Oct. 18, ’44 Wed. 4 P.M.


Hello Honey!

I didn’t get a letter today but I rec. 2 yesterday – the air mail letter got here a day too soon. I may not get any tomorrow either, cause that’s your Sunday letter & I always miss Thurs. So I guess I’ll get 2 Friday – then no more letters, honey! I’ll be on my way to you! I hope the days on the train pass fast. I can hardly wait to see my sailor again!

Mom was at Helen’s today so I told her about A. Ruth staying here & she said it was swell. I also paid her the rent for Oct. She told me to give Helen the radiator key & she would have Pop let the air out of the radiators every month. I’ll probably see her again before I leave. I got Helen’s blue coat but it is too long on me – so I’ve just about decided to bring my own fur coat.

Alberta, Frances, Ann & Lee & all their kids are coming tonite – so I just straightened the house today. I want to clean it good  Friday for A. Ruth. The curtains look pretty nice – I hid all the torn places!  Tomorrow I’m going to wash & iron & pack most of my things.

I called Mrs. Hartmann again today. Frank, she was so happy to hear I was going to see Mike & Ferdie! She remembers you and we talked for a long time. She wanted me to come over & see her but I don’t think I’ll have time. I told her she should go with me – but she said she couldn’t leave Mr. Hartmann. I felt so sorry for her – she sure misses the boys. She’s even coming to the station to see me off! Can you imagine? She says she often goes to the station just to watch the boys come & go, – she gets so lonely! She knows what train I’m taking cause Mike & Ferdie always took that one. I hope I recognize her – she told me she would have a green hat with a big green plume on! She sure seemed glad to hear from me & wants me to go see Mike right away. I have the address. Honey, I’ll tell you more about this when I see you.

Just think, next week at this time we’ll be together! Honey, I sure will be happy. I hope Butch & I won’t be too much trouble for you. I’m sure we’ll get along with our money Ok. I had to cash my Oct. allotment check to give Mom the rent & I’ll need some of it on the train. But everything is paid here, thank goodness. I still have the gov’t check for $41.61 & we should get the balance soon. I get another $50 Nov. 1st too. Butch got so many things we won’t have to buy hardly anything else for him.

Honey, time has been going so fast – do you realize in just about 3 more months you’ll be a “Daddy?” I can hardly wait, can you, honey?  I sure am a lucky girl to have a nice sweet husband, & soon, a darling little baby! We’ll be so happy, Frank.

Well, honey, I have to take a bath now & go over to Dot’s & help her with supper. Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you, always! I love you, Frank, and soon I’ll be able to show you just how much!

We’ll be together in a few days, sweetheart, & after that, no more separations! Bye for now, darling.

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.