July 2, ’44 Sun. 7:30 P.M.

ice box

Hello Sweetheart!

We just finished dishes & I’m sitting out if front of Dot’s writing this. We are going up to the Armo tonite. Looks like rain but we are crazy enough to try it! ha. Dot really had a nice dinner & I really filled up! Hope “Butch” liked it! ha. We had meat loaf & all the trimmings. Right after we ate we took the 2 last pictures on the roll. Bob took them right over to Geo. & we can get them Thurs.

Honey, I went to bed at quarter to 11 last nite & slept til 10:00 this morning! Boy – I sure felt good! I came over to Dot’s after 11 o’clock Mass this morning & ate breakfast. Then Dot, the kids & I sat until almost 3 o’clock thinking up names for the baby. We had so much fun! You should have heard some of the funny names! We laughed so hard. We thought of quite a few nice names for girls but I’ll write you them later, honey. Did you think of any?

I lit my gas heater today cause Rose & Dan were at the house cleaning & needed hot water. He even cleaned the living room wall paper himself today. I think Mom will paper the bathroom & kitchen. He said he would paint everything himself & refinish the floors. He doesn’t want to ask Mom to do anything. They sure are nice about it & can’t wait to move in. He sure likes to work around the house & even helps her with the house-work cause she works too. I called Mom & she said she would come up tomorrow or Tues. & see what has to be done.

Mom finally got an ice-box! She said it’s a nice big box – A Grunow, or something like that. It only cost $135.00. I think Mom must have got there first cause it was a real buy. I’ll get my box some time this wk, as soon as Mom can get the movers. She was so glad she got a box. She ran all over looking for one & was always too late. I’m glad too cause – while I never would say anything I really need to eat breakfast now. I get so hungry just having a cup of coffee. Then too, I need milk & fruit now. Mom was always trying to buy one & I know she worried about it a lot since I’m pregnant. I’m going to start getting up a little earlier & eating breakfast now.

Honey, Dot put last Sunday’s Brown sheet & “Right Around Home” away for you so I’m sending it at last. She wasn’t home yesterday when I looked for it but gave it to me today. I’ll send this Sunday’s tomorrow or Tuesday.

When I came home from Dot’s at 3 o’clock today I washed. There was plenty of hot water in the tank. I guess Mr. E. finally fixed it but I still don’t know what he did. I keep forgetting to ask Mom. Darling, I want to get an early start to the show so I can go by O’Neill’s & pay my electric bill & also pay Mrs. Peterson for the ‘spray for Joe Jr. It was $5.

Guess I’ll have to leave you for now but I’ll be thinking of my sailor every minute! I love you so much, Frank, & pray you will always love me! I am the luckiest girl in the wold to have a husband like you & I soon will have your baby! It’s too good to be true & I sure don’t deserve it! Take care of yourself, darling & God be with you always! Love & Kisses, Jean & Butch.

That’s too bad about all rates being frozen for 6 months. I’m so sorry, honey. But don’t worry about it. I hope you are out of it soon!

June 26 ’44 Mon. 11:30 P.M.

jean wedding jean & frank wedding jean & frank wedding2

A few wedding pictures from 1937

Hello Honey,

Just wrote “Mom” a letter that’s why I’m up so late again. Rec. 3 sweet letters today & in the last one you said you had rec. the big news at last. I was sure waiting for that one, “Pop!”

Went to the Dr. tonite & he is really swell! He examined me again & said there was no doubt. He thinks I am 2 months. He said I should drink milk & take those pills Dr. W. prescribed. Limit my activities & I can work for a while yet. But if I have any cramps or show blood to quit right away. I can’t drive a car anymore, either.

I asked him his fee & it’s $100. My group hosp. ins. will cut my hosp. bill down to $1.25 a day. Frank, the Navy pays your bill up to $50 but if the Dr. charges more – they don’t pay any of it. However, I’ll ask Dr. R. about it next time I go. I was too excited tonite.

When I asked him how & when he wanted me to pay him he said he didn’t care — but, he laughed & said, he would rather I’d pay him afterwards cause he’s Irish & if he has a buck in his pocket – he’ll spend it! He’s really a swell guy. I like him so much & have a lot of faith in him. He’s just like me tho – about money! ha.

Myra told me that fellow’s wife found out the Navy wouldn’t pay anything on the bill if the Dr. didn’t do it for $50. —

Honey, I’m sorry you won’t have your radio this week-end. I hope you get to go swimming & play ball anyway. What position did you play in your game with the Mess Hall gang? Did you get any hits? I’ll be you were the best one!

I got a card from Jane today. She is in a little town in Kentucky. She & T.J. have been very sick. Dr. thought they had Malaria from the water. T.J. had 104 fever! But they are getting better now.

Frank, honey, I’ll write more tomorrow but I’m so tired I’ll have to quit now. Take good care of yourself & God be with you always. We love you & miss you more everyday. Goodnite sweetheart. I love you & wish you were here now.

All our love, Jean & Butch.

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D-Day letter from Frank’s mother


Rosa Sucher Hallemann with her children, Helen, Frank, and George. Born in Austria in 1885, she was not a native English speaker. Still, I think this letter is written awfully well for one who learned English later in life. 

J.M.J. be with you always

My Dear Son Frank,

Received your letter and sure was glad to hear from you again. It was nice that you have visited the Prokaskys. I am sure glad that you got to go to church. Just go whenever you can, I go to church every day now. I have lots of time. I shall always pray for you and for all that are in the service. The dear Lord shall be with you always.

Every thing is O.K. here and hope the same from you. The weather is funny. Sunday it was so hot and today it is cold, about 40 degrees. Today is D Day. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph be with our boys today. All day I prayed. Every one went to church. We all pray for a soon end and real peace.

Aunt Anna is still working. I wish she would not have so much work so she could stay, but I guess she will come home soon. That will be alright, too. Everyone said hello and all wish you good luck. Grandpa would like for you to come home soon, we all would be glad. Yes, I guess you will all be home soon.

George wrote and said he would write to you. Did you get a letter from him? He likes his ship, and I am glad, and I hope you will be all right, too, wherever you go. God be with you always. God Bless you again.

Best wishes form all, Love, Mother

Thank you for the letter and please write whenever you can.

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