July 14 ’44 Fri. 8:20 P.M.

My darling –

Rec. your sweet letter today, written Tues. Even since I got it — I’ve felt so blue cause you left today & are probably on the train right now! I don’t know why I should feel so bad about it cause I know you wanted to leave Utah – I guess it’s just that you’re going further away from me every minute and honey, every minute you’re away seems like a year to me! I can’t believe it’s just 2 months since you left me! I can’t stand being away from you much longer, Frank. Sometimes I think as soon as I quit my job I’ll come where you are even if I am pregnant! Oh how I wish I could! But then, they might freeze all travel & I’d be away from my Dr. And I’d never be able to get one on the West Coast as crowded as it is. I don’t know what to do. I guess I’m just blue & lonesome for you tonite. If all this doesn’t end soon I’ll go crazy!

Honey, don’t worry when you can’t write much cause you play ball or swim. I want you to have as much fun as you can. Your letters are always so sweet anyway. They are all I have these days! I’m so glad to know you heard the All-Star game. As soon as I quit – I’m going to go to the Ladies Day games with Dot & the boys. If the 2 St. Louis teams play the Series, this town will go crazy. Wish you & I could go see them play!

I hope you got to see “Mom” before you left, honey. And it was nice you wanted to visit the Church. I’ll never forget Ogden & St. Joseph’s Church cause it did so much for us. Maybe, someday we can take a trip up there & see Mom again. I’d sure like that.

I don’t see why Vic worries Bea by writing her about his dates! How does he expect her to feel? He’s crazy if you ask me! She’s got enough on her mind with all the kids & being away from him without him writing her about his dates! He ought to feel bad about it! He sure wouldn’t like it if she went out but he knows she can’t cause she’s tied down with the kids. Why doesn’t he get smart & act like the father of 4 children instead of a young single punk? What the heck – doesn’t he think all the guys are lonesome? He’s not the only one! But if the other guys can stand it – he can! I wanted to ask you so many times – honey, is he & all the rest of the Sea-Bees going to Albany, too? How about Alice & Myrtle? Did they go too?

I was going to the Armo tonite but I don’t think I can make it. They have a picture I want to see so bad but I’m just too tired. Guess I’ll take Dot’s advice & take a bath & go to bed. She & the kids wanted to stay home with me but I didn’t want her to if I just go to bed. Helen went too, with T.J. & Bob. She came over and asked me to go & thanked us both for the playsuit we gave T.J. Geo. told me Elsie K. came by last nite & I asked Helen if she told her about us & she said she wanted to but thought I wanted to tell her. I told her she could have, I wouldn’t have minded at all cause I don’t know when I’ll see them. I just wanted to tell Mom first. Maybe when I quit work I’ll go see Elsie & A. Anna.

Well, honey, I keep thinking about you on the train & I feel worse & worse so I guess I’d better quit writing until I feel better. I never felt more like crying than I do tonite! Guess a good night’s sleep will fix me up. I’m sorry if I wrote a lousy letter.

I love you so much darling & miss you more every day. Please take good care of yourself & God be with you always! I’m thinking of you every minute & just living for the day we can be together again!

All our love & kisses, Jean & Butch.

Helen started a letter to you but is afraid to send it til you get a more definite address. Hope you get these letters, honey!

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July 13 ’44 Thurs. 9:45PM

july 13 env

Dearest Sweetheart –

Just finished writing a long letter to Jack in answer to the letter I’m enclosing. Isn’t that a nice letter, honey? It made me feel so good. I’m addressing this letter to Albany, Calif. & I hope they don’t get lost. I’d like to keep that letter from Jack. So send it back when you can.

Rec. a sweet letter today from my sweetheart. But you’ll never know what a feeling I got when I read Amp. Landing Craft! I know you always said that was the lousiest branch of the Navy. Honey, I’m praying you stay in Albany & just repair them. I hope it’s a nice place with good food & all the boys are better satisfied there! At least you’ll be away from Lt. Frey. I know you want to leave Ogden, honey, but it always scares me to think of you going to a new strange place. I can picture you in Ogden cause I’ve been there but I don’t know how Albany is at all. I pray you have a good & safe trip there. I’ll be thinking of you every minute — just as I always do. Let me know all about it just as soon as possible — I know you will, darling.

Well, today is T.J.’s birthday. I didn’t get to see her because Helen & T.J. went to the park tonite but I left her present & card over there. Helen had a small party for her this aft. She & Bob both, are sure getting big. When I quit work, I’ll see them more often.

I saw Mr. Rossfeld tonite & he told me to tell you you’re not the only carpenter! — Billy is chopping down trees in New Guinea (I told you before). But I wanted to tell you what he said. He told me Billy wrote he saw a dead “crocodile” about 10 ft. long & he sure hopes he doesn’t run into a live one! ha. Eddie wrote (when he heard about it) that Bill shouldn’t be afraid of a crocodile but he should be afraid & careful of the snakes down there! Honey, I don’t mean to be selfish but as long as you’re in the States I hope you stay here! I’m sure the war will be over soon & if you leave here you may have to stay in the Navy longer if you are at sea. I want you to come home to me & the baby as soon as you can!

Honey, don’t worry about me. “Dot” is taking good care of me! ha. I feel swell – I’m disgustingly healthy — you know I always have been!

I sure get a kick out of Vic, Jr. & Bob. They are thrilled to death about “Butch.” You know Bob belongs to the Cub Scouts & Dot saw Mrs. Miller, his “Den Mother” today on the street. She told Dot that the nite of the Cubs’ “PowWow” in T.G. Park – Bob came up to her, all dressed up & painted like an Indian, & said to her – “Mrs. Miller, I have something to tell you, – I couldn’t tell you before, but now it is a “known fact” – my Aunt is going to have a baby!” Mrs. Miller said she could have died laughing at him! He looked so funny, all dressed up & he said it so seriously! I know her, of course, & she said how glad she was to hear it.

The kids & Vic went fishing tonite about 5 o’clock with Mr. Dooley & Bernie (next door) & they just got back. They caught 3 fish. They went to Spring Lake. Vic, Jr. is standing here & told me to tell you he caught 2 of them!

Well, honey, it’s almost 10:30 & I want to get to bed soon, so I guess that’s it for tonite. Please be careful on your trip & God be with you!

Let me know all about your new base. I hope you like it.

I love you, darling, & miss you more every day. Wish you cold be here this minute! I’d never let you go again! Everyone said to tell you hello & hurry home.

Take good care of yourself, darling,

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

Honey, I was going to put Jack’s letter in here but Dot said since I’m sending it to an address you aren’t sure of, I’d better wait til I know for sure. I’ll send it later, tho. I hope & pray you get your mail regularly & it doesn’t get messed up like it usually does when you move!

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July 12 ’44 Wed. 7:30 P.M.

Hello Darling!

I’m so sorry I said anything in my last letter about you not writing on Sat. Two letters came today, one written Sat. at the U.S.O. & one Sunday. Your Sat. letter just didn’t leave Ogden til 6 PM Sun. I know you write every chance you get & even miss out on playing ball & swimming on account of it. Thanks so much for all your sweet letters, hon, I don’t know what I’d do without them! I always come right home after work to get them. Even before I go to Dot’s to eat, no matter how hungry I am. They mean so much to me.

Honey, I guess you won’t get a chance to see Fr. Auer if you leave Sat. That’s too bad! It looks like you stay in one place for months & as soon as someone you know comes close to there, you have to leave.

It’s Ok about the watch band, Frank. Please don’t worry about it. Vic doesn’t need it but said to thank you for trying anyway.

That little boy who sells paper sure is cute. He must be a wonderful boy to save enough from selling papers to buy $100 war bond. I hope we have a little boy like that, honey, don’t you?

Well, I heard shoes were to be non-rationed til the 29th of July, so I tried to get a white pair of oxfords today. But they are just odd sizes & kinds. Nothing I could use. I need a good pair of white low heels especially now. So I guess I’ll have to spend my 2nd stamp to get them. I’ll need a dark pair of low heels this winter but maybe by then, another stamp will be good or Dot will have an extra one. I’ve put off buying shoes this long cause I didn’t want to ruin them at work but I only have 2 weeks more so I guess I’ll get them tomorrow or Sat. I get paid Sat. & I have $40 left from my allotment check — so I’m going to straighten with Mom if I go out there Sun. Then I’ll have my last paycheck from work to get a good start on. I can manage easily on my checks from you except for coal & big things that come up. I’m saving the $60 you sent so be sure & let me know if you ever need any money, darling.

I went by Mrs. Rossfeld’s this morning to give her a letter that got in our mail-box by mistake. Kenny is in Honolulu & has been for some time but is leaving anytime now. He is connected with that (L.S.D.? Is that right?) Landing Craft to bring the wounded home from combat. Billy is in New Guinea & he wrote he is chopping down trees in the jungle & he was always so scared of snakes! Poor kid! I hope & pray he & all the rest of them come home soon – safe & sound! He says there are plenty snakes there!

Honey, we are going to the Armo tonite but the picture we want to see is being shown first so we are coming home early. We saw the other one, anyway.

Well, darling, I’m feeling swell & will feel much better when I quit work. I don’t have much pep when I get home from work cause it takes all my energy to work but when I quit I can get more sleep & take a rest in the afternoon. Don’t worry about me, I’m doing swell & so is Butch. Whenever I feel bad I just say, “Well, Butch has to let me know he’s there once in a while!” ha. We are going to be so happy, honey, so take good care of yourself & hurry home to us!!

I’ll write everyday even if you leave Utah. God be with you always.

I love you, darling, & will always be waiting for you. Hope it isn’t long. I miss you so much!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


July 11 ’44 Tues. 11:30 P.M.

jul 11 env

Hello Honey –

I’m just starting this letter tonite but will finish it in the morning. I just don’t feel right if I don’t at least write you a line at nite. It’s almost like talking to you for awhile & I sleep better. Only it would be wonderful if I could sleep in your arms again!

Honey, I called Fr. Auer’s Mother this morning & she talked so much – all I can get out of it is he is in or near Salt Lake City. It’s an Army Air School, I guess, – cause the initials she gave me are A.A.S. and it’s in Kern, Utah, about 15 miles from S.L. I don’t know whether you’ll get to see him or not cause he only expects to be there a week or more and then he’s leaving for overseas. Try to see him anyway. If the Army works like the Navy he will be there more than a week! Hope you can see him, especially if he’s going overseas.

7:30 A.M.

Good-morning darling!

I really intended to go to bed at 9 o’clock last nite, I was really tired. After Dot & I did dishes last nite, I laid down on the divan for about an hour and Dot was going to send me home when Virginia & her little girl came over. I felt better after resting so we sat over there & talked. I was glad to see V. & we talked about having babies until 10:15 – then a storm blew up & V. & I ran home to close my windows. She would have left then – but it stormed so hard she couldn’t. So that’s why it got so late. She left when it was still raining a little. I didn’t get a letter today! Your last one was written Fri. You were going to be off Sat. aft. – I guess you went out & forgot all about me. Oh, I know something must have happened or your letter was delayed but it always worries me when you don’t write especially on Sat! I’m sure I’ll get one today. But you better have a good excuse for not writing Sat! ha.

I forgot to tell you, I think, I talked to your friend Bus Sunday morning. He was over at Rose & Dan’s. I met him out in front & I told him all about you & the Navy & your rate. He is a nice fellow. He told me to tell you hello.

Well, honey, I know I’m going to be late for work but I don’t care – I’m quitting Aug. 1st anyway.

I take my lunch to work ever since I got the ice-box back. I like it better than eating out! Guess you never expected me to say that, did you?

Honey, I’ve got to go now but I’ll be thinking of you every minute. Please take good care of yourself & God be with you always! I love & miss you so much! Please hurry home!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


July 10 ’44 Mon. 10:45 P.M.

Hello Darling!

I meant to start this letter a lot earlier but the time goes so fast in the evening. We all sat out in front of Dot’s & talked til about ten then went to Geo. (Kim’s note: Frank’s brother-in-law) & had a malted milk. I just got home.

This was my 3 letter day again! Monday always makes me feel good cause I don’t hear from you over the week-end. Honey those 3 letters are usually letters you write Wed, Thurs, & Fri. but they are postmarked the day after you write them. These 3 were postmarked the 6th, 7th, & 8th of July. The reason I get 3 is – your letters always get here on the afternoon delivery but there is no delivery on Sat. aft. – & none on Sun. of course. So I get those 2 & my regular Monday letter at the same time. See? I always get a letter every day during the rest of the week.

I asked Ed about Phil & they hear from him regularly. He is still in England. Ed showed me a lot of English money he sent home. Mr. Rossfeld said Kenny is in the S. Pacific & they heard from him last wk. Eddie is still in Key West, Florida. Eddie Roeder is home for a wk. I saw him & he looks good. His leg is still in a cast but he can walk. He said to tell you hello. I told him about the baby & he really seemed glad! He expects to be in the hospital another 6 wks.

T.J.’s birthday is Thurs. She will be 8. I bought her a cute playsuit & a nice card from both of us so don’t you worry about it, honey.

Oh yes, I received the sweetest letter from Jack today! I was really surprised he wrote as he did. I want you to read it, Frank – so I’ll send it to you as soon as I answer it. It’s really a very nice letter but I had to cry when I read it. I guess he loves his mean old sister after all! ha.

Honey, please don’t be mad but I want the baby to be called Frank Michael! You don’t really mind, do you? I like the name Frank & I think our first boy should have his daddy’s name!

Honey, Vic hasn’t started back to church yet – but we all pray for him & I know he will start again someday.

I’m surprised Geo. (Kim’s note: Frank’s brother) didn’t mention the baby – I’m sure he rec. my letter. Maybe not, tho. Did he tell you he is on his way someplace? We think it is the Aleutians or Alaska cause he wanted to know how Micky Meyer liked it there & mentioned how cold it was after they left Diego. I’m sure sorry you didn’t get to see him but you will soon, I know!

Gwen hears from Glen pretty often but I haven’t seen her recently. He seems to like it Ok but misses Gwen & the kids a lot. He sent her some pictures of he & his boy-friends swimming on the beach. He really looked good.

Honey, it was sure sweet of you to say I’m a good cook & I’ll really try to be when I can cook for you & Butch! Won’t that be something? I’m so glad the chow is getting better up there & you are eating better again.

No, I never did hear from Virginia Thomas. But when I get time I’ll call her Mother & find out if she is back & Walt left Diego.

Honey, is the pool enclosed or can you watch the WAVES swim? I hope not! But I’ll bet you do. Cause I know how sailors are!! I guess the WAVES watch the Sailors swim too.

I’m so glad that you started playing Volley Ball & get to swim often.

Well, if the Warrant Officer is right – you will be leaving Utah next Sat. I hate to think of it but I know you are anxious to go. I hope you go to Oakland & stay there. How I wish I could be there with you! I love you so much, darling! When am I going to see you again?? I pray every day it’s soon.

Honey, it’s getting late so I guess that’s it for tonite. Please take good care of yourself & God be with you always! I love you, honey! Please hurry home, we miss you so!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

Honey, if you should leave Utah the 15th, be sure & tell “Mom” goodbye.

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July 9, ’44 Sun. 8:P.M.

Hello Sweetheart!

I have the radio on & Readers’ Digest just came on – it makes me think of the Sundays we listened to it in Ogden at Mom’s. And the time you shut the radio off just when it started & I got so mad at you, remember? Gee, those were happy days, weren’t they, honey?

We are going to the Armo tonite again! It’s about the only think we ever do. Our baby sure will be broke in on shows! ha.

Had a pretty busy day. Went to bed last nite at 11 oclock & got up at 10 A.M! It’s my only day to sleep, so I do. I’d like to go to Communion more often but if I go to a later Mass & don’t eat, I feel lousy in Church & am always afraid I’ll get sick. But, I figure I’m going to quit work soon & then I can get more sleep during the week & then go to an early Mass on Sunday. Maybe I can go to Mass & Communion during the week sometimes, too. Well, I ate a big breakfast, took a bath, & went to 11 oclock Mass. Went to Dot’s afterwards for a little while then came home. Washed out my blue dress & a few other things. Washed dishes, straightened the house good & then ironed. (It was my ironing from the clothes I washed last Sunday!) Got all thru at 5 – & went to Dot’s for supper. I just got back from there & got cleaned up. Rose & Dan were just over. They fixed all the rest of the house up but Mom is going to paper the kitchen & bath. He cleaned all the rest of the paper himself & varnished all the floors. Didn’t bother Mom for a thing! Their house sure looks nice now!

Honey, it’s 7:35 Mon. morning & I got to hurry. I’m sorry I was too tired to finish this last nite but I’ll write a nice letter tonite. I love you more than anything else in the world & pray we can be together soon! Take good care of yourself & God be with you always!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch


July 8 ’44 Sat 9:P.M.

dot & jean

Dot and Jean

Hello Honey –

Here are the pictures at last! I couldn’t hardly wait for Thurs. to get heres o I could get them but then I forgot all abou them Thurs. cause we worked overtime & last nite I went to the dentist & then the Armo. I got them this aft. Dot & the kids could hardly wait to see them! They turned out pretty good, I think. I know you’ll get a kick out of the kids dressed as “cannibals!” I wish those pictures could have been in color! They ones of the kids dressed up as cannibals & me in a skirt & blouse were taken June 25th. I want to send you some every month, honey. What do you think of “Mom”?? ha. The one of your mother & I would hav ebeen a swell picture if T.J. wouldn’t have jumped in front of Mom & blurred it. I wanted to have one of just MOm & I, for a change, – so I’ll take another one when I go out there again. Helen took some pictures too but hasn’t finished her roll yet. So she will probably send you some of T.J. & Bobby. I know you like to see them too.

Frank, honey, I know you have a lot of stuff so I know you won’t want to keep the pictures. But, if you do want to keep any of them, go ahead & just send the rest back. Keep them all if you want but I know you don’t have much room for stuff like that.

Honey, I asked John about the coal today & he said Ok. He will get it. But we have some yet & he doesn’t think there will be room for even 2 tons. I told him to go ahead & get all it would hold & I would settle with him. I told him you said hello & he seemed so pleaed. He always asks about you & so does the Baker.

It rained & stormed here this morning & again this aft. It’s a little cooler now. The heat doesn’t get a chance to bother Butch & I much cause it’s air-conditioned at work & I’m too sleepy to notice it at nite, I just slept by the front room door one nite — like I used to, remember? But if you were home again, I think I’d sleep out on the porch with you, mosquitoes & all, just to be close to you! When this is over, I’ll never let you get away from me again, honey!

Watty Miller, our Assistant Manager at work, left the Bureau yesterday. He went to Akron, Ohio, where his sister lives, to take over a business with his sister’s husband. If he is successful, he will send for his wife & 2 children & stay there. Of course, he is on a leave of absence until he finds out. I don’t think he will be back, tho. All the kids sure miss him. He really helped us kids a lot. Now I guess we will really get shoved around down there – he always took our part & saw to it we didn’t work so hard! I’m glad I’m going to quit – cause it seems to get worse every day down there. We are all hoping Al (you know, the kid I always liked – a good Catholic boy) will get his job. We all pitched in a buck & bought Watty a new gold plated key chain. He was so proud of it & put it on right away. He almost cried when we gave it to him. He thought a lot of his kids, & everyone liked him.

Well, honey, this is Sat. nite. I wonder where you are & what you are doing? If we were only together! I guess you see about as many shows as I do. We are going to have a very exciting evening! I promised to treat Dot & the kids to a soda at George’s! Then I’m going to bed to dream of the sweetest husband & father-to-be in the world!

Guess that’s it for tonite, sweetheart. Take good care of yourself for Butch & I, & God be with you always! I love you & miss you so –! Sometimes I can’t stand it! Pleae hurry home to us – honey, we love you so much!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.