Oct. 19, ’44 Thurs. 5 P.M.

Hello Honey –

You probably won’t get this til Monday – so I guess this will be my last letter to you. I’m sorry I can’t make it a nice long letter but I have so many things to do. I know you understand, honey.

I did a lot of packing today. It’s really a problem getting things together. I don’t have many clothes this time – its all the other things that are really hard to pack. I couldn’t get quite everything in the suitcases so I packed a small box with things we won’t need right away – so in case it doesn’t get there when I do, it’s Ok.

I washed for the last time today. I didn’t have much & Dot helped me. Tomorrow I’ll clean the house & pack my clothes. I don’t want to have much to do Saturday. I guess Dad or George R. will take me to the Station. I hope we can manage Ok. with all those suitcases. Vic is going on the boat this weekend so he can’t go. And I would rather Dot didn’t come to the Station, altho she wants to. I hate to say goodbye to anyone, much less her! You know how I am about leaving anyone. So I hope only Dad or Geo. goes with me.

Alberta, Frances, & Delores came last nite. Dot & the kids came over & we had a very nice time. Alberta’s & Frances’s little girls are really getting big! I bought some beer, soda, pop-corn & cookies – they stayed til about 11:30. I sure enjoyed having them. They all kissed me goodbye & said to be sure & kiss you for them! I hope we can all be friends like we used to be – after the war is over. I sure like Alberta & Frances a lot.

I couldn’t get any gas stamps at the drug store, honey. But the other nite, I gave Dan the film to give to Larry & he said he’d ask Larry & the other boys if they have any extra ones. He is sure Larry will get you one or two anyway. By the way, while I was over there, I met Fred – the labor foreman on the Grand Leader job. He said to tell you hello. Honey, if I don’t get any gas stamps from Larry – Vic said I should write Helen & George – (my sister). I didn’t know it while they were here – but George can get all the stamps he wants. I really should have asked him then – but didn’t know about it. So, don’t worry, we’ll get some. Anyway, we can apply for gas to go back & forth to the hospital. They always give you gas for that. As long as you can prove you’re pregnant & can’t go on the street-car.

Honey, I hope I’ve told you everything – if not, I’ll send an air-mail tomorrow.

Honey, please take good care of yourself & God be with you always! I wish it was Tuesday already – I can’t wait to see my sweetheart again! Just about 4 more days! Then we’ll be together for always, darling!

Don’t forget you got a date Tues. morning at 8:10 A.M. Berkeley Station, to meet Butch & I! Until then, honey, we’ll be thinking of you every minute & we send

All our love & kisses!

Jean & Butch.

I didn’t get a letter again today but I guess I’ll get 2 tomorrow. Love & kisses, Jean.

Oct. 18, ’44 Wed. 4 P.M.


Hello Honey!

I didn’t get a letter today but I rec. 2 yesterday – the air mail letter got here a day too soon. I may not get any tomorrow either, cause that’s your Sunday letter & I always miss Thurs. So I guess I’ll get 2 Friday – then no more letters, honey! I’ll be on my way to you! I hope the days on the train pass fast. I can hardly wait to see my sailor again!

Mom was at Helen’s today so I told her about A. Ruth staying here & she said it was swell. I also paid her the rent for Oct. She told me to give Helen the radiator key & she would have Pop let the air out of the radiators every month. I’ll probably see her again before I leave. I got Helen’s blue coat but it is too long on me – so I’ve just about decided to bring my own fur coat.

Alberta, Frances, Ann & Lee & all their kids are coming tonite – so I just straightened the house today. I want to clean it good  Friday for A. Ruth. The curtains look pretty nice – I hid all the torn places!  Tomorrow I’m going to wash & iron & pack most of my things.

I called Mrs. Hartmann again today. Frank, she was so happy to hear I was going to see Mike & Ferdie! She remembers you and we talked for a long time. She wanted me to come over & see her but I don’t think I’ll have time. I told her she should go with me – but she said she couldn’t leave Mr. Hartmann. I felt so sorry for her – she sure misses the boys. She’s even coming to the station to see me off! Can you imagine? She says she often goes to the station just to watch the boys come & go, – she gets so lonely! She knows what train I’m taking cause Mike & Ferdie always took that one. I hope I recognize her – she told me she would have a green hat with a big green plume on! She sure seemed glad to hear from me & wants me to go see Mike right away. I have the address. Honey, I’ll tell you more about this when I see you.

Just think, next week at this time we’ll be together! Honey, I sure will be happy. I hope Butch & I won’t be too much trouble for you. I’m sure we’ll get along with our money Ok. I had to cash my Oct. allotment check to give Mom the rent & I’ll need some of it on the train. But everything is paid here, thank goodness. I still have the gov’t check for $41.61 & we should get the balance soon. I get another $50 Nov. 1st too. Butch got so many things we won’t have to buy hardly anything else for him.

Honey, time has been going so fast – do you realize in just about 3 more months you’ll be a “Daddy?” I can hardly wait, can you, honey?  I sure am a lucky girl to have a nice sweet husband, & soon, a darling little baby! We’ll be so happy, Frank.

Well, honey, I have to take a bath now & go over to Dot’s & help her with supper. Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you, always! I love you, Frank, and soon I’ll be able to show you just how much!

We’ll be together in a few days, sweetheart, & after that, no more separations! Bye for now, darling.

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


Oct. 18. 1944 7:30 P.M. Wed. (From Frank)


Dearest Jean:

I guess by the time you get this letter you’ll have a wire from me telling you to come or not to come. As I told you yesterday I was going to the Housing Unit to rent a place. Well, when I got there, they told me they couldn’t rent any places to the Navy. They got orders last Thursday not to rent any more to us, only war workers. So I went back to the base and talked to that Red Cross man I told you about. He called up a couple officers and they said they heard the same thing. It’s some new order out. So I told him I know 4 Navy fellows that are moving out in a couple days. And asked him if I couldn’t have one of their Units. Well he didn’t know so he called the Housing Unit Office and asked, but the manager wasn’t there and wouldn’t be back till tomorrow. So as soon as I find out tomorrow I”ll wire you. But from the way it looks I won’t be able to get a place. There are about 15 fellows besides me trying to get a place. I told you in yesterday’s letter I had today off. Well I gave a pint of blood to the Red Cross in order to get off. You see I didn’t want to ask for Special Liberty this week because I want one next week when you come. About once a month they ask for 150 men on the base to give blood, then they get the rest of the day off. So Nielsen and I went, it took till 12:00 noon before we got out. It didn’t bother me at all. They wouldn’t take any from Nielsen because he isn’t too well. He has been pretty sick for about 2 weeks. Got a bad cold. Well right after that we went to the Housing Unit. Then we looked all over Berkeley for a place, but all we could find was rooms, and I know we can’t live in a place like that. So then we went back to the base and saw the Red Cross man like I told you. After that we went to Oakland and looked all over, but couldn’t find any thing. Then we went to Vic Smith’s house and talked to him and Bea. See, one of the fellows who is moving out Sat. is right next door to them, and that was the place I wanted to get, but I’m afraid I can’t. Bea sure was mad to hear I can’t get a Unit. Because there are 100’s of places empty, but I have to be a war worker. I’m just another sailor. Honey, I’m about to go crazy. I don’t know what to do. I know if you come out here the only nice place to live is in the Units, but from the looks of things I’m not going to be able to get one. I’ve tried all afternoon, and I’m going to see the Commander tomorrow. Then I’ll send you a wire. If we can’t get a place at the Housing Unit, I guess you better stay home. I’m so sorry this all happened. I feel terrible and I know you will. I sure hate to have to tell you this. I sure hope the wire I send is good news. Honey I’m writing this letter tonight Wed 18, but you’ll probably get the wire I’ll send tomorrow before this letter. The reason why I’m writing this letter is so I can explain a little more than I can in the wire. I hope you can make this letter out, honey. I can’t think straight tonight. If you know what I mean, I’ve been crazy ever since they told me I couldn’t get a Unit.

Well, honey, I guess I better mail this so you get it soon. I hope when I send that wire it’s good. I’m sure you don’t want to come out here if we can’t live in a Unit. It looks like we’re never going to get together till this war is over. I love you and miss you so much I’m going crazy. Please take good care of yourself and Butch. And God be with you both.

All my love & kisses,


Honey, I hope you can make this letter out. I just couldn’t write because I don’t know what to do. I love you. 

Oct. 17. 1944 6:30 P.M Tues.


Dearest Jean:

Well honey I guess I’ll have to send this letter Air Mail so you get it before you leave. Just think a week from today we will be together. I hope you have a nice trip and be sure to be careful. I’m gong to have tomorrow off, so I can get a Unit. Try not to worry too much on the train and be sure to eat plenty.

Honey I think that subscription to Readers’ Digest was a nice thing to get Jack & Geo. I’m sure they will like that.

Well honey I’m having trouble writing again, all the good radio programs are on tonight. Next week we’ll be able to listen to them together. Won’t that be nice, I can’t hardly wait.

I received your nice sweet letter written Fri. I wish I could write like you do honey. Your letters are so nice and long. I have a hard time writing one page. I didn’t even go to the show tonight so I could write you one nice letter before you leave, but I guess this is going to be just like all the rest. So hurry out here then I can show you how much I love you. I don’t see how you could write nice letters after getting mine. Please don’t be mad at me.

Well darling, I guess that’s all for now, except I love you more than ever and miss you so much. Please take good care of yourself and Butch. And God be with you both.

All my love & kisses,


P.S. Won’t it be nice to get real kisses, instead of paper ones?

Oct. 17, ’44 Tues. 7:15 P.M.

Hello Honey –

Well, I rec. 2 sweet letters from my sweetheart today, one was air-mail. So now I have 3 letters to answer & it’s pretty late already.

A. Ruth came over last nite & I guess she will move in after election. If she moves before then she loses the vote. I told John this evening about her not knowing much about a furnace & he said he’d take care of it mostly. I told him to give Pop the coal bill whenever he has to buy any & we would send the money to Mom. I think A. Ruth will manage Ok. She wants to pay all the rent – but I said just $10 of it. I think she will send us $16 tho. With our electric refrigerator she saves $3 a month ice bill. If she sends us $16 a month, after awhile, we’ll just write & tell her to give it to Helen, then we won’t have to send it back to Mom. It sure will be nice to have our house taken care of while we’re gone & not have a big rent bill facing us when we come back! I’ll explain more about all this when I get there, honey. I ironed & put up all clean curtains today & scrubbed & waxed the kitchen floor – so everything will be nice & clean for A. Ruth. I put all our screens in the basement, but the back door screen I left up. It’s a little too warm to take down yet. Maybe Pop will take it down after I go.

Did you know Trobee quit the insurance business about 2 months ago? Mr. Keiger (the Superintendent) has been collecting since Trobee left. So I paid him 3 months ins. this morning ($3.96). I paid up til Jan. 1st. He’s turning my account over to Vic, so I’ll just mail Dot $1.32 a month after Jan.

I bought my extra vitamins this morning from George – another $4.14 gone! But I think they will last me til Butch is born. Also gave Dot $5.- for my Oct. gas & light bill – there should be about $1.50 left – so I told her to put it on the express charges for all the baby’s stuff they are going to send later – & just let me know how much more it comes to & we’ll send it to her. I sure got rid of $15.- in a hurry, didn’t I? But at least we won’t have any bills to worry about for awhile.

If Helen continues to use the gas & electric to wash over here, I’ll tell her to give A. Ruth about $1.00 a month. She told me before, she would pay A. R. part of it. We can’t expect A.R. to pay all of it – if Helen uses it.

There’s so many things to think about & straighten out before I leave, but I’m trying not to worry too much about it. Everything will work out Ok. I’ll be so glad after I’m on the train, tho!

When I talked to John awhile ago, he said to be sure & tell you “hello” & he hoped we had a boy!

The cleaners downstairs are open now – I sure hope they make good. They live in the back. It’s a young couple & they have a little girl.

I’ve decided to try & get the blankets and stuff in suitcases, honey, instead of a box. I think it will be easier to get suitcases thru on my ticket – they might open the box & see it’s not clothes & make me send it express. I won’t need but one suitcase for my clothes, & the other two I’ll just check thru to Berkeley.

Frank, I’m glad you didn’t send any money home for while Helen was here. As I told you, I didn’t spend hardly anything while they were here. I did give D.A., M.H., & Susie each $1.- for their birthdays, tho. But that’s all I spent. I’m making out Ok, honey. We’ll be able to manage fine, wait & see! Will you get chow money if you eat your meals off the Base, honey? If so, why don’t you put in for it right away, so we start getting it as soon as possible? That would sure help us out on our food bill. With A. Ruth staying here – & everything working out like it is, I’m sure we’ll be cheaper off with me there with you.

Boy – if I tho’t my sleeping on the divan would get you home, honey – I’d be sleeping there, yet! ha. I really slept fine, tho – cause our bed never did seem right without you there! Next week, we’ll be sleeping together again! That will be wonderful, darling! I can hardly wait!

I’m so sorry you didn’t get to go to the foot-ball game Sat. I looked for the score in the papers but couldn’t find it. I hope we can see some of the games, honey!

I guess I didn’t tell you, Frank, – but a “Bathinette” is something to give the baby a bath in & you can dress them on it, too. Some people let their babies even sleep on it. Yes, it’s like Fran & Myra had. They are really swell & something I would have had to buy!

Honey, I tried to call Hartmanns right away, as soon as I got your letter, but no answer. I’ll try again tomorrow, tho. I’d sure like to see Mike & Ferdie!

Darling, you know I’d rather be with you than any place in the world! I’ll have so much to do during the day, I won’t have a chance to get lonesome – & you’ll be with me at nite! So, don’t worry, we’ll be happier than we ever were before! Cause now we got Butch! I will be the happiest girl in the world next week at this time – cause I’ll be in your arms again!

Well, darling, it’s getting late & I want this to get in the last pick-up – so I guess I’ll have to leave you again. Just 3 more letters to write & then we’ll be together! I sure wish it was next week at this time, honey!

Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always! We love you so much & we’ll soon be with you! It’s almost too good to be true!

Goodnite, my sweetheart.

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.



Oct. 16, ’44 Mon. 4 P.M.

Hello Honey –

Well, I started out to do so much today & it seems I didn’t get anything done. First of all this morning I had to write 5 notes of thanks to those who couldn’t come to the shower, but sent gifts. A. Anna Prokasky & Elsie intended to come but A. Ann  had a bad fall early yesterday aft. So Elsie came by Mom’s with their gifts & had to go back to A. Anna’s right away. She cut her chin & hurt her heard, so it must have been pretty bad. I wrote her & Elsie both a note & will try to call them this wk. to say goodbye. A. Anna gave us a darling blue “Baby Bunting” & Elsie, 3 little gowns. Hilda, Mrs. Sucher, & Pat couldn’t come either, so I wrote & thanked them. I can’t explain about all the nice gifts, honey, you’ll just have to wait to see them. Mom & Helen gave us a baby bassinette (small bed) on rollers. The legs fold up & you can take it in a car or on the train. It is really swell & now my worries are over about something for Butch to sleep in, I can just wheel him out in the sun for a sun-bath, too. I was really worried about a bed & this is ideal! We can use it out there & also for travel. Es said she & Dot would pack all the things together sometime after I leave & Dad will have them crated where he works. That’s sure a lot off my mind & I sure appreciate it. Here are the ones who were at the shower – Alberta, Frances, Lee, Myra, Mildred, Mary N., Gen. Schmitt, Frieda S., Rosemary, Bernema Burnett, A. Ruth, Esther, Gwen, Dot, Helen, & Mom. Butch got just about everything he needs. Shirts, gowns, socks, sweaters, bibs, caps, booties, blankets, diapers, & even a bank from T.J. & Bobby with 2 nickels in it! We sure won’t have to buy anything for him, honey, which is really a break for us! Geo Reich told me today, Uncle Prokasky has to sell his paper route immediately on Dr.’s orders, on account of his heart. They sure are having a lot of bad luck – but I never did see any sense in them working so hard, anyway.

Gus Nuchert is home. Mary went to Chicago last week to meet him & they had an 8 day “honeymoon” there. I saw him this morning. He’s still the same & really glad to get back.

I rec. a swell letter from Mel & Cathy this aft. I’ll bring it with me so you can read it, honey.

I went downtown awhile ago & picked up my reservation – so I guess I’m all set. I wish I was on the train already, tho. These last few days are always a “mad-house.” A. Ruth should come over tonite. I hope she does & lets me know whether she’s going to stay here or not. If she stays, I’ll do things differently than if she doesn’t. For one thing, I’m not going to put up any curtains if she doesn’t. Well, I’ll know by tonite, anyway.

I forgot to give Mom the rent for Oct. yesterday, so I’ll have to do that this week. Since I’m staying here til almost the end of Oct. I’m going to leave money with Dot to pay the gas & light bills for Oct. Then A. Ruth can start from scratch.

I still haven’t seem Ed. Rossfeld. Mrs. Rossfeld is really mad at him cause he don’t stay in the neighborhood more. But you can’t blame him for wanting to be with his girl. He’s leaving sometime tomorrow. Hope I see him before he goes.

Honey, I’m so glad you have the next 2 wee-ends off after I get there & Bea offered to come to the Station with you. That’s really swell of them. I hope you can get a Unit close to theirs. It will be nice to be so close to someone we know. I sure like Vic & Bea.

I hope you don’t have to go back to S.B.R. honey, so we can be together at the show on your duty nites.

Honey, my winter coat is almost too tight for me already – & my fur coat is always splitting or ripping. Helen told me I could take her blue sport coat or her fur Seal coat. I’ll get one or the other & bring it with me. It sure was nice of her. I know I’ll need a warm coat (& a big one, too! ha)

Susie Gay will be 2 years old Oct. 27th. She sure is smart for her age. I hope Butch does as well. We got a card from Helen saying they arrived home Ok. I sure hope we can all be together next summer, honey.

I’ll thank A. Ruth for the candy she sent, tonite. I didn’t know she sent any. She came to the shower at Mom’s too.  So that makes 3 presents she’s given Butch. I wish she wouldn’t do that. One was enough.

Honey, you’re crazy if you think I’m gong to spend my time writing when I get there! We can always write later, after we catch up (if we ever do! ha.) You’ll probably be so tired of me kissing you, the first week  – you’ll want to send me home! Well, anyway, for the first couple of weeks, to heck with the letters!

Well, darling, I rec. 2 letters today – but I’ll have to answer the aft. one, tomorrow. I”ll have to go help Dot now. She washed today & is probably plenty tired. Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always! We love you & miss you so much, Frank. Just one more week & we’ll be together again! Butch & I will be so happy then! We love you, honey! 

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

Oct. 15, ’44 Sun. 10:00 P.M.

Darling –

I’m so sorry it’s so late & that this will be such a short letter. I should have written it this morning but my cold & cough got worse yesterday, so I drank a hot lemonade, rubbed with Ben-Gay & went to bed early last nite & stayed in bed til 10 o’clock this morning. I wanted to feel good at the shower & I did feel a lot better. I even intended to go to early Mass & Communion this morning but Dot said I should stay in bed as long as possible. So by the time I got back from 11 o’clock Mass, Dot had dinner ready – & then we had to get ready to go to Mom’s. Honey, I can’t begin to tell you what a lovely shower it was & all the swell things Butch got! Mom & Helen & Dot must have really worked hard! The dining room table was decorated with a big “Stork” in the middle. Mom had ham, slaw, & potato salad. Coffee & cake for dessert. In my letter tomorrow I’ll try to tell you who all was there & the gifts they bought. I’m too tired & sleepy tonite. Butch & I really had an exciting day! Everybody went to a Holy Hour tonite held at Sportsmans’ Park. Dot & I had planned to go too but Mom said I had better not, on account of my cold. Dot has a bad cold, too, so we stayed home & listened to it over the radio. It must have been wonderful! The Archbishop  was there & over 50,000 people! We were sure sorry to miss it. Mom, Geo, & Helen went. I’ll tell you all about it when I see you, honey. Alberta, Lee, & Frances were at the Shower, but we didn’t have enough time to talk, so they are coming over Wed. nite with their kids. They each have one, you know.

Honey, I’ll write more tomorrow – I’m sorry I can’t do better tonite. I’ll be so glad when we won’t have to write letters anymore! Next week at this time I’ll be on my way to you, darling. I love you so, Frank – ! It will be wonderful to be together again! Please take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always!

We love you!

All our love & kisses,

XXXXXXX Jean & Butch. XXX