July 19 ’44 Wed. 7:45 P.M.

july 20 env

Hello Sweetheart!

No letter again today but I guess you wrote Mon. & it takes, at least, 3 days to get mail from Calif. I know that’s why I haven’t heard from you. But, Frank, you ought to have sent me a wire or night letter just to let us all know you are Ok. We don’t know where Albany is – it may be hundreds of miles away from the explosion & then again it might be pretty close! Until we hear from you, you know how worried we will be. Maybe you couldn’t get to a place to send a wire but you could have sent an Air Mail letter. I sure better hear from you tomorrow, honey! A package with gum & 2 rolls of film came today, darling! And thank you so much for it! We can’t even get those kind anymore. I can really use the film, too. It was sure sweet of you to send it. I appreciate it a lot, honey!

When I came home from work, I walked over to our house to see if I had any mail & I saw Pop standing by the Drug store with Bobby. He waved & tipped his hat. I didn’t get a chance to tell him yet he’s going to be Grandpa again – maybe Mom told him – but I doubt it. I’m going to tell him & Grandpa whether they think I’m crazy or not. Ha.

Honey, I saw Kohrman in the D. store Sunday & he said he is going to be a free man sometime this week! I guess Dot really went thru with the divorce! I feel so sorry for both of them. Kohrman seemed so blue. I think Dot is crazy to do it! That’s something that will never happen to us, isn’t it, honey? We’ll love each other & be so happy the rest of our lives!

I’ve been thinking of Larry & Louise so much lately, as soon as I quit work, would like to see them. I want to talk about being Godmother for the new baby & how we are going to work it with you gone – where & when it will be – etc. Also tell them about our baby & where you are now. I don’t have any way of getting out there, tho. Kohrmann offered to take me some Sunday aft. He says he goes out there about twice a month. I tho’t it was sure nice of him but didn’t know what you would think? Of course, I wouldn’t stay late – I would come home about 5 or 5:30. It’s the only way I have of seeing them. Of course, I know Larry would pick me up after work sometime but then, how would I get home? Oh well, it isn’t important but I would like to see them before the baby is born.

I think Dan told Larry about the baby tho, – already. He said he met Larry on the elevator at work & Larry asked him if he got moved Ok & if he ever heard from you. He told Larry you were going to Calif. & then told him we were expecting a baby! Larry sure acted glad & told Dan he bet we were both happy! You know, Frank, Larry made that retreat last spring for a baby for them & he told you he also made it for you – so his prayers probably helped us too. I want to tell him that & thank him.

Well, honey, it’s getting late & we are all going to the Armo tonite. I’ll write more to this later. I love you so! Bye for now.

Goodmorning darling!

Gee, I wish you were here so I could kiss you good-morning! I don’t think I’d let you go to work, tho, – I’d never let you go, honey! Won’t it be wonderful to together again?

Honey, I just have a few minutes this morning – it was too late to write anymore last nite. We got home about midnight. They are starting the show earlier but the pictures were pretty long.

Forgot to tell you. Frank Mascara is home from “boots” at Farragut. I saw him in his car as I walked over to Dot’s for supper. Wonder how he liked boot camp? (Vic said Frank is an E.M. 3/c! He got his rate before he went in. Boy, that sure beats everything, don’t it?)

Still haven’t found out about Hal Rick or where he is. Hope & pray he wasn’t in that terrible explosion!

Darling, I love you & miss you so much. Take good care of yourself & God be with you always! Hurry home to us!

All our love & kisses, Jean & Butch.

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June 27, 1944 7:00 A.M. Tues. (From Frank)

Dearest Jean:

Well, honey, I guess this will be another short letter. I went to town last night to get my radio. He hasn’t fixed it yet. I sure miss it. It’s a week since I took it to town and that is the last time I was in town. All I did, honey, was go to the radio ship and from there I went to a show and back to the depot.

I miss you so much, honey, I don’t know what to do. I received two letters from you yesterday. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Also rec. one from Dot. I sure was glad to hear from her. Tell her thanks a million for everything she’s doing. I guess I would go crazy if you didn’t have her to take care of you, honey. As long as you do everything she tells you I’m sure nothing will happen. I’ll try to write her soon, but tell her not to be mad if it takes a couple of weeks.

Honey, I’m so sorry you felt so bad when I told you I had to meet Smith. All we were going to do was walk around and have a beer. You know I wouldn’t go out with any girls or do anything wrong. I love you too much to do anything like that. The only thing is every time I go out I’m by myself and I get so lonesome. I thought maybe if I would go with Smith I wouldn’t feel so bad.

Well, honey, I just went to chow. I’ll try to write a few more lines.

I think I told you we had to wear our whites again. But yesterday (Mon.) it rained and got so cool we had to go back to blues. So far I only had my whites on one time. The weather sure is funny in this country. I’ll sure be glad when I can get back to Mo. I don’t think I’ll ever leave it again.

Well, honey, it’s almost time to go to work. I’ll try to write more tonight. Sending you a paper so you have something to read.

How is “Butch” coming along honey? Please take good care of yourself, honey, & “Butch.” I’m thinking of you every min. of the day. Miss you so much. I hope & pray every day we can be together soon, honey. God be with you always. Also “Butch.”

All my love & kisses to both of you,

Your Frank.

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