I’ve decided to try & get the blankets and stuff in suitcases, honey, instead of a box. I think it will be easier to get suitcases thru on my ticket – they might open the box & see it’s not clothes & make me send it express. I won’t need but one suitcase for my clothes, & the other two I’ll just check thru to Berkeley.

Frank, I’m glad you didn’t send any money home for while Helen was here. As I told you, I didn’t spend hardly anything while they were here. I did give D.A., M.H., & Susie each $1.- for their birthdays, tho. But that’s all I spent. I’m making out Ok, honey. We’ll be able to manage fine, wait & see! Will you get chow money if you eat your meals off the Base, honey? If so, why don’t you put in for it right away, so we start getting it as soon as possible? That would sure help us out on our food bill. With A. Ruth staying here – & everything working out like it is, I’m sure we’ll be cheaper off with me there with you.

Boy – if I tho’t my sleeping on the divan would get you home, honey – I’d be sleeping there, yet! ha. I really slept fine, tho – cause our bed never did seem right without you there! Next week, we’ll be sleeping together again! That will be wonderful, darling! I can hardly wait!

I’m so sorry you didn’t get to go to the foot-ball game Sat. I looked for the score in the papers but couldn’t find it. I hope we can see some of the games, honey!

I guess I didn’t tell you, Frank, – but a “Bathinette” is something to give the baby a bath in & you can dress them on it, too. Some people let their babies even sleep on it. Yes, it’s like Fran & Myra had. They are really swell & something I would have had to buy!

Honey, I tried to call Hartmanns right away, as soon as I got your letter, but no answer. I’ll try again tomorrow, tho. I’d sure like to see Mike & Ferdie!

Darling, you know I’d rather be with you than any place in the world! I’ll have so much to do during the day, I won’t have a chance to get lonesome – & you’ll be with me at nite! So, don’t worry, we’ll be happier than we ever were before! Cause now we got Butch! I will be the happiest girl in the world next week at this time – cause I’ll be in your arms again!

Well, darling, it’s getting late & I want this to get in the last pick-up – so I guess I’ll have to leave you again. Just 3 more letters to write & then we’ll be together! I sure wish it was next week at this time, honey!

Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always! We love you so much & we’ll soon be with you! It’s almost too good to be true!

Goodnite, my sweetheart.

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.



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