Oct. 19, ’44 Thurs. 5 P.M.

Hello Honey –

You probably won’t get this til Monday – so I guess this will be my last letter to you. I’m sorry I can’t make it a nice long letter but I have so many things to do. I know you understand, honey.

I did a lot of packing today. It’s really a problem getting things together. I don’t have many clothes this time – its all the other things that are really hard to pack. I couldn’t get quite everything in the suitcases so I packed a small box with things we won’t need right away – so in case it doesn’t get there when I do, it’s Ok.

I washed for the last time today. I didn’t have much & Dot helped me. Tomorrow I’ll clean the house & pack my clothes. I don’t want to have much to do Saturday. I guess Dad or George R. will take me to the Station. I hope we can manage Ok. with all those suitcases. Vic is going on the boat this weekend so he can’t go. And I would rather Dot didn’t come to the Station, altho she wants to. I hate to say goodbye to anyone, much less her! You know how I am about leaving anyone. So I hope only Dad or Geo. goes with me.

Alberta, Frances, & Delores came last nite. Dot & the kids came over & we had a very nice time. Alberta’s & Frances’s little girls are really getting big! I bought some beer, soda, pop-corn & cookies – they stayed til about 11:30. I sure enjoyed having them. They all kissed me goodbye & said to be sure & kiss you for them! I hope we can all be friends like we used to be – after the war is over. I sure like Alberta & Frances a lot.

I couldn’t get any gas stamps at the drug store, honey. But the other nite, I gave Dan the film to give to Larry & he said he’d ask Larry & the other boys if they have any extra ones. He is sure Larry will get you one or two anyway. By the way, while I was over there, I met Fred – the labor foreman on the Grand Leader job. He said to tell you hello. Honey, if I don’t get any gas stamps from Larry – Vic said I should write Helen & George – (my sister). I didn’t know it while they were here – but George can get all the stamps he wants. I really should have asked him then – but didn’t know about it. So, don’t worry, we’ll get some. Anyway, we can apply for gas to go back & forth to the hospital. They always give you gas for that. As long as you can prove you’re pregnant & can’t go on the street-car.

Honey, I hope I’ve told you everything – if not, I’ll send an air-mail tomorrow.

Honey, please take good care of yourself & God be with you always! I wish it was Tuesday already – I can’t wait to see my sweetheart again! Just about 4 more days! Then we’ll be together for always, darling!

Don’t forget you got a date Tues. morning at 8:10 A.M. Berkeley Station, to meet Butch & I! Until then, honey, we’ll be thinking of you every minute & we send

All our love & kisses!

Jean & Butch.

I didn’t get a letter again today but I guess I’ll get 2 tomorrow. Love & kisses, Jean.