Aug 7 ‘ 44 Mon. 8 P.M.

Hello Sweetheart!

Rec. 3 sweet letters from my sailor today – also one from Mel & Catherine. I’m sorry I got started writing so late cause I’d like to write Cathy yet & tell her our wonderful news.

I washed out some things today & sewed on my two aprons I bought last week. Tomorrow I’m going to iron. I had an appointment to get my hair cut at 4 oclock & didn’t get back til after 5. Dot & I just finished dishes so here I am. I went to a beauty parlor at 4600 Morganford. Some man runs it. Helen & Elsie K. got their permanents there. He is really good at cutting hair – he knows Dad well & remembers me from when I used to work for Dad at Reynolds. He cut my hair short & shaped it real nice & made me promise to brush it everyday & not use water on it anymore! He had a pre-war hairbrush there so I bought it for $2.00! Then he sold me 50 cents worth of fluid that I should use instead of water. If I brush everyday & use this fluid instead of water, he said my hair would really look good, like it should, in a couple of weeks. The whole works cost $3.25 but I guess it’s worth it. I really should take better care of my hair.

Then I had rec. a notice from the “Group Hosp. Ins.” that it’s due again, so, of course, I sent in a money order for that. I paid it up for 6 months right away – so I don’t take any chances of losing it – That was $4.50 – but I think I did right in paying it up right away, don’t you, honey? My elec. bill was due too – $2.28 – so I paid that – Boy! I sure got rid of the money today, didn’t I? But now, everything is paid for a month.

Honey, please don’t worry about writing when you want to go to a show. That’s about all you get to do – so go as often as you can! Boy, we’ll sure have our fill of shows when this is over, won’t we, hon?

I’m glad you got your pea-coat. Don’t you wear it when you work if it’s cold in the mornings? Please wear it – even if you get it dirty – I sure don’t want you to get sick, honey. I’ll tell Mr. Nolte about the coat if & when I see him & thanks a lot for finding out about it.

I hope Geo. & all of us get their wish about us having a boy – but I’m not counting on it too much. Funny – but since I’m really pregnant – I’d just as soon have a sweet little girl. It doesn’t make any difference – but, of course, it’s always nice to have a boy for the first one. Don’t worry, we’ll have one or two boys, anyway! I’m so glad Geo. doesn’t have long sea duty – I know Mom will be glad to hear that!

It sure is a shame about your rate, honey. But I am glad the C.B.’s you work with now are nicer than in Utah. You don’t talk about Smith much anymore. He’s still with you, isn’t he? Tell him & all the rest of the boys I said hello.

Frank, I’m praying this is over by the time Butch is born but in case, it isn’t – it would be swell if you could get leave & get here the day I come home from the hosp.  And you’re right about going back, honey – They would have to come & get you – cause I wouldn’t let you go! It would be worse this time than ever! I don’t even like to think about it!

I’m glad you don’t think you’ll keep your nite job – Navy life is bad enough & I think you should enjoy yourself on your time off. Go to the show every time you can, honey, & please don’t worry so much about writing! I want you to go to the show! I got more time to write anyway – I’m home all day -. So don’t think I’ll be mad if you don’t write, honey! I’m glad it’s getting warmer there – I’m so afraid you’ll start getting sore-throats again – or maybe get sick if it stays as cold as it has been.

Well, honey, the kids just came over dressed as “Hitler & Tojo” & said they are giving a show in front of the house – So I guess I’ll walk over for awhile.

This is an awful lonesome life without you, Frank, & I’m just living for the day we can all be together again – You, Butch & I!

Take good care of yourself, darling, & God be with you always! I love you & miss you more than anything in the world! So please hurry home to us!

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.


Aug. 6 ’44 Sunday 7:45 P.M.

Hello Darling!

This won’t be much of a letter cause we are going to the Armo tonite. I wrote a nice long letter to Helen & A. Effie this aft. In fact, it took me about all aft. to write it. Wish you could read it, honey, cause I know it would make you feel good. I told them all about how happy we were in Calif. & Utah, even before we knew about Butch, & really straightened them on all the things that happened before. I wanted them all to know. Dot said it was a very nice letter & wanted to know why I never wrote her one like that! ha.

Played cards with the Dooley’s (next door) & another couple at Dot’s last nite. Lost 55 cents! Went to bed about 12 & got up at 10 – I ate a big breakfast & went to 11 oclock Mass with Dot & the boys. Didn’t do a thing this aft. but help Dot with dinner & write Helen. I was going to Mom’s but Helen said she & Aunt Anna went out with Mr. Bauer this aft. So I’ll probably go out Wed. with Helen & George. Helen said Mom, A. Anna, & T.J. went to see “Going My Way” Friday – I’m sure glad they got to see it! Be sure & see it if you get a chance, honey!

Well, I’ll write you a longer letter tomorrow darling – so until then – please take good care of yourself & God be with you, always! I love you more every day & pray we can be together soon! I’m so darn lonesome without you! Even tho everyone is swell to me – no one can take your place! You’re all I need, honey – and always will be!

Goodnite, my darling –

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

P.S. Oh yes, Virginia came by a little while ago with her 3 children. They are all so sweet! You ought to see the baby! She really liked me & wanted me to hold her! Pretty good, huh? Lots of love – J. & B.

Aug. 5 ’44 Sat. 8 P.M.

Hello Darilng!

Boy! It’s really hot tonite, I can hardly write – my hand keeps sticking to the paper.

I cleaned the house good today & just as I was sweeping the porch, who do you think came over? George Lueckewitte – you remember him? He seemed so darn glad to see me, & glad to be back in St. Louis. Naturally, I couldn’t ask him to come up so he insisted I come over to the Dimestore. I never saw anyone so glad to be back – but I know he was disappointed, just as all the boys are, there isn’t anyone around anymore. They expect things to be the same & of course, they’re not. Wish he could have been here when M. Meyer was. Geo. has been in the S. Pacific for 32 months, so you can imagine how glad he was to be home. He has a 30 day leave & goes to Alemeda, Calif. when he goes back. I’m going to give him your address so he can look you up. Alemeda is right near S. Francisco. Geo was glad to hear about our baby, cause he remembered the time the whole gang was at Biltmore Country Club years ago & I told him how bad we wanted a baby. He really looks good but hates the Navy!

He insisted we all go out next Sat. just for old times sake. I felt so sorry for him, trying to make things seem the same. I told him things had changed & we couldn’t have a good time without the rest of the boys. But he wants Geo. & Helen, Pappy, Ed M., H. Sanders, and I to go out anyway. I really don’t feel like that anymore & I’m going to try to get out of it. I don’t think Helen & Geo. can go anyway, so I won’t go without them. I sure wish this would get over so all of you can come home again. I felt so sorry for Geo. trying to plan a good time with a bunch of “old folks” when I know darn well he would rather be with the old gang. It seems like none of the boys can hit home together. Well, this will be over soon & then things will get back to normal again. Hope Geo. & you can get together when he comes to Calif. but remember, honey, no women!!

Well, darling, Dot & Vic have a couple coming over tonite to play cards & they asked me to play so I guess I’ll go over for awhile. I’m pretty tired from cleaning – so I’ll come home early. I didn’t get a letter today but I’ll get 3 Monday. Wonder what you are doing now? I hope you are thinking of me, just as I am of you, darling!

Please take good care of yourself for Butch & I, & God be with you always! Hurry home, honey, we are so lonesome for you & love you so!

Goodnite, my darling, until tomorrow,

All our love & kisses!

Jean & Butch


Aug 5. 1944 5:00 P.M. SAT. (From Frank)

Dearest Jean:

Well here it is another week end and we can’t be together. I sure am lonesome for you. I would give any thing to have you in my arms again. I love you and miss you more than I could ever say.

I wonder what you’re doing tonight? Hope you have a good time.

As I told you before I have Sat. afternoon and Sun. off. Nielsen and I are here in Frisco. We don’t know what to do. I guess we will go to a show after while.

I received your two sweet letters dated July 31. I would give anything if I could write like you honey. Don’t know how I will ever answer them. They sure are nice and long. Also received the paper you sent. Thanks a million honey.

I’m glad to hear you had a good time at Larry’s Church picnic. Sure wish I could have been with you honey.

I am also very glad to hear you quit work.

Be sure and take good care of yourself and Butch. And don’t work so much around the house.

Well honey you know how long it takes me to write a letter. Nielsen has been finished for some time now. So I guess I better quit for now. I’ll try to do better tomorrow honey.

I love you and miss you so much honey. It sure will be nice when we can be together again honey. So take good care of yourself & Butch. God be with you both. All my love & kisses, XXXXXXX Frank.

Aug. 4 ’44 Fri. – 7:15 P.M.

My darling,

Just a few lines tonite. Well, Dot, Vic, Bob, Don, & I went downtown & made the records for Sister. They really turned out swell! Don didn’t want to go to the show with us so he took the records to Sister & we ate & went to see “Going My Way” with Bing Crosby. This is the 3rd wk. they held it over & you still can hardly get in! Honey, don’t miss it if you haven’t already seen it! It was so good but, as usual, I sat & cried all thru it & got a headache! We got out about 4 & Dot & Bob came on home & Vic went with me to see if I could get a couple of cool house dresses. Boy! even house dresses are expensive! I had to pay 3.98 for a maternity pinafore & 2.98 for a hoover apron! I still haven’t got a nice maternity dress but I’ll try to get one soon. I almost died laughing at myself in a couple dresses I tried on! You should have seen me! You would have disowned me! ha. I’m not quite big enough for one yet & they really make you look pregnant! Guess I’ll have to wear my brown one to church again this Sunday.

It’s still plenty hot here. I don’t feel much like seeing another show but I guess we’ll walk up to the Armo to cool off. It’s too hot to go to bed. That’s pretty good – 2 shows in one day! Wish you’d hurry & come home, honey, I can think of lots better things to do on these nites besides going to the show!! How about you? Guess it will take us a couple of years to catch up, huh?

Rec. your sweet letter written Tues. morning. Honey, don’t worry about writing when you work. I’m glad to hear you got a job but don’t like the work you are doing, at all! I wish you would try to find something else, honey. You know that dust isn’t any good for your lungs! And inhaling paint fumes!  I don’t like it at all! I’m sorry, honey, but I don’t think it’s worth it. Does Neilson or someone work with you? Why don’t you look for something else? I just don’t want those fumes or dust to make you sick, honey! Please don’t take chances because we are going to be so happy & if you should get sick, even Butch wouldn’t make me happy!

Well, darling, I hope you have your coat by now. It’s so hot here, I can’t imagine you wearing a coat! Wish I was there with you, darling.

I’m feeling swell – never felt better! I just get tired awful easy – but now I can rest whenever I’m tired. Butch is swell too & tells me every day to tell Daddy to hurry home! We both love you & miss you so much, darling! I can’t wait to be in your arms again. That will be heaven! Just think, you & Butch & I, together. Fighting, fussing, & loving each other all at once!

Please take good care of yourself & God be with you always, darling. Think it over about the job. By the way, hon, what does it pay? Is it Union pay- & do you have to join a union? I’ll write more tomorrow, sweetheart – Until then –

All our love & kisses,

Jean & Butch.

Aug 4. 44. 7:30P.M. Fri. (From Frank)

Dearest Jean:

Well honey I didn’t get a letter today, so I guess I’ll get two tomorrow. Every thing is about the same, work, eat, and sleep. Tomorrow Sat. I have the afternoon off. Also Sun. all day. I sure wish you were here. We could have such a good time. Most of the fellows have their wives here. I know you can’t come so I guess the best thing to do is pray that this is all over soon. I don’t think I can stand it much longer without you honey. Are you taking good care of yourself and Butch? It sure makes me happy to think we are going to be Mom & Pop soon. Remember how I always said some day we would have a baby of our own? I just knew we would. Be sure and do everything that Dot tells you. And don’t worry. I’ll be home soon.

Honey don’t be afraid to spend that money I sent you. I hope you get some nice dresses. Let me know how your money is holding out?

Sorry to hear Bob wasn’t feeling good Sun. Most of the fellows got a bad cold. Zim had such a bad cold the Doc. wouldn’t let him out of the depot for a couple days. He is Ok now.

The past 3 days have been nice. But it still gets pretty cool at night. Every body you talk to says it is just so cool around this Bay area. It is foggy every day till about noon.

I’m sending a card. Maybe you can get an idea how it looks here.

I hope you went to Larry’s Church picnic. I don’t mind if you went with Kohrmann. I know you can take care of yourself. Hope you had a good time. Sure wish I could have gone with you honey. Tell me all about it?

Honey you don’t know how good it makes me feel to hear you don’t cuss anymore. That sure did make me mad to hear you cuss.

Well honey I didn’t go to the show tonight because I was going to write a long letter to you, but it just looks like I can’t. I sure will be glad when I can talk to you instead of writing. There is so much I would like to say but don’t know how. I would give anything if I could write half as nice as you honey. I can’t understand why you keep writing me such nice letters, when all you get is lousy ones. I’m so sorry I can’t do better.

Well honey it’s getting late, so I guess this is all for now. I love you and miss you more than I could ever tell you honey. Please take good care of yourself & Butch. God be with you both.

All my Love & kisses,


Aug 4, ’44. 7:15 A.M. Fri. (From Frank)

Dearest Jean:

I’m so sorry I didn’t have time to write last night. I went to work again. It looks like I won’t be able to keep the job. Because I have so many other things I should do. Like washing, sewing, writing, and shows. It looks like I like the show best of all.

I’ll try to write you a nice letter tonight honey.I received two nice sweet letters from you yesterday.

Honey it looks like since you sent my pea-coat it’s getting warmer. Maybe it did some good. I hope. I’m sorry it cost so much to send.

Please don’t worry about me. I have plenty of money. You should know that by now. I always did.

Well honey it’s time to go to work, so I guess this is all for now. I love you and miss you so much. God be with you & Butch.

All my Love & kisses, Frank.